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Best field hockey shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Shin pads for field hockey – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are running short on time and you want to buy the best field hockey shin guards for the money, this short paragraph can tell you what you need to know. After analyzing what the previous buyers had to say, we have concluded that the Vizari Malaga Shin is the product that you should invest in. These guards were constructed from a lightweight PP shell that supplies the user with protection. The model includes a hard shell that has foam backing that makes this item even safer to use while on the field. The foam reinforcement is said to provide the necessary comfort one has to feel well while playing hockey.  This model has elastic closures that wrap around the player’s legs, and that stay in place throughout the game. If the product mentioned above is out of stock, feel free to consider the Grays G800 Shinguard as it is another model that is very reliable and likely to fit your needs.


A.1 Adams USA Trace Field Hockey Shin Guards


Top features to consider:



Choosing your hockey shin guards is just as important as buying your hockey sticks. For protection during a rough field hockey game, there’s nothing like the best hockey shin guards of 2019 to ensure that you won’t suffer from unbearable pain when somebody else’s hockey cleats or stick, or perhaps the ball, accidentally hits your leg. Getting hit on the leg by a hard, blunt object can cause you the whole game, and you wouldn’t want to be sitting an exciting contest out just because of it. These are the elements that ensure your shin guards offer proper protection during play.



Quality Design and Construction


Distinctive for their contoured design, the best field hockey shin guards are designed to follow the shape of your legs so they can mold properly to your shins and ankles. They are built with a hard plastic shell that provides protection from accidental impacts and slashes, which can come from all the inconstant movement that goes on roughly during the game. You should anticipate the fact that the fight to subdue the ball could lead to leg injury. You want impact resistance, comfort and weight to be combined excellently in your shin guards, whether the protective equipment is made of nylon, polyurethane plastic, foam rubber or fiberglass.



Reliable Fit and Sizing


You may own the most expensive shin guards but unless they are properly sized and provide a snug fit, your shin pads will just be a costly waste. Good fitting shin pads should have your kneecaps resting right on the middle of the knee cap pocket of the shin guards.

Know how to size hockey shin guards correctly to get a proper fit. To ensure a perfect fit, measure for the length of the proper shin guards while sitting in a chair and your feet flat on the floor. Most players ensure a secure fit further by using shinguard tape or straps. Tight hockey stockings are not considered sufficient.



Suitable to your Playing Style


The amount of equipment used for street hockey is quite minimal, but field hockey requires the player to be fully garbed in more gear because contact is not as limited. However, even street hockey shin guards should be suitable to the playing position you typically assume. Forward players are more inclined for offensive plays. The shin guards they use are lightweight models with a tapered design and promising unhampered mobility.

Defense players block shots as much as they can, using virtually every part of the body to ensure all-out blocking. A defensive player should get the same level of protection as a regular defenseman who maintains a vigilant posture by the net against the opponent’s puck carrier.Defensemen should be outfitted with wide and thick shin guards. Of course, forward players can still choose to utilize the same shin guards that defensemen use.



Top rated products



There are plenty of shin guard manufacturers and models on the market. The buying guide above should enable you to find the perfect shin guards for your needs. Check out our choices for the best shin guards showcased below.



Vizari Malaga Shin


If you are interested in a product that has received positive reviews from previous buyers, the Vizari Malaga Shin is the unit that should be on your mind. This item features lightweight PP shells that protect the user while still being lightweight enough not to interfere with his/her mobility.

On top of that, the option has foam backing and extra padding around the ankle for appropriate protection during the games. The model wraps itself around the user’s feet and delivers extra security and a good fit, no matter the conditions that one has to play in.

The Velcro hooks provided by the seller go over the front of the guards, and, thus, they won’t irritate your skin. When compared to similar products, this unit is budget friendly. Consequently, investing in this item is a good idea if you want a quality product that does not cost a pretty penny.

Most of those that purchased the model were happy with its quality and reliability. However, it has been noted that the model runs a bit small. Therefore, before you order, you should look at the sizing chart made available by the manufacturer.



The model supplies the player using these guards with a wrap-around closure that guarantees a snug and secure fit.

Because of the extra padding that the product includes, this item is extra secure and can protect the user when he/she is being tackled by an opposing offender.

The Vizari Malaga choice is said to be very durable, as it is constructed from quality materials. Moreover, these guards are also quite lightweight.

The elastic closure that the item includes wraps around the leg of the player without causing skin irritation.



A couple of previous buyers pointed out that the item does not have a sturdy construction. However, not many agree with this statement.

It has been noted that this product runs a bit small. Hence, it might be best to order a size smaller. Yet, before you make a purchase, please consult the sizing chart that the manufacturer has posted online.

Buy from for ($10.99)




Grays G700


2.Grays G700Protective and easy to slip on, the Grays G700 is a US-made product that ensures reliable craftsmanship plus unquestionable high quality.

These shin guards protect you on the pitch fully. They are distinctive for their anatomical mold that delivers perfect contouring to the shape of your legs, following the lines of your leg closely to deliver a great fit. To ensure optimum comfort, the shin guards come with soft mesh coverings plus foam linings for maximum defense as well.

Aside from full coverage, the shin guards are designed to provide ankle and shin protection using adjustable Velcro closures on the top and bottom to deliver a personalized fit. The sculpted design is a nice touch, as it ensures a custom fit that won’t easily slip off even when there’s a lot of action on the field. Available in small to medium size, the shin guards are designed to meet your needs without the need for a sizable investment in protective gear.

This product offers good overall protection, comfort and durability to make every the game turf yours for the taking.



The product is manufactured in the United States, providing outstanding quality, specifically designed for hockey players.

Although thin, these guards are extremely reliable on the court and will keep you protected perfectly.

They fit perfectly to the shape of your leg, without leaving any open spaces. They come with soft mesh coverings and foam linings for increased defense. In other words, you will be fully protected with these shin guards.

Thanks to the adjustable Velcro closures on the top and on the bottom, this item will also provide increased ankle and shin protection. The sculpted design provides a custom fit for all legs, no matter their width and thickness.



These items are only available in two sizes, small and medium, meaning there is still a slight chance you won’t find a good match for your legs.

Some customers were not pleased with the quality of these shin guards, claiming they are too stiff and hard to put on.

Buy from




Cranbarry Deluxe

3.Cranbarry Deluxe
Made of hard plastic and heavy foam, the Cranberry Deluxe offers dependable leg protection. The shin guards keep your lower leg protected from potentially injurious impact from the hockey ball or puck, hockey sticks, and cleats or skates.

They come with a hard plastic construction molded to heavy-duty grade foam for outstanding impact absorption. The ankle bones are amply covered by protective cups while the front of your ankles are given comfortable cushioning thanks to supplemental padding. The shin guards also come with a special design that lets you roll them down for comfortable ventilation when you are on the sidelines and inactive during the game. They are built with revolutionary sewn side panels to deliver a high level of durability for lasting use.

You stay safe on the field with these shin guards that can be used to replace game socks while ensuring a lot more than twice the protection against slashes and impacts on the field during play. Get full shin and ankle protection from a hardball while enjoying easy on and off every time.



The product is made from hard plastic and heavy foam to ensure maximum leg protection for all contact sports. It will keep your lower leg fully protected from all injuries coming from pucks, hockey balls, sticks or skates.

They have outstanding shock absorption capabilities, meaning you can fully rely on them on the ice field. Your ankle bones will be entirely covered and protected from possible injuries so that you can enjoy an excellent hockey game without worrying about damages.

Thanks to their distinctive design, these shin guards can be rolled down for improved ventilation whenever you are on the sidelines or during a break in