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Best boxing mouthguard reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Mouthguards for boxing – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


We understand perfectly if you simply don’t have the time to read our in-depth buying guide and helpful product descriptions but this paragraph has enough information for the curious shopper. We examined reviews and ratings for a variety of products and found that the RDX Boxing is a definite consumer choice thanks to the exclusive Thermoset design. This feature enables the device to mold well against the alignment of the teeth while making it easy to be reboiled in the case of an improper insertion the first time. The gum shield is equipped with innovative Tri-Flow perforations that allow the air to flow outward to promote an easier ventilation under strain. It also features good shock absorbency and conforms to most kinds of teeth alignments up to the molars. Buyers often get the RDX Boxing as their first choice so it can quickly become unavailable but you canm still enjoy the same basic functionality from the Under Armour Mouthwear, which is the second best option.



Comparison table




Top features to consider


Because of the wide array of mouthguards for sale on today’s market, getting just one can prove to be rather difficult. Making a sensible and informed decision entails knowing what features to look for. Let our buying guide help you know the difference.


The best boxing mouthguard offers comfort plus a good fit


This kind of mouth appliance should, first and foremost, provide a good fit when worn. The device should stay in place. You might be able to get this kind of item dirt-cheap, but if it is not comfortable to wear, it could even cause mouth injury or infection. You may even be forced not to use it at all, which is dangerous whether you’re only in training or in an actual fight.

The mouth protector should not make it hard for you to breathe or speak, which are two things that a loose-fitting unit cannot guarantee. Without good retention, the guard will not stay in place no matter how hard you clench your teeth. Keeping your teeth tightly clenched all the time hinders proper breathing and makes it difficult to speak.

The sports mouthpiece should have a size and shape that provide ample coverage for all the teeth up to the molars, with the outline form extending beyond and also spreading to the gum tissue as well.



Check out a product in the best mouthguard for boxing reviews that has a suitable design


It is critical to understand why you might need either a single or a dual-arch unit.

A single-arch mouthpiece is only designed to cover the upper jaw. Boxers who opt for this type know that when the lower mandible is struck by a blow, it produces a reactive motion to buffer the impact because of its free movement. When compared to the upper jaw being fixed in position, traumatic forces won’t get fully absorbed. Thus, there is a preference for the single-arch design, which protects the teeth most prone to damage, the central incisors.

A dual-arch gumshield covers both the lower and upper jaws. This type provides a greater degree of protection especially for the lower teeth along with the jaw joint. However, wearing it can easily cause discomfort aside from uneven wearing out.



The best mouth guard for boxing is easy to use


When your teeth are closed, they should all make contact with the gum shield at the same time. This means the appliance provides a balanced, even occlusion. While achieving that result may necessitate some level of trimming or equilibration, it guarantees optimal functionality without compromising sufficient surface thickness.

Adequate sponginess or resiliency is also critical for the absorption of a level of force from blows. Flexibility is essential for comfort, and this should be balanced with rigidity for a good force distribution over a bigger area, not just localized to a single spot.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards enable reinsertion in case of improper placement the first time.



Top rated products



Although we do not claim to be experts in boxing, we do know the value of using protective gear such as a mouthguard. The products described here are our top picks in this category.



RDX Boxing


Providing adequate protection for your pearly whites, the RDX Boxing offers sufficient coverage to keep your teeth from sustaining injury when dealt with traumatic blows. Nobody wants to end up with broken teeth after a professional fight, much less during practice. With this mouth appliance, that situation is prevented.

This zero-slip, boil-and-bite device is easy to use. If it is not correctly inserted the first time, just take it out, reboil for 40 to 60 seconds, cool down under running water, and re-insert with confidence. It is engineered for a slip-proof fit while shielding the teeth from the impact of blows.

Versatile enough for Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, and even football, lacrosse, and rugby, this gum shield carries a unique design that makes it suitable for multiple applications. It comes with an excellent ability to dissipate shock. To promote proper breathing, the special Tri-Flow perforations in front enable the air to move in and out easily.

Because the air does not build up inside, there is zero probability of the appliance getting blown out of your mouth inadvertently. Placing the device into the mouth is easy using the fingers.

