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Best calisthenics shoes reviews


Calisthenics shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you seldom have time to read buying guides like the one here and would really like to find the best calisthenics shoes, this short paragraph should have enough information for you to go by. In our search for the best product on the market, we compared different options based on quality and value. Fortunately, our own search led us to the critically-acclaimed Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6. This exceptional pair features a remarkable construction out of leather, EVA, rubber, textile, and synthetic to deliver shoes that can go the distance as you do. The rubber sole provides traction by ensuring a dependable grip on the floor. With its low-top shaft from the arch, the shoe does not impede the free mobility of the foot. Underneath the upper is a supportive foam constructed under a soft layer of breathable mesh for comfort. Because we are aware that the Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 can easily run out of stock, we would like you to remember the second best option, the ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4.



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Top features to consider


There was a time when the choices on calisthenics shoes for sale were just a few. Nowadays, shopping for that kind of gear can be a headache. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have outlined the critical aspects to look at when buying this kind of footwear.



A good fit


The top calisthenics shoes for the money deliver a nice and snug fit. Ideally, there should be around ⅜ to ½ inch of room from the front of the big toe to the edge of the shoe. This is around the width of an average thumb.

There should be a relatively tight fit on the heel, which means the heel should not slip out when you walk. The part of the shoe that goes over the top of the foot is called the upper. This section should be secure and snug but not extremely tight on any spot.

As recommended by no less than the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, all the toes should be free to wiggle when you have the shoe on. The shoes should feel flexible and supportive from the get-go, with no break-in period. If you feel pain when trying new shoes on, this is a likely indicator of a poor fit.



The right purpose


Running shoes often make the best shoes for calisthenics. Running shoes are geared for heel-to-toe transfer of movement and therefore, they are also engineered to support any exercise on a hard surface that basically involves side-to-side movement.

Considering that calisthenics involves body weight training exercises, there needs to be stability in your ankles. You should be able to plant your feet firmly on the ground so you can easily push off the floor with greater force even under the heavy load of your own body weight.

While you can opt for flat, stiff soles, there’s an intrinsic value in a raised heel for increasing the range of motion of your ankle. A raised heel also keeps you more upright or balanced so you can execute deeper squats, especially if ankle flexibility is not one of your finer points.

Shoes with raised heels are also far stiffer compared to other types of athletic shoes, which helps wearers remain stable. They also keep the feet from shifting around under heavier loads.



Overall design and construction


Today’s breed of athletic shoes, which includes the  finest quality calisthenics shoes, are designed with more advanced materials that guarantee a good performance for their purpose. You want a lightweight pair that prevents foot fatigue.

Extra shock absorption in the sole right under the ball of the foot will go a long way to preventing foot fatigue. You can be assured of comfort if the shoes have special features in construction, which also help minimize injury.  

A low-top from the arch will not impede the free movement of your ankles. Breathable mesh under a light, supportive foam on the upper will ensure comfort.

For stability that secures the midfoot area, the shoes can feature tough leather overlays. Any high-impact zones should be supported by strategically-positioned rubber traction. For less weight but greater traction, a rubber outsole is valuable.



Top rated products



We cannot vouch for the quality and dependability of the different products featured in the many calisthenics shoes reviews. However, we have observed that the products showcased below have earned consumer approval on their own.


Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6


The Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 is doubtlessly a good choice for calisthenics despite being designed as running shoes. They feature a rubber sole that delivers the needed traction on the floor, helping you maintain stability while executing more advanced calisthenics poses or exercises.

The upper comes with a light, supportive foam layered under a soft lining of breathable mesh. This will ensure your feet stay cool and comfortable even when you have to do heavy workouts. To enable your ankles to move freely, the shoes come with a low-top shaft from the arch. For stability by locking in your mid foot, the shoes also come with durable leather overlays.

Thanks to the full-length EVA sock liner, you get a custom fit and added comfort. In addition, the full-length Micro G® foam converts cushioned landings easily into powerful takeoffs. The high-impact zones are covered with strategically positioned rubber traction to ensure a higher level of durability coupled with reduced weight.

This is supported by the non-marking rubber sole that also delivers good traction. At just 9.2 ounces, the shoe feels virtually weightless on your foot. Customers love these shoes for their stylishness as well. They are built to last.



