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Best budget squash racket reviews


Budget squash rackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are interested in getting the best budget squash racket, but you do not have the necessary time to carry out the research on this subject, this paragraph should contain all the info that you need. After assessing the market, and after looking at what other buyers had to say about specific products, we have determined that the Head AFT Spark Pro is the model that you should consider investing in. This racket is quite versatile as it was designed to be used by seasoned players. As a result, it was made using a special technology that stiffens the frame, and it supplies the users with more power. Moreover, this choice is well balanced, and it can be maneuvered effortlessly. This model is pre-strung by the manufacturer, and it has a frame that weighs 5.9 ounces. If this racquet is unavailable, check out the Senston Graphite Squash as it might also suit your needs.


Top features to consider


Finding quality cheap squash rackets for sale is a task that is far from easy. Because we know that it is crucial that one understands what features are a must in a product of this type, below, we have listed some of the essential aspects that you should have in mind before making a purchase.



The balance


According to squash racket reviews, the main feature that you should take into consideration is the balance of the model. From this point of view, rackets can be evenly balanced, head light or head heavy. Determining what kind of model suits you depends entirely on your preferences.

On the one hand, head light units are effortless to maneuver, especially during flick shots and volleys. Yet, they are known for being more difficult to control at speed. On the other hand, heavy-headed products are considered easier to control. 

Because of this, pros generally opt for heavy-headed models. Still, when the game has a quicker pace, they tend to switch to light-headed alternatives.



Head shape


No matter if you are looking for a junior squash racket or a model that was designed to be used by adults, you should also take into account the head shape of the racket. This aspect affects, among others, the power of the model, its sweet spot size, and your overall control over it. Currently, there are a few choices that you can pick from.

Teardrop units are known for supplying the buyer with quite the amount of power when it comes to shots; however, they are not that easy to control. Because of this, most recommend that they are used by intermediate and advanced players.

Open throat devices have an old-school design, and they are said to provide players with quite the amount of control in shots. Still, they do lack the extra power usually associated with teardrop models.

The elongated teardrop alternatives are, according to the experts, the most powerful rackets available, and they also have the biggest sweet spot. As expected, these types of rackets are a tad difficult to control, mainly when used by beginners.





Just like in the case of purchasing squash equipment in general, another feature that you should assess before you make a purchase is the durability of the item. In total, there are three factors that you should have in mind when considering this aspect. Firstly, the year of the manufacture is essential, as older models are seen as longer lasting than newer ones.

Next, you should know that certain brands are known for delivering rackets with cracked handles, while others tend to manufacture durable products.

Finally, the weight of the model is also worth your attention, as lighter alternatives are generally more fragile. This happens because the material used to make them is rather thin.



Top rated products



Shopping for a high-quality racket for squash is challenging. This usually is the case because the market is flooded with numerous models that are very similar to each other. To be of help to you, we have composed a list of products that have received positive reviews from both buyers and the experts.



Head AFT Spark Pro


If you are looking for an option that can supply you with the necessary power during challenging games, the Head AFT Spark Pro might suit you. This racket was created to be used by those buyers that want to be able to combine short drops and substantial length into their game.

To do so, the Spark Pro was designed to incorporate a special type of technology that makes the frame stiff and that, as a result, offers more power. What is more, because it has an even balance, this racket enables the user to maneuver it in an effective way.

Size-wise, you should know that the model has 77.5 square inches and that it comes fitted with a frame that measures 5.9 ounces. The standard string pattern on the model is 12/17, and it has a recommended string tension of 20 to 30 lbs. Moreover, the unit is pre-strung from the seller.



Because it was made using AFT technology, this option is sturdy and quite powerful when compared to other alternatives. As a plus, it is not difficult to maneuver it.

The Spark Pro is very versatile, and it can be used by a wide array of players that are in search of a powerful unit.

According to the seller, this device is even balanced.

The product is pre-strung by the manufacturer. Consequently, you don’t have to spend additional time preparing it before you use it.



One previous buyer indicated that this racket is a bit heavier than other models that he tried before. Still, he claimed that this did not compromise the stability, power or the control that the choice delivers.

Given that it has not received a lot of reviews from current users, there is no way of knowing whether or not there are undisclosed drawbacks with the racket.

Buy from for ($39.95)




Senston Graphite Squash


Another alternative that you might want to take a look at is this one distributed by Senston. This option is made of graphite, a type of carbon that is very durable. When shipped, the choice also includes a cover and a practical overgrip.

When unstrung, the Graphite Squash measures 5.29 ounces, and it has a total length of about 27 inches. The string pattern that was used to create it features 14 mains and 19 crosses. The biggest advantage of the device is that it has a remarkable offensive performance. In fact, this model is very stable, and it allows the user to have the necessary control during his/her court game. This product has a sizeable head that measures 76 square inches.

Even more so, interested buyers might want to know that, in an attempt to cater to the needs of the users, the seller guarantees high-quality after-sale services. Overall, the Graphite Squash has received positive feedback comments.



This choice comes supplied with useful accessories such as a racket cover and an overgrip. As a result, you won’t have to further invest in more supplies.

Because it was manufactured from graphite, this racket is very much sturdy and likely to pass the test of time.

As the seller points out, the model is easy to control, and it can provide the user with a great offensive performance.

Although it is sold by a manufacturer that does not have a lot of experience in this field of products, this unit is covered by quality after-sale services.



There have been owners that remarked that the price of this choice is a tad high, especially given its features. However, because it comes equipped with all the needed accessories, the unit is worth the investment.

The overgrip supplied by the seller might come in a color that you do not like.

Buy from for ($72.99)




Wilson BLX Force 165


If you are an intermediate player that is looking for a racket that is suitable for tight length playing and attack volleys, this option should make it to your shortlist. This choice can get the job done because it has a teardrop head shape and a string pattern that guarantees total control.

The head of the racket measures 77.2 square inches, while the entire model weighs 5.98 oz., and it has a length of 27″. When delivered, the item is pre-strung so that you can use it out of the box.

It has been remarked that the BLX Force 165 offers a great feel and that its larger frame supplies it with that extra power that most players are looking for. Additionally, its larger sweet spot makes it very convenient.

Similarly to other alternatives, the racket also comes fitted with a full cover that you can use to transport and to store it in between uses.



Buyers have argued that this model is very comfortable, as its frame does not vibrate when hitting the ball. Also, it has a suitable size.

As expected, this racket is quite powerful. Because of this, it is ideal to be used by those that are interested in a product of this kind.

Because it is durable, chances are that you won’t have to spend extra money replacing its strings any time soon.

This alternative is versatile, as it was designed to be used by intermediate players. So, if you need a teardrop head shaped device that can help you up your game, this might be the one for you!



A small number of buyers said that this unit is considered rather heavy in the squash world.

The price of the racket might make it inaccessible to some interested squash players. Still, this is not necessarily an expensive model.

Buy from for ($47.95)




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