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Best boxing shoes reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Boxing shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you simply can’t spare the time to go over our buying guide and helpful product recommendations below, this short paragraph should do just as nicely. In our own search for the best boxing shoes, we have gone over countless expert review sites for athletic gear and also compared products based on their actual sales figures. Thanks to that intensive research, we have been able to find what customers have considered the top-rated product on the market, the Ringside Diablo SHOE11 NG 10. Geared with a breathable nylon mesh pattern supplemented with a patent leather vinyl finish, this pair comes with a low-top ankle that provides effortless movement when executing your intricate footwork that will astound your opponent. There’s enough ankle support from the boxing shoes that also boast a non-slip rubber sole. Move fluidly in the ring and during practice with your feet comfortably and protectively encased in these shoes. The Ringside Diablo SHOE11 NG 10 easily runs out of stock because consumers eagerly snap it up the moment it reaches the shelves, but you could also get the second best option, the TITLE Predator.




Comparison table




Although boxing is just one of those sports that doesn’t require the athlete to wear plenty of gear, the choice of the gear will still be a huge factor in ensuring a successful day of fighting or practice. How do you know you have the best shoes for boxing workout?


Top features to consider:



Read about the top-selling products in the best boxing shoes reviews made specifically for the sport


It can be easy to mistake the best shoes for boxing with the best ones for wrestling. You can’t be blamed for such a mistake, which can be quite easy to make. In reality, there is very little difference between wrestling and boxing shoes. Additionally, plenty of manufacturers tag their products as suitable for boxing when they are actually designed as wrestling footwear.

In fact, the leading brand Adidas has a specific wrestling shoe model that is quite similar to boxing shoes but it is nowhere near becoming the best Adidas boxing shoes.

That said, there really isn’t a lot of difference between the two types of footwear. You will only get a clear idea of what sets them apart when you do a detailed analysis. A wrestling shoe is distinguished through its rubber sole that wraps around the sides of your foot and also provides a grip on the mat when holding various wrestling positions.

There is more traction on the sole of wrestling shoes. Boxing shoes, on the other hand, come with a more rigid sole along with less tread so you can glide through your footwork effortlessly. Although you can use a pair of wrestling shoes in some situations and surfaces for boxing, seasoned or professional boxers are not so lax in this aspect.

Both boxing and wrestling shoes are lightweight, have a vent mesh material, and come with side-to-side stability as well as a specialized sole geared to deliver a solid grip.

Outside of those, the two types of shoes are not exactly alike. The soles of wrestling shoes are designed to provide a more perceptible grip on the surface of the wrestling mat. The surface of the boxing ring is slippery, which is completely different. Boxing footwear comes with more pivot freedom for the feet every time you strike, which is unlike the extra grip that a pair of wrestling shoes can deliver.

Wrestling shoes can cross over to being weightlifting shoes as well. They work better for multiple activities compared to boxing shoes. If you are not quite concerned about speedy footwork, you don’t really pivot your feet a lot when hitting, or you tend to plant your feet on the ground to get additional punching power, wearing wrestling shoes for boxing might not be such a huge issue.



A great pair of boxing shoes for training and professional competitions should be made of top-quality materials and boast a top-notch construction


When your feet feel hurt while in the ring, you can’t really focus on being in your A-game, can you? Good-quality boxing shoes come with a mixture of soft suede, synthetic, and leather uppers, which are relatively breathable. Pure leather provides the most comfortable and softest fit but doesn’t come with the rigidity that greatly-engineered materials can offer.

Some models even come with breathable mesh panels. Your choice on the level of ventilation your feet should get depends a lot on how hot your feet can get. At the end of your workout or match, wet feet is a sign that your boxing shoes are not comfortable at all.

While traditional boxers go for high-top shoes, more and more athletes prefer low-top ones. If you want exceptional competitiveness as well as ankle support, high-top shoes are a great choice. For shadow boxing, occasional matches, sparring, and heavy workouts, the low-top shoes are suitable because they are lighter and provide greater freedom of movement.

Taller shoes provide more protection and support. Choose shoes that won’t slow you down or cause ankle injuries. You also want just the right amount of traction, so you are protected from slipping when moving from side to side.

