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Best cold water wetsuits reviews


Cold water wetsuits – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are thinking about taking up some new water sports this season, you should also keep in mind that some of them might require additional spending, and you’ll have to invest some money in a good water wetsuit, too. These products are meant to keep your body warm and protected against low temperature waters so you should definitely invest in a quality wetsuit. However, finding a cheap cold water wetsuit is not always easy, and this is why we decided to lend you a hand. After going through plenty of product reviews ourselves, we have reached the conclusion that a good and affordable cold water wetsuit is the Xcel Men’s 4/3 mm Xplorer OS because it provides the maximum comfort and flexibility, features a thick neoprene lining to keep you warm, while the texture embossed rubber will provide better wind resistance. If the Xcel Xplorer OS is not available for immediate purchase, we can also suggest the Deep See Women’s as a good alternative.


Top features to consider


We know that finding the best cold water wetsuit could prove a challenge, especially with so many great products available for sale on the market. However, our comprehensive buying guide will show you all the necessary features that you should take into account to make sure you purchased the best wetsuit for cold water.



Neoprene thickness


The first thing you need to consider when searching for good cold water wetsuits is the thickness of the neoprene lining. The thickness should depend on the water temperature and the type of water activity you are looking to perform.

As a general rule, only wetsuits with 3, 4, and 5 mm neoprene linings are suitable for cold waters. We also suggest picking a full wetsuit instead of opting for the short version because you might find it harder to preserve your optimal body temperature.

A 3 mm neoprene thick wetsuit is suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing in warmer waters and don’t require any additional pieces of equipment such as hoods, boots or gloves.

A 4 mm neoprene thick wetsuit is perfect for scuba diving or swimming in cold water. It is also suitable for spearfishing in colder waters up to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. We suggest wearing boots as well for colder waters.

5 and 6 mm neoprene wetsuits are amongst the thickest you can find in regular shops and are mainly suitable for diving at great depths, usually in waters up to 48 degrees but even colder than 43 degrees. For this kind of activities, we strongly recommend you also wear boots, hoods, and gloves.

If you’re not sure exactly what type of item to buy, we can suggest looking at some online reviews of cold water wetsuits and see what other customers have to say about certain products. This way you can make sure you picked some cheap wetsuits that withstand the test of time.



Design and fitting


Keep in mind that thicker neoprene wetsuits may be more rigid than regular ones, so sizing, fitting, and the overall design are extremely important. New swimming wetsuits also tend to be less flexible but they will eventually stretch after a few wears.

It is important to find the right fit in all major areas of your body – knees, elbows, shoulders, and chest. Most wetsuits come with adjustable neck bands, as well as strong back zippers for easy dressing and reinforced knee and elbow patches for improved flexibility.

But, before deciding on a certain item, we suggest you compare freediving wetsuits and see which one would be most suitable for you.



Top rated products



With so many good products available on the market, it comes as no surprise that picking just one cold water wetsuit would be difficult. Although it is impossible for us to show you all the items, we have picked a few top choices according to customers and we listed below all the details you need to know about them.



Xcel Men’s 4/3 mm Xplorer OS


This full wetsuit comes in 15 different sizes, so you can rest assured you found the perfect match according to your height, weight, and body shape. Unlike regular wetsuits that feature their zippers in the back, the Xplorer OS features a smart back design that won’t allow your zipper to directly touch your spine, and, therefore, add pressure and lower your flexibility.

The product is made of ultra stretch neoprene with a 4 mm thickness, which makes it perfect for a wide array of water activities, including spearfishing, diving, and surfing in cold waters. The softer foam offers improved comfort while the tighter weave neoprene will prevent excessive water absorption.

Therefore, the new Xcel Xplorer OS wetsuit is designed to last you a long time from now so you won’t have to spend money yearly for buying a new one.

In addition, thanks to the texture embossed rubber, your wetsuit will withstand excessive wind better and will provide maximum comfort to your body without reducing your freedom of movement. This way you will be able to perform all your favorite water activities without extra pressure or weight.

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Deep See Women’s Jumpsuit


If you’re looking for a great women’s wetsuit to help you perform all your favorite water activities, this item from Deep See is a great starting point. It is available in a beautiful blue and dark grey color combo and plenty of sizes to choose from.

However, for a perfect fit, we strongly recommend you to measure yourself carefully and then compare the measurements with the ones provided by the manufacturing company in their sizing chart. This way you will purchase a wetsuit that will look like a second skin on you and will keep your body warm in cold waters.

The item is made of 3 mm thick nylon II neoprene, which makes it suitable for swimming, diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, and surfing in warmer waters. We don’t advise you to go into waters below 60-64 degrees Fahrenheit only wearing this wetsuit and without additional protection for your feet and hands.

This wetsuit features a flexible neck back closure for improved comfort and maximum freedom of movement. The high-neck design will keep your chest and neck warm and will prevent losing body heat. In addition, the embossed knee pads are specifically designed to allow you to move freely.

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NeoSport XSPAN 5mm


This women’s cold water wetsuit comes in a beautiful powder blue color and is made of 5 mm thick neoprene. It is available in three different sizes so make sure to carefully check the sizing chart before ordering your product. All sizes are US sizes.

The 5 mm thick neoprene wetsuit is perfect for performing numerous water activities, regardless of the water temperature. The neoprene lining will keep your body warm so you can dive, surf, snorkel or swim in the coldest ocean waters, even during the winter. However, make sure to always wear additional protective equipment including a helmet, gloves, and special water boots.

This wetsuit feature multi-layer thermal bonded knee pads which will provide maximum durability and flexibility while swimming. This way you can rest assured your item will last you a long time.

All of the NeoSport jumpuits come with 10 YKK zippers that are reliable and strong, putting up a fight against corrosion, abrasion, and heavy winds. The full zipper is located on the back and will provide you an easy and comfortable fit anytime you wear the wetsuit.

The item also features adjustable collars for improved protection for your chest and neck, rolled edges, as well as a key pocket large enough to fit your essentials.

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