This model fits nearly all teeth alignments up to the molars, for an exceptional coverage and protection.



This tool is versatile enough for use in a variety of activities where the impact from traumatic blows could damage the teeth, and they include boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, football, basketball, rugby, and lacrosse.

Suitable for use by youngsters and adults, the gumshield will not get dislodged from its position once it is adequately and fully inserted.

It will not take a lot of work to insert the device as it can be done by pressing it onto the teeth with the fingers, then letting the mold adjust around the outline of the teeth.

Thanks to the Tri-Flow perforations, air is allowed to escape easily, so there is nothing trapped to blow the appliance out of the mouth accidentally.

The Thermoset feature allows the unit to mold perfectly to the alignment of the teeth and if the device is not properly inserted the first time, enables reboiling and re-insertion.



The device is a bit hefty according to one customer.

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Under Armour Mouthwear


If you are looking for a mouthguard that was designed to provide its users with a streamlined fit that won’t cause you the inconvenience of compression, this model manufactured and sold by Under Armour might fit your needs. The product is suitable to be worn when taking part in a wide array of contact sports including boxing, and it is said to provide a dentist-like fit that is very comfortable.

What is more, the model is chew resistant, and it allows you to talk and to breathe easily while using it. As a plus, this item meets all the NFHS rules, and it was made from a material that is free of latex. The biggest advantage of the model is that, when it doesn’t fit, you can remold it as many times as you want in order for it to suit your preferences. To do so efficiently, you have to microwave it for 45 seconds in a wet paper towel.  

According to previous buyers, the unit is very comfortable when worn for long periods of time, and it does not interfere with one’s ability to communicate. Additionally, it does not fall out, and it does not tear up the inside of the user’s mouth.

The customized fit ensures security, protection, and comfort for confidence during the fight.



This model is, as current users point out, very reliable and likely to pass the test of time as it can last for months and not only for a few weeks like other similar units do.

The item has a strapless design that makes it particularly easy to utilize. Additionally, this device is budget friendly.

Also, this product fits nicely and with dentist precision so that its design does not damage your teeth.

If the model does not mold to your mouth, you can re-mold it by using the microwaves. The item comes provided with the instructions you have to follow to do so.



A previous user claimed that the item turns hard after several months of use. However, no other buyers noted this problem.

Other customers had trouble molding the product in an appropriate shape. Still, this might have something to do with how one follows the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Buy from for ($14.89)




Sanabul Single Boil


This item sold and designed by Sanabul might also stir your interest as it was specially created to supply boxers with unobstructed air flow. Prior to using the device for the first time, one has to boil and bite the mouth guard so that it is customized to the contour of one’s mouth. On top of that, you should know that the device comes in adult and youth sizes that you can choose from.

Apart from being suitable to be used by boxers, this mouthguard is also a good choice if you like to practice Jiu-Jitsu, basketball, MMA, kickboxing as well as other sports that can cause contact mishaps. In fact, the manufacturer of the unit is a top maker of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gear, which is why many consider this item a good investment.

A close look at the reviews that the product had received up to the time we did our research showed that the model is somewhat popular among boxers. Most of its previous buyers remarked that this item is an excellent purchase as it delivers undeniable quality and comfort.

Furthermore, the product is easy to mold, and it is highly appreciated for not causing fatigue on the boxer’s jaw muscle.



The item was made by a well-known manufacturer that is highly appraised for the equipment that it produces for Jiu-jitsu players.

On top of that, this product is simple to mold as it takes under five minutes for a user to give it the right shape. Also, once it cools down, this model remains soft, slim and it provides a good fit for boxers and people who engage in contact sports, in general.

Because of its design, you won’t have difficulties breathing while wearing it.

Furthermore, the model comes supplied with a practical case that you can use to store your mouthpiece in between matches or practice sessions.



As one previous buyer has said, this model is not a particularly good buy for competitors that have a small mouth, as the outer layer does not form to their teeth as expected. However, youth sizes are also available.

Some purchasers were not thrilled with the price of the device, as they considered it quite expensive. Still, the same buyers stated that the quality and the comfort of the model exceeds the cost.

Buy from for ($3.99)




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