A leather sole offers the best footwork in the ring. Rubber-soled shoes deliver a lightweight design and a heavy grip. There should be a good balance of grip and footwork support from the boxing shoes. A mix of nylon and leather material delivers support and comfort coupled with a breathable, lightweight design.

The placement of any zippers and laces also influences the comfort element in boxing shoes. You wouldn’t want those components to rub against your feet or apply too much pressure, especially with an ill-fitting or poorly-designed pair. Your boxing shoes should not remind you that you have them on by way of pain-causing laces and zippers.

Your boxing shoes should not be overly flashy but should still have a quiet appeal. While some athletes go for a subdued and subtle look in their footwear, others go for brightly-colored, fancy-looking ones. At the end of the day, it all boils down to whatever floats your boat and whether you are into the game to make a personal statement.

Different boxing shoe manufacturers offer a variety of styles, designs, and looks to satisfy every fighter.


Choose a great pair of boxing shoes for beginners that feels light and right on your feet


A pair of comfortable boxing shoes has the right shoe height, proper size, sole rigidity and thickness, and the right type of material inside the shoes.

Although boxing shoes come with the regulation break-in period to mold to your feet in a week or two, that process should not take too long either. Bear in mind that boxing shoes tend to run narrower than other athletic footwear. If you have wider feet than average, search for the best boxing shoes for wide feet.

It can be difficult to find a good pair of boxing shoes for flat feet considering that this kind of footwear typically comes with very thin soles that ensure a lightweight design. Look for boxing shoes that feature cushioning at the midsole section to protect the soles of your feet from the stress of fancy footwork and any training regimen you might undergo.

Consider any foot conditions you might have to ensure your footwear contributes to making you train better and not to dragging you down with more foot issues.



Top rated products



The market is full of boxing shoes from a variety of brands and in various styles and prices. The above buying guide has enough information to help make you a more informed consumer. The product descriptions below are also intended to make your shopping experience less stressful.



Ringside Diablo SHOE11 NG 10


The Ringside Diablo SHOE11 NG 10 boxing shoes guarantee a great support for your footwork in the ring. The shoes carry a contemporary styling that makes them nice to look at without compromising on their performance. They have been designed for the ultimate in high-performance ring footwear for the complete boxing athlete.

These shoes are made with a nylon mesh pattern on their upper, which provides comfort through breathability. You won’t end up with sweaty and smelly feet at the end of your match or workout. The patent leather vinyl finish ensures a durable construction, so the shoes will last a long time no matter what you go through during your matches and training.

The low-top ankle supports the need for easy foot movements as well as effortless fluidity. The non-slip rubber sole provides an adequate degree of traction so you can keep your feet planted firmly while executing your intricate footwork to get the opponent engaged in a good and clean fight every time.

You’ll love the straightforward sizing system for these boxing shoes. All you need for proper measurement is to consult the size chart and see which is your most comfortable fit. A woman’s size is just two sizes smaller than a man’s size. You can expect good ankle support from these boxing shoes despite their low-top design.



The contemporary styling of these shoes makes them suitable for the modern trainee or fighter who wants a great-looking pair of shoes without breaking the bank.

These boxing shoes have a nylon mesh pattern on the upper to provide a great level of breathability and comfort.

The patent leather vinyl finish ensures durability and the right level of rigidity without curtailing the freedom of movement of your feet so you can do some fancy footwork in the ring.

The low-top angle design provides fluidity for executing side-to-side and front-to-back movements so you can glide through the surface and find the perfect punching opportunity to score.

The sizing system is clear and straightforward, with women’s sizes being two sizes smaller than men’s to eliminate the difficult guesswork and measurement issues.



One customer noted that the shoes do not come in half sizes, so they had to order one size down to ensure the shoes are able to mold down to the proper size.

The shiny, plastic-like finish may seem cheap for some customers, but like all consumer products, it is all just a matter of personal taste.

Buy from for ($67.83)




TITLE Predator


The TITLE Predator boxing shoes offer an awesomely lightweight design you won’t even feel you are wearing them at all. These boxing shoes are unbelievably light to make them suitable for fleet-footed movement in the ring while waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike at your opponent.

