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Best Century forearm guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Century forearm guards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If time isn’t something you feel like wasting but you do want to get the best forearm guards from Century, you’re in the perfect place. Based on the sales figures, consumer reports, and specialized surveys and forums that we have gone through, it appears that the Century Armor is the option you should take into account. The model boasts a high-density thermoformed padding that enables you to focus on your performance without worrying about getting hurt. To make the size and fitting process more convenient, the brand has added flex channels to the pads. To a certain extent, this feature will allow you to customize the product as you deem fit so that it lets you use it comfortably. The pair is also available in a variety of colors and dimensions. If the Century Armor is no longer available, perhaps you might want to consider the Century Martial.


Top features to consider:


Arm protection is nothing to joke about, and so you might find it difficult to get just the right one for your needs. Here’s where we come in and give you a hand as we have performed an extensive research process and have put together a short and comprehensive guide that can take you through all the factors you ought to bear in mind.

If you still haven’t made up on a particular model or you’re feeling confused as to which detail matters most, you should take the time to read on.



Choose the right size


One of the first things you need to give some thought to consists of your physical attributes. While it is somehow difficult to tell which size you should opt for if you have no prior experience when it comes to selecting a pair of forearm guards, the least thing you can do is measure your body.

Besides, if you have some time at your disposal, consider reading some of the best Century forearm guards reviews to see whether or not the product fits as expected. There are many buyers who express their opinions on the performance, construction and fit of every model they have purchased.



Build quality


It’s difficult to tell whether the unit you’re set on investing your cents in is indeed worth the effort or not. However, since you’re going to choose your forearm guards from Century, it’s very likely that you will be impressed with their quality.

Something that needs to be borne in mind is whether or not the model ensures protection in the right areas. You’ll see that some forearm guards protect just this particular area whereas others extend on your hand, as well. Just what type are you looking for? In case you opt for a unit that also protects your hand, you need to make sure that it boasts a breathable feature such as an open-finger design.



Consider your budget


While the vast majority of the models we have stumbled upon are reasonably priced, you need to choose one that allows you to avoid breaking the bank. Some models destined for adults can cost up to fifty dollars and even more depending on the quality of the materials used in their build or the vastness of the area they cover.



Top rated products



To make it somewhat easier for you to make an informed decision, we’ve selected some of the models that might interest you. They’ve managed to garner the best forearm guards reviews, from what we have gathered, and so they might be worth throwing an eye on.



Century Armor


As it is designed to offer protection under a plethora of circumstances and for a variety of sports and martial arts, the Century Armor should be one of the first products you ought to consider.

While the color is, perhaps, less significant, the degree of protection that this pair is capable of providing is crucial. Therefore, you might want to know that the unit has been equipped high-density thermoformed padding and pads that contain flex channels. The latter will allow you to customize the unit in accordance with your physical attributes, thus enabling you to use the forearm guards in a comfortable manner.

Just like other alternatives manufactured by the same company, this particular choice is backed by a 90-day limited warranty. What this means for you is that you can safely return the forearm guards should you fail to be satisfied with what they can do for you.

Most of the people who were kind enough to express their opinions in regards to the Century Armor say that it is a solid alternative for those low-pro martial arts practitioners who want to make sure they always stay protected. Some of these consumers note that they utilize the guards about twice every week and have been doing so for the past six months without experiencing any issues.

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Century Martial


Unlike other models manufactured by this particular brand, the Century Martial is quite different when it comes to its design. It can protect both your forearm and your hand area, which can allow you to focus on your performance when sparring with your opponent.

As for the construction and overall convenience ensured by this alternative, it is somewhat similar to the Armor we’ve mentioned in this selection. However, despite the fact that the protected area extends to the hand of the user, it doesn’t hinder his or her moves. The open-finger configuration is quite helpful, in this respect as it will allow you to defend yourself both conveniently and comfortably.

Something that has been noted by the people who have opted for this choice is that they haven’t felt anything while training with their sparring opponents. Once the power of the hits increased, some of the customers managed to feel a slight sting through the pads, although most of those who have purchased them have not reported this detail.

Other owners discuss how comfortable the Century Martial really is as it has assisted them in taking their performance to a whole new level without being bothered by this type of protective equipment.

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Century Hand


Much like other guards that we have described above, this particular model proves its worth under several situations that are indeed critical for the user. Designed with the requirements of sparring and martial arts aficionados in mind, this unit can offer you just the right kind of protection without being uncomfortable, in the least.

This is one of those types of guards that can also protect your hands from getting hurt. The soft sparring pads are easy to use and can ensure that both you and your partner avoid any injuries. The main difference between this alternative and some others we have checked out is that this one boasts a soft cloth outer section that adds to the overall comfort experienced by the user.

The high-density foam employed in the build of the model is of a high-quality, so you can rest assured that it won’t fail you when you need it the most. Also, the open-finger design is a nice addition that has been highly spoken of by most of the buyers. On the same note, we felt compelled to underline that this model is praised for being well-priced, yet well-built. So, this is one of those guards that are available for sale for a reasonable price but manages to offer plenty of value for the money.

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