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Best chest protector reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Chest protectors – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Whether you love riding hard on downhill trails or enjoy participating in motocross events, you know that body protection is essential to ensure that you stay safe and free of injuries. But with the plethora of choices from dozens of brands, how do you go about choosing the best body armor possible? We have tried to provide you with the answer. After carefully comparing many body protectors on the market, we have come to the conclusion that the Fox R3 Roost Deflector provides the best protection for the price. Made from hard materials, this body armor will offer superior impact protection while also being lightweight and flexible enough to ensure freedom of movement for great handling. However, in case this model runs out of stock before you get a chance to buy it, you should know that the A.B Crew Motorcycle Body Armor is also a great choice.


Top features to consider


When looking for the best body protector, you really need to think about what type of sport or activity you will be using it on. Different sports require different kinds of body armor, and the last thing you want is to either get improper protection or too much of it (if there’s even such a thing) and be hindered by a vest that’s too bulky.



Contact sports body armors


There are lots of body armors for sale, and you can usually tell that they serve different purposes by just looking at them. For martial arts, you usually need a thin and lightweight vest which provides enough protection against kicks and chops without it hindering movement. Boxing chest protectors are bulkier since a fighter’s punches carry a lot more force. These vests are made to take a lot of punishment and absorb all impacts in order to protect the wearer from harm.



Sports protective equipment


Hockey equipment puts more emphasis on protecting the chest, back and especially the shoulders since the latter are usually involved in high-speed impacts on bodychecks. Paintball players won’t need protection against big forceful blows, but lightweight and thick foam padding to absorb high-speed projectiles.



Never compromise safety for weight


If there’s something you never want to do when it comes to protective equipment, it is to compromise safety to get lighter gear. This is a big no-no, especially when it comes to high-speed sports such as motorcycle racing. These sports imply a greater risk of accidents, and it’s always better to wear a heavier vest than to expose yourself to crippling accidents.

You need to put your safety first, and then see if you can adjust for more flexibility or reduced weight. Always choose the best chest protector you can afford since it wouldn’t just prevent you from an urgent trip to the ER room, but could potentially save your life. Also remember to wear other protective equipment such as a helmet, shin and knee guards, and gloves.



Top rated products



Finding well-suited body protection for outdoor sports is always a challenge, especially with so many products out there. Because you most likely have little time to spare on reading countless chest protector reviews, we have selected the very best models on the market so that you get the most for your money.



Fox R3 Roost Deflector


If you’re looking for a body armor to protect you each time you go riding your motorcycle or DH bike, then the Fox R3 Roost Deflector is a great choice. Made from hard and durable materials, this upper-body armor can provide maximum protection against impact. The chest, shoulder, and back protectors are made of high-quality polycarbonate material which makes them very light yet extremely tough. These are made to withstand powerful blows or mechanical shocks while protecting the wearer at all times.

Thanks to the low profile shoulder cups, you won’t feel hindered whenever you go out on your favorite trail. However, these chromed cups will surely protect your shoulders from any kind of side falls. You will benefit from great maneuverability while also getting the peace of mind that you’re fully protected. This product also comes with removable padded arm guards, which is a nice feature for low-risk activities that require more mobility. You can also keep the guards and adjust them properly to remove any kind of hindrance, thanks to the fully adjustable straps.

With the adjustable connections, you can ensure that the Fox R3 Roost Deflector is a perfect fit. This medium size model is suited to persons weighing 80 to 150 pounds and measuring 5’2″-5’11”.

Buy from for ($79.95)




A.B Crew Motorcycle Body Armor HJ12-2


The A.B Crew Motorcycle Body Armor is a great addition for any motorcycle user, able to provide great protection against many forms of impacts. Made from durable and strong materials, this body armor will ensure that both amateur motorcyclists and veteran riders benefit from impact-resistant upper-body protection.

This armor is made from a mix of high-quality materials such as polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene, making it highly resistant to shocks, yet very light. With this kind of protection, you won’t fear falls and crashes while also benefiting from lightweight gear that doesn’t hinder movement. You get protection for your chest and back while also keeping your arms free for improved handling.

The chest plate is thick enough to ensure that vital organs and ribs are protected from impact. You can adjust the plate to fit on your body thanks to the buckle straps. You get to easily put on or take off your body armor without the need to ask someone for help. With the Velcro adjusters, you can personalize the fit and ensure that the armor stays tight to provide maximum protection without causing any kind of discomfort.

Buy from for ($75.48)




Ediors Kid Chest Protector E2P10009


If you’re searching for an affordable chest protection for your children, then you definitely don’t want to overlook the Ediors Kid Chest Protector E2P10009. This lightweight body armor is great for a variety of sports, ensuring that your kid can enjoy healthy physical activities without risking injuries.

This chest armor is easy to equip and use. Thanks to the high-quality full-length zipper, your child can effortlessly put on the vest while ensuring that it is tight on the body with the help of the elastic waist straps, hook system, and Velcro. This armor is very flexible, allowing for free movement which is ideal for many types of sports requiring excellent maneuverability.

The chest and plates are made of hard rubber in order to protect the body from impacts. This armor also uses highly elastic and resistant foam for elbow and shoulder protectors so that your child enjoys full protection while also benefiting from a light and breathable armor that won’t spoil the fun of the sport. Sweating won’t be a problem with the Ediors Kid Chest Protector E2P10009, thanks to the improved airflow which will prevent the body from overheating.

Buy from for ($33.99)




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