This footwear comes with a mid-length design that is quite popular among modern athletes of the boxing ring. The shoes deliver optimal ankle support without hindering the free movement of your feet in any way. You can move easily and quickly without losing your footing in the ring because of the mid-length design.

The shoes also come with a lace-up design that ensures a snug and secure fit, so they do not suddenly slip off your feet while you are engaged in a fierce battle with your opponent. The shoes stay securely on your feet and go with you every step of the way so you can attack and dominate while moving with the precise speed and agility of a real gladiator in the ring.

These boxing shoes come with a streamlined design that provides an easy gait so you wouldn’t be bothered by any unnecessary elements that might only serve as potential hindrances to an effective fighting regimen. The shoes carry a three-dimensional anatomically-contoured upper that hugs the feet, ankles, and lower calves for a fantastic fit and feel.



These boxing shoes are incredibly lightweight, which enables you to drive forcefully into your boxing footwork and regimen without any fear of being dragged down by your footwear.

The shoes come with a clean lace-up design that ensures a nice fit along with a full-length padded mesh tongue that delivers reliable breathability for cool and dry feet.

The streamlined design is a no-nonsense element that will not present any issues when you have to do your intricate footwork during the fight or workout.

Made of a revolutionary footwear material, the shoes deliver great flex to expand with every movement without becoming thinner with time.

Expect superior traction from the flexible gum rubber sole that delivers dependable traction even when you weave in and out of your opponent’s punching range.



Due to the fact that these shoes have not gotten any negative reviews as of this writing, consumers may find them a bit difficult to find on the shelves because of their popularity.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Ringside Undefeated SHOE10 BLACK02-P


The Ringside Undefeated SHOE 10 BLACK02-P boxing shoes carry a name they can certainly live up to. These boxing shoes can easily cross over from the wrestling to the boxing ring without breaking a sweat. They carry a sport-specific design that makes them ideal for both boxing and wrestling.

These shoes are designed with the perfect combination of substance and style to deliver an elite-level functionality and performance. The high-top ankle design provides adequate support to your feet during those intricate workouts when you need to move in and out to elude your opponent’s reach and punches.

The patent leather vinyl finish provides an additional element of durability to keep the shoes together no matter how hard you drive yourself inside the ring. These boxing shoes are designed for precise and quick footwork without giving in to the elements of tough workouts and boxing routines.

The non-slip rubber sole provides adequate traction so you can move side-to-side or forward and backward to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, just like one of the most celebrated and most famous sports figures of the 20th century, the great Muhammad Ali. The breathable nylon mesh pattern provides the critical element of comfort on your feet.



These boxing shoes carry a name that they truly deserve thanks to their versatile design that makes them functional for boxing, weightlifting, and wrestling events.

These shoes demonstrate a great blend of substance and style with their streamlined design and comfortable fit that both ensure ample support without compromising on great looks.

The shoes carry a patent leather vinyl finish that delivers an extra element of durability for countless workouts and matches.

The non-slip rubber sole provides the critical traction factor that enables you to move flawlessly in your fancy footwork and elude the punches of your rival in the ring.

The high-top ankle design provides more-than-enough support to your feet so you wouldn’t need to worry about the shoes suddenly slipping off and making you lose your footing inside the ring.



Perfect for users with wide feet, these shoes tend to run bigger, according to one customer.

The lace-up system can be problematic for younger wearers.

Buy from for ($64.99)




TITLE Speed-Flex Encore


The TITLE Speed-Flex Encore boxing shoes offer the right level of support for the serious boxing enthusiast who wants nothing but the best in their sports gear. These boxing shoes carry a sport-specific look that you will gladly show off in the ring and out. They have a clean, sensible design that provides easy movement around the ring.

This footwear comes with a full synthetic leather upper that delivers the right fit and snugness for a comfortable feel every time. Your toes won’t feel pinched, and neither will your movements be forced or restricted. This ensures you can really have the time of your life weaving in and out to confuse your opponent and move in for the kill at the opportune moment.

