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Best dumbbell curl bar reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Dumbbell curl bars – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


When looking to take up a sport, having the right gear is always a plus. If you’re new to this, chances are you don’t really know what to look for, and you need some help. Well, if you want to buy the best dumbbell curl bar, checking our recommendations would be the way to go. Our well-documented research shows that the first product to take into consideration is the CAP Barbell OB-48 Olympic, due to its distinctive features. One of them would be the knurled handgrips that increase stability and make sure unfortunate accidents don’t happen in the process. Also, the packaging includes collar rings for increased safety in the same price range, and it’s worth mentioning that the quality of the materials and the smooth finish is quite unexpected for such a cheap alternative. Should this item be unavailable, we advise you to check out the CAP Barbell RBB-47T Standard Curl Bar as a great second choice.



Products worth your attention




Top Features to Consider


If you are shopping for a dumbbell curl bar and you feel overwhelmed with the plethora of options available on the market, you will find the following buying guide useful. There are certain considerations you need to keep in mind when you are choosing such an important piece of fitness gear. You will discover right away what features matter most and how to choose a model that will help you improve your performance as an athlete in training.


Weight limit


It is important that the curl bar you buy is capable of withstanding a lot of weight. Especially if you are a heavy weightlifter, you need to make sure that your equipment will not let you down since mishaps can result in accidents and injuries. The best curl bar reviews insist on getting a model with solid construction that can withstand superior weights, as you may want to train with different plates.

The materials such a product is made of are equally important. Solid steel is preferable, as it reduces the risk of breaking when the bar is loaded with multiple weights.





A curl bar for weightlifting is a pretty straightforward product as it is practically a bar on which you will add the weights of your choosing to practice your routine. However, this does not mean that you should overlook your comfort. A secure grip is crucial so that you do not end up dropping the heavy weights on your feet. Rotating sleeves allow the metal plates some movement to protect your elbows and wrists against straining.



Other considerations


There are a few other things the best dumbbell curl bar reviews mention as being important for getting the right piece of equipment. One of them is the way the bar is constructed. It is preferable that the bar is welded together with the heads for maximum durability. Also, the heads should have some rubber encasing present, to reduce noise when you are dropping the bar on the floor, after a long training session. Such small details matter and you should compare different products to see what they offer extra, on top of the other features mentioned above.



Top rated products



You will find the best dumbbell curl bars currently for sale listed below. These products are ideal for enhancing your fitness routine and weight lifting efforts, and they are designed to offer exceptional reliability and usability.



CAP Barbell OB-48 Olympic


This brand is known for manufacturing quality fitness gear over the years, so it’s always a safe bet to buy from them. This particular item is fit for amateur use rather than professional one and, considering its very affordable price, would definitely make a nice choice for a beginner.

Despite being so inexpensive, the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process is reasonably good. The solid steel frame can take the mechanical shock and is built to last, and the chrome coating doesn’t only protect the core, but it also gives a nice finish and makes the product more appealing.

Since your safety is the number one priority of this brand, this model is equipped with knurled handgrips in order to increase stability and make sure you don’t accidentally lose your focus and allow your gear to slip out of your hand, thus resulting in an unfortunate accident. To increase security, ring collars that keep the weights in place have been added to the packaging.  

The item’s revolving sleeves aren’t just for design purposes but are added in order to increase your performances by modeling a more aerodynamic shape and making the curl bar easier to maneuver.



Balance issues that are fairly common with fitness gear items are avoided by using a smart shape, designed to increase your performance and make your overall experience a lot more enjoyable.

Due to the strength of the materials, this bar is very solid, and you won’t have to worry about design flaws while using it.

Since your safety is the most important aspect, it’s worth mentioning the many precautions the manufacturer takes by adding ring collars to secure the weights and knurled handgrips to increase stability while working out.

Affordable price doesn’t translate to questionable quality, on the contrary.

The angle of the bar works for most curling exercises and will be suitable for many users.



A couple of customers have complained that the chrome layer can wear off and result in a grey metal dust that covers your hands after using the product for a while.

Also, another issue that has been reported is that when the revolving sleeves rotate they make too much noise and after a while, it can become a little annoying.

Buy from for ($35)




CAP Barbell RBB-47T


If you’re a keen sportsman interested in fitness, chances are you’ve heard of CAP Barbell products before. This model, in particular, is designed to help you develop your upper arm strength and define your muscles, and does so by offering a series of very useful features.

For example, the construction is very solid and can sustain up to 200 lb weight, due to the steel frame coated with a protective chrome layer. The outer layer doesn’t only give the steel a nice looking finish, but it also protects it from harmful external factors and makes it softer to touch.

Your safety is preserved by adding a few characteristics to make the entire process of working out more secure. The threaded ends of the steel bar increase stability and offer you a tighter grip to prevent you from accidentally dropping the piece of gear while lifting. In order to secure the weights, protective ring collars are also included.

This item can be used for various exercises, but it’s best to involve it in activities designed to work the upper arm muscles. It accommodates 1” hole weight plates and can be adapted to your level of proficiency and strength.



By using a curl bar, you avoid twisting your wrists into an unnatural position and thus can perform more complex exercises without worrying about safety issues. The shape is designed to aid you and increase your overall performance.

