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Dartboards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you lack the necessary time to do the required research in order to find the best dartboard on the market, we are here to lend you a helping hand. After reading what the specialists had to say on this particular topic, we have concluded that the Winmau Blade 5 is the product that is worthy of your attention. This professional bristle model has been constructed with the endorsement of the British Darts Organization, which is a reason why many players consider it reliable. Besides, this product has a sizeable scoring area that features a thinner wiring system that most previous users appreciate. Lastly, this model is said to be somewhat durable because it was developed using carbon diffusion technology. If the article is out of stock, feel free to check out the Unicorn D1179403 Eclipse as it is another model you might also like.


Top features to consider


If you are looking for a dartboard for sale, you probably have noticed that the market is filled with countless models. If you intend to purchase a good dartboard, you should know that there are certain features that you should not ignore. So, keep reading and make your decision accordingly!



Select a type


As you might know, those interested in this line of products can choose between several kinds of boards. First thing first, you can opt for the best bristle dartboard money can get you. These devices are usually used by the pros, and they can be found and tested in most bars and pubs.

What is more, if you are interested in an electronic dartboard, you should know that these units are simpler to be used, especially by the novices that do not know how to keep score. Likewise, when playing on these devices, one has to use soft, special darts, usually provided by the seller.

Last but not least, you could also pick a magnetic dartboard or a Velcro unit, as these models come supplied with darts that are known for only sticking but not actually perforating the board.



Density and accessories


Before you purchase the first item that you find available, you should not overlook the level of density of the board. According to the specialists, this aspect can tell you whether the model that you like is durable or not. Therefore, a unit that has more than 60% bristle is said to ensure a reliable playing surface that allows for the necessary healing.

Even more so, if you want to acquire a unit that is easy on the eyes, you should check out the best dartboard with cabinet out there, and invest in it. When it comes to accessories that you might need, you should know that some manufacturers supply their buyers with additional items such as extra darts or spare tips. However, this might vary from one model to another.



Hanging options


As most dartboard reviews point out, you should also take the time to analyze the hanging options that you are offered when purchasing a product. Although you might want to simply hang the board on a wall by using a hanger, you should know that this is not a very safe decision. Instead, you should get a unit that comes supplied with a wall bracket.

If you follow these suggestions, we are convinced that you will end up with good darts that won’t let you down.



Top rated products



If you are still not sure of what product to select, read ahead as we have prepared a list of models that are worthy of your time and money. These models have received positive feedback and good ratings.



Winmau Blade 5 


If you are interested in getting a product that has received positive reviews from former buyers, you should get a good look at the Blade 5 from Winmau. The item has been developed with the endorsement of the well-known British Darts Organization.

Furthermore, the model features an increased scoring area, and it has a 14% thinner working system than the previous models designed by the same brand. Hence, it is safe to say that your scoring potential will increase. Because of the material that was utilized in constructing this model, the product has reduced bounce-outs, and it is known to improve dart deflection by 30%.

When it comes to mounting the item on a wall, you should know that this product features what the seller calls a triple wheel lock-and-level system. Because of it, the model can be secured to virtually any surface with little to no effort.

As previous buyers of the model have said, this model is likely to stand the test of time. Moreover, most users have appreciated that, when used, the darts don’t bounce off it like it happens when utilizing other similar models. Besides, thanks to the mounting system, you should not worry about this device not staying securely in place.

Buy from for ($57.99)




Unicorn D1179403 Eclipse 


The element that might catch your attention when first analyzing this product is the fact that it features an ultra slim segmentation system that is up to 30% thinner than most round wire boards available at the current time. Therefore, the item is worth your attention.

On top of that, the unit has an increased target area, particularly in doubles and triples. According to the manufacturer, this is a championship quality bristle board that features a high-technology wiring system that has been specially developed by this seller.

As a plus, it is worth pointing out that this model has a staple-free construction as well as a staple-free bullseye.

Overall, this item has received excellent reviews from those that have tried it. Moreover, the unit has an appealing design and a rather solid feeling that you are likely to appreciate. Additionally, the product is said to be made from high-quality materials which is a reason why this item is durable.

What is more, you should also know that this unit is regularly used in tournaments.  Consequently, you should not worry that the item won’t behave well when utilized when practicing, or when playing with friends. So, check it out!

Buy from for ($45)




Fat Cat Electronx 


If you are a fan of electronic models, we recommend that you check out the Fat Cat Electronx. This model has a fine, minimalistic design and it comes equipped with plenty of features that you will surely appreciate.

For instance, differently from the classic models, this unit includes no less than 38 games and 167 scoring options. Also, the product has five different skill levels, and it allows for up to eight players to play at once.

The model incorporates an ABS cabinet that has built-in slots where you can place the darts in between uses. This way, you won’t risk misplacing them before you start playing.

The model prevents bounce-outs as it features concave segment holes and a thin spider. The unit includes a control panel and an LCD screen that has been incorporated in the design of the device. Yet, the model is easy to operate. Hence, you should not have any issues when it comes to maneuvering it.

When shipped, this product includes six spare tips, six extra darts, and an AC power adapter. Mounting hardware is also supplied by the manufacturer. Besides, you should also know that this particular item is covered by a one-year warranty that might come in handy.

Buy from for ($115.99)




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