With its full-length EVA sock liner, these running shoes provide a custom fit as well as extra comfort. The sock liner absorbs moisture from the skin. It also keeps the shoes warm during chilly weather.

You will be happy to know that the upper features a light, supportive foam under which is a soft layer of breathable mesh. This configuration ensures that your feet stay cool and comfy even when your workouts turn more intensive and sweaty.

The low-top shaft from the arch will not hinder the free movement of the ankles so you can move in any way with freedom.

Thanks to the full-length Micro G® foam, you can go from landing to take-off with very little effort at all.

With the intelligently placed rubber traction, the shoes cover all zones that get a high impact to ensure durability.



The customer should always determine their exact size before ordering to prevent issues on this aspect.

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4 


The ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4 is engineered for moderate mileage runners. It offers durability and comfort that calisthenics practitioners will also appreciate tremendously, considering the body weight training they have to do. Thanks to the shoe’s exclusive forefoot and rearfoot cushioning technology, a brisk impact is mitigated to prevent foot fatigue.

The shoes also target high-impact zones via the proprietary Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole, which increases the resilience of the shoes against wear and tear. The shoes belong to a full line of performance-focused athletic shoes dedicated to ensuring harmony between the body and soul.

Made from synthetic material, the shoes feature a rubber sole that provides stable traction so you can do those exhaustive calisthenics moves without losing your footing. The shoes also offer support to neutral and under-pronators or supinators.

Underpronation refers to an inadequate inward roll of the foot when it hits the running surface. It is characterized by the outside of the heel making initial contact with the surface. A smaller area of the foot takes all the focus on impact so the smaller toes end up doing most of the work on the outside of the foot. To combat those forces, this pair comes with maximum cushioning where it counts.



The shoes are made from synthetic material, which ensures a good level of durability. This means they are tough against possible impact forces at play during your calisthenics workouts.

Thanks to the rubber sole, the shoes provide the much-needed traction you need for stability on the floor. Perform your calisthenics routine without worrying that you might slip on the floor.

Offering neutral to under-pronator support, the shoes ensure that no part of your feet will bear all the forces and do most of the work on the outside of your feet.

With the exclusive Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole, the shoes come with sufficient resistance to wear and tear.

Any brisk impact is alleviated and foot fatigue is prevented effectively because of the unique forefoot and rearfoot cushioning technology.



The shoes are nice and comfy and should be ordered only after ascertaining the right size for you. This prevents any issues on tightness due to improper fit.

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Nike Flex Experience RN 4


The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 is designed to deliver everyday comfort. It provides an exceptional neutral ride to support your feet with comfort and durability. Lightweight and flexible, the shoes offer a good balance of traction and natural movement via their minimal upper design.

Thanks to the resilient but soft IU midsole, you can do jumps and deep squats without worrying about the component giving out due to the impact forces. The hexagonal flex grooves allow you to perform foot flexes. The section also comes equipped with flexible cushioning.

For lightweight support, the shoes feature a single-layer mesh along with no-sew overlays that also deliver comfort and keep the foot secure. For extra responsiveness, the shoes come with waffle outsole pistons. The pistons also help absorb impact. Therefore, regardless where your foot strikes the surface, there will always be comfort.

Due to the 8mm heel-toe offset, you are forced into a natural stride. The areas that typically undergo high wear have a minimal Green Rubber outsole with pods for durability where it is really needed.

The rubber sole comes with enough thickness to prevent foot fatigue while providing ample support to keep you balanced and steady on your heels, toes, or flat on your feet.


Engineered for everyday comfort, these running shoes make a good choice as calisthenics shoes too. They offer durability and functionality.

The minimal upper design supports the need for comfort as there is very little material that could hinder the foot’s flexibility during exercises.

The soft yet strong IU midsole offers enhanced cushioning while still being superbly flexible. You can do deep squats and foot flexes without worrying that the shoes will come apart at the seams.

A single-layer mesh is laid on the upper, which works well with the no-sew overlays for a good level of flexibility.

A secure traction is achieved thanks to the substantial outsole, which keeps you balanced on any part of your feet. You can land on your feet without slipping or losing your footing thanks to the evenness of the outsole.



A number of customers say the shoes run a bit small for comfort. They should be ordered after determining the actual measurement of your feet.

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