The strong construction is built to last, and, paired with the high quality of the materials it makes for a durable product.

The bar can fit various sizes of CAP plates, under the condition that their hole has a 1-inch diameter to fit well with the device. You can fit up to 7 plates on inch side, and there will still be enough space for the spin-on lock.

Considering it’s a rather affordable price, this item is definitely worth trying out, especially due to its safety precautions.



A few customers have complained that the actual weight of the bar isn’t specified. This is important since it adds to the overall weight you end up lifting. However, you can find it online.

Buy from for ($28.98)




York Barbell 26148


Those who are looking for a high-quality curl bar will not be disappointed with the York Barbell 26148. This model is created by a manufacturer renowned for making fitness gear that enhances performance and offered strong durability. Sporting a weight of 60 pounds, the bar itself can be used for bicep workout, even without the utilization of any extra weights.

The way the bar is constructed is a testimony to its durability. The handle is made from solid steel, and it is welded together with the heads that are made from the same type of metal. To enhance even further the durability of the bar and to provide the user with extended lifespan without any signs of wear and tear, the heads are encased in rubber.

This aspect serves a dual purpose. For starters, it is designed to protect the heads and the weights you will add later to make your practice more and more challenging. Another benefit is that if you let the bar drop on the floor, it will make less noise than an all-metal bar would. The floor in your home gym will be protected from scratches, as well. Such details are important and contribute to the solid reputation of this model.



The curl bar is created by a company with a longstanding tradition of producing weightlifting equipment, and this product is no exception to the rule.

The exclusive Pro Style design the manufacturer uses on other products they create is present on this curl bar as well, making it reliable.

The barbell heads are created from solid steel inserts that are encased in rubber for maximum durability.

The bat handle is welded with the heads, creating a sturdy structure that will withstand a lot of extra weight, so you can increase the amount of weight you will lift.

The rubber coating helps with reducing noise, and it will protect your fitness equipment in the long run.



Because the total weight of the bar is 60 pounds, you will not be able to jump straight to bicep workout, but go through some serious warm up first, some buyers indicate.

Buy from for ($235.93)





Sunny Health & Fitness OB-47


The Sunny Health & Fitness OB-47 is a model created with professional athletes in mind. The total weight that this handle can accommodate is 200 pounds, something that many aspiring heavy weightlifters dream of being able to pull. Down to the minutest details, this curl bar is made to help athletes challenge and push their limits.

The bar helps those who use it by offering increased comfort. The various hand grip positions allow different people train in multiple ways to enhance their fitness levels and make use of the equipment they have at their disposal to the maximum. The diamond knurled pattern on the handle helps with the grip, as well, and you can rest assured that the bar will not slip from your hands even when you are training hard and your palms become sweaty.

The bar comes with ring collars for locking the plates in place when you want to add extra weight. This small detail helps with preventing most accidents that usually take place in a gym room. The sleeve length is 7 inches, allowing for plenty of plates to be added so that you can reach your fitness goals. The sleeves rotate, letting the plates rotate, too, so you do not feel the extra strain on your wrists and elbows.



This model is a curl bar for heavy weightlifters since it can sustain a maximum weight of 200 pounds, enough even for the most ambitious athletes.

This fitness gear is built for comfort, as its rotating sleeve let the plates move as you are working the bar. No additional strain will be put on your wrists and elbows as a result.

The curl bar comes with ring collars for locking the weights in place. You will not have to worry about safety, as a result.

The handle has a diamond knurled pattern that provides good solid grip, to enhance the safety factor even further.

The bar works with Olympic weights that have 2-inch holes.



There is no rubber coating for the heads like it happens with other models on the market. This may not be to your liking, since the bar may end up rubbing against the plates, scratching them.

Buy from for ($53.99)




Topeakmart Set


The Topeakmart is more than just a curl bar, and it includes an entire system with different weight plates that will help you achieve the fitness level you desire. Besides the metal handle, the kit comes with four plates of 5.5 pounds and two plates of 11 pounds. Excellent versatility is important when you are building muscle mass because your muscles have a tendency to hit a plateau when you are training with the same weights all the time.

You will appreciate the threaded handle for the superior grip it offers since sweaty hands can be a problem when you are doing heavy weightlifting. The material used is solid iron, and it is sturdy and reliable, extending the durability of this particular product. The plates are made from rubber and concrete. They will not scratch your floors, and you will not have to worry about the plates getting scratched, either, as it happens with those made from metal.

When you mount the weight plates on the handle, you can use the spinlock collars to keep them safely in place. This not only helps with your workout but also prevents accidents and possible injuries while you are weightlifting.



The threaded handle offers superior grip so that you do not have to worry that the bar will slip from your hands and cause some injury.

The materials used are iron for the handle and rubber with concrete for the plates, for increased performance, allowing you to practice with different weights.

You will get not only the curl bar but also the necessary plates to start practicing right away. The barbell weight can vary from 11 to 44 pounds, for more detailed and more challenging training.

The spinlock collars are designed to keep the weight plates you add in place to avoid any accidents that can result in injuries.

This model is created for those who are serious about improving their performance and fitness levels.



Those who want to train even harder and lift more weights may not be as happy with the offered weight variety, and they may have to purchase extra plates.

Buy from



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