The shoes also feature a tight weave nylon fill that sits on top of the contoured polyurethane soles to make them suitable for boxing. You can enjoy quick footwork and speed when executing your wicked fighting moves and using your most powerful boxing skills to keep everyone watching with great excitement for your game plan.

The shoes also feature beautiful embroidery that complements any user style. You’ll certainly be proud to don these boxing shoes during every match or workout. These shoes are light yet superbly durable and cover your need for support on your feet during your boxing routines.



The full synthetic leather upper of these boxing shoes delivers a high level of durability and toughness for lasting use.

You’ll love the comfortable fit these boxing shoes can give you, so they stay snugly on your feet without coming loose.

For boxers who love moving around the ring with quick footwork and out-of-the-blue moves, these boxing shoes come with the right lightweight design to allow you to freely stay elusive to your opponent.

These shoes feature some great-looking embroidery that enhances their looks and without clashing against your entire boxing getup.

The tight weave nylon fill atop the shaped polyurethane soles delivers comfort without detracting from the total functionality and overall performance of the shoes.



One user thinks the shoes do not have enough grip on them so they may not be designed for those who prefer to drive their routines with more punches instead of evasive action.

These shoes carry a high-ankle design that makes them difficult to pull on in a hurry.

Buy from for ($44.99)




Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up


These Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up boxing shoes come with a boot-like design that delivers the perfect balance of fit and support for any modern boxing athlete or enthusiast. The shoes have a high-top design that provides a premium level of security to your ankles so you won’t have to fear that you can’t execute those daring footwork moves to befuddle the opponent.

These boxing shoes are lightweight and are specifically designed for boxing. The polyurethane insole does not only deliver dependable durability due to its high resistance to abrasion but also keeps the shoes comfy and fit for their purpose. The boxing shoes won’t wear out easily, so they have great second-hand value as well.

The light, non-skid rubber sole reduces the impact you feel from the surface to prevent the early onset of foot fatigue and pain during prolonged training. The rubber soles also protect you from slipping while moving around in swift bursts when looking for the perfect opportunity to strike. These shoes are made with suede and leather materials for an inarguable toughness.

The wide upper and laces eliminate any strain from flexion while delivering a comfortable fit. They also keep the boxing shoes secure on your feet. The rounded tip, front lace-up, and side zipper allow easy wearing while ensuring snugness.



These boxing shoes are made with leather and suede, and this ensures durability for long-term use as well as a high second-hand value.

The light, non-skid rubber sole lessens the impact you feel with every step so as to prevent the quick occurrence of foot fatigue and strain while ensuring a slip-free functionality.

The wide upper and laces help eliminate the strain from constant flexion while also providing an efficient means to secure the shoes on your feet.

The rounded tip provides enough room for the toes to move around without being left too loose, while the side zipper enables an easy on and off.

The polyurethane insole provides the durability you expect from this type of footwear. You won’t have to worry about making a replacement of the boxing shoes in the near future.



One customer, who is very satisfied with these boxing shoes, says they are quite difficult to find in stores.

These are well-loved boxing shoes despite the fact that they are more expensive than the popular mainstream brands.

Buy from for ($115.92)




Frequently asked questions


Can I use boxing shoes for wrestling?

While a decent pair of boxing shoes can either make or break your performance in the ring, there has long been a debate on whether one could use boxing shoes for wrestling. The traction you need on the indoor matted surface for wrestling can be similar to what a boxer needs.

Both wrestling and boxing shoes will most likely provide the same level of performance in a training environment, so the short answer there is yes. However, wrestling shoes are distinct for providing a strong and solid footing, especially when using a wide stance and quick side-to-side movements, which a pair of boxing shoes can’t do.


Can I wear boxing shoes outside?

When we say outside, and it means a boxing ring mounted outdoors, then that should be no problem. Seriously though, the soles of boxing shoes come with softer compounds that are not engineered to withstand long-term abuse and aren’t equipped with any deep treads that deliver ample water displacement.

Running shoes, on the other hand, come with hard soles that support their use on rough pavement. Regardless how solidly the boxing shoes are manufactured, they are certain to wear out quickly if used outdoors. Boxing shoes should only be used inside and never for running. A running-specific pair of shoes is what you need for that.


