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Best budget triathlon watch

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Budget triathlon watches – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you wish to get the best budget triathlon watch, but you don’t have enough time to read the entirety of our article, this short paragraph will let you access all the information you need to get the right product for the job. Based on consumer reports, surveys, and expert feedback, we have concluded that the product to consider is the Garmin Forerunner 25. This nifty GPS model can track the distance you travel, as well as your pace, heart rate, and the calories that you burn after each session. It tracks your daily progress and allows you to share it with your friends and family, or with the world through your favorite social media platform. The heart rate compatibility makes it possible to train with heart rate zones so that you know when to push it on and when to rein it in. If you find that our first model is not available for sale, we recommend that you take the time to consider the Timex IRONMAN Classic 30.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


If you wish to purchase a budget triathlon watch, but you are not yet certain which features are a must for this type of product, our buyer’s guide will certainly help you. After analyzing some of the most popular reviews of budget triathlon watches, we have been able to identify the features that customers found most useful, and present them all to you in our list below.


Water resistance and durability


Water resistance is not an optional feature for triathlon watches, seeing as swimming is one of the three most prevalent sports in typical competitions. Thankfully, this is not an easy feature to miss since most manufacturers will try their best to showcase it.

While it is true that when it comes to budget models it is unlikely to find units capable of advanced functions such as monitoring pool laps or counting your strokes, not having to take your watch off after each different sport can help you save a lot of time and trouble.

As far as durability goes, you should look for models that are built from quality plastic, resin or metals such as stainless steel. If you are not sure about how durable a product is, and you can’t test it before purchase, you can read customer reviews to see what current owners have to say about this aspect.



Connectivity and other features


More and more people prefer getting a product with smart functionality. Once you start to consider the advantages of extra features such as step, calories and distance trackers, you will never want to go back.

Models that come with advanced features will generally allow you to connect to either your computer or smartphone to get a more in-depth view of your daily activities which will allow you to plan your workout routine accordingly.

The visibility of the display is another feature to consider if you like to train during the night, or in low-light conditions. If that is the case for you, you should make sure to purchase a unit that comes with an illuminated display.



Battery life


Another crucial factor worth remembering before you purchase your new device is the battery life it can provide you. Nothing is more annoying than your watch dying while you are in the middle of a workout. This is even more important for devices that come with smart features that can drain the battery a lot faster.

During competitions, it is battery life that will make the difference between a good budget triathlon watch and a sub-par one. Ideally, you should get the product that comes with a battery life that is longer than the time you spend on your daily exercise routine.



Top rated products



Deciding on one product from the seemingly endless supply of models can seem an impossible endeavor if you lack the time and energy for it. To make things simpler for you, we have identified the top products in this line and showcased them for you below.



Garmin Forerunner 25


The new Forerunner model manages to provide a display that is 32% larger than the previous model in a thinner and lighter body. The GPS functionality allows this model to track the distance you travel, while the heart rate compatibility will let the watch provide more accurate information about the number of calories that you burn after each training session.

Even when you are not training, the device can still count the daily steps that you take. The activity tracking feature will remind you when it is time to move so that you can stay on top of your workout goals. The battery allows for 10 hours of use when the GPS is turned on, and up to 10 weeks when you only use the watch and activity tracking mode.

You can get more out of your new purchase by pairing it with a compatible smartphone or computer so that you can upload and share your activities or keep them for yourself if you wish to get a more detailed overview of what your daily workout looks like.

As a plus, the generous display is effortless to read even in direct sunlight, and the watch has a water rating of 5 ATM.

Buy from for ($92.38)




Timex IRONMAN Classic 30


If you wish to get one of the most affordable options currently available, and you don’t want to sacrifice critical features, then this model is a genuinely classic choice. It might not have all the bells and whistles, but with a 30 lap memory, stopwatch functionality, great display, and durability, there is little else to ask for.

One iconic feature that Timex gets better than almost anyone on the market is the Indiglo Light-Up display which lets users enjoy the same level of performance during the night as they do during the day. The display lights up beautifully with just enough luminosity to make it easy to read without hurting your eyes.

The unit is water-resistant to 330 feet, a feature that makes it suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Do keep in mind that the water resistance rating does not make this unit suitable to use for diving. The product is also very lightweight and sports a very compact body which makes it suitable for users with small and medium wrists.

Owners were very satisfied with the performance of the unit and its ease of use. The lightweight construction will guarantee increased comfort – we even found owners saying that after a few minutes of use, they forgot they had it on their wrist.

Buy from for ($35.75)




Timex Full-Size 100


The Full-Size 100 is another model from Timex that has garnered mostly positive feedback from customers thanks to its quality and features available for a very low price point. With this option, you get the benefits of having a large memory capable of recording up to 100 laps, together with other features designed to give you more control over your training.

You can set five distinct alarms, nine internal timers, and switch between two time zones. The last feature makes this product a must-buy for anyone who tends to travel a lot since it allows users to manage their training schedule better. As is expected, similarly to other Timex models, you get a water resistance rating of 330 feet.

The Indiglo Night-Light feature is present in this option as well and will improve the readability of the screen during the night or in low-light conditions. To enhance the durability of the product, Timex has decided to use a durable resin as the main material for both the case and strap.

The resin is very durable, flexible, and comfortable to the skin. The increased durability is achieved with no compromises, seeing as, despite the larger footprint of this model, the total weight remains of just 1.60 ounces.

Buy from for ($47.99)




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