Do I need boxing shoes?

Some boxing gyms do not allow you to wear shoes or trainers that leave marks in the ring, so a pair of boxing shoes is the best thing to get for the activity. In addition, if the choice were only between boxing shoes and wrestling shoes and you would need to make the choice because you need footwear for one of the two activities, know that you can opt for either one for both sports.

Wrestling shoes are made with more grip than boxing footwear. The soles of boxing shoes have less grip or don’t have the same grip zones. While you can’t use wrestling shoes for boxing if you do much lateral footwork, you can if you prefer a wider stance, tend to lose your footing, or do quick side-to-side direction changes.


Why are boxing shoes high?

While low-top boxing shoes have become increasingly popular with time, traditionalist boxers still go for either mid-top or high-top boxing shoes. A low-top boxing shoe enables faster ankle and foot movement, perfect for speed boxers. However, ankle support is at a bare minimum. You could easily twist your ankles if you don’t land properly on the ring surface.

The high-top design provides stability to the ankles so even if you go through intricate footwork, such as side-to-side or lateral movements, you won’t twist them. If you do plenty of quick maneuvering, high-top boots support the ankles and shins when you move and pivot your legs.




Top boxing shoes brands


Title Boxing was established in 1998, and since then, it has undertaken to build itself as a trusted authority in the boxing gear industry using advanced equipment design coupled with unwavering business integrity. The brand has earned a solid reputation in sports, making consumers feel the unexplainable magic when they slip their hand into a Title boxing glove.

The brand expanded into Mixed Martial Arts in 2007 and has succeeded in becoming the go-to brand for countless combat sports athletes in the top tier today. The Title MMA product line has successfully made its mark in cage fighting, kickboxing, and everything in mixed martial arts. The brand continues to be driven by the passion of its loyal customers.


For more than three decades, Ringside has continued to impress not only amateur and professional fighters, but also boxing coaches and fitness boxers who want nothing less than the best boxing gear in their arsenal. Delivering the best boxing gear and training equipment, Ringside offers the good selling point of affordability in its athletic boxing gear.

Ringside has a wide array of shoes, trunks, headgear, bag gloves, boxing gloves, boxing rings, punching bags, and other essential gear and competition apparel to make the boxing experience more productive every time. The brand has established itself as one of the largest and most reliable suppliers of boxing gear the world over.


Comprising three well-known and well-respected brands, the Adidas group simply started in a washroom and went on to conquer the world. What hasn’t changed is the brand’s penchant for always scoring big although it has struggled to reach its goals at times. Founded by Adi Dassler, the brand was first registered as “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” in 1924.

The iconic brand’s three-stripes/trefoil design was registered on August 18, 1949, and now includes Reebok and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf. The dedication, passion, and attitude of Adi Dassler permeate every Adidas product today, ensuring that no athlete is ever left behind, not then, and most certainly not now.


This brand prides itself on being synonymous with boxing, despite starting out in 1910 as a swimwear maker in the Bronx. A tailor’s son, Jason Golomb was also a swimming enthusiast who felt nothing but dissatisfaction with the swimsuits of 1910 that barely made it through one season. He started making suits that ensured a full year of use and gave them the name Everlast.

From a small retail store selling a full line of sports equipment in 1917, Everlast went into the manufacture of boxing equipment thanks to the urging of a young fighter named Jack Dempsey who asked Golomb to create protective headgear that could withstand the punishment of more than 15 rounds of vigorous boxing training.

The Everlast brand has been the leading manufacturer, licensor, and marketer of boxing, MMA, and fitness gear sold in more than 75 countries and six continents.


Introduced to the US in 1977, ASICS is a name chosen in 1949 by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, who began his athletic footwear firm Onitsuka Co., Ltd. by making basketball shoes in his own living room in Kobe, Japan. The name ASICS is actually an acronym for the Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,’ literally ‘a sound mind in a sound body”.’

This has been the fuel that has driven the ASICS brand to create the best product every time. The company leverages on its technological advances and pushes the envelope on what can be learned from the body and its needs in the design of athletic gear. From shoes to clothing to lifestyle and exclusive collections, the brand has certainly given the more popular names a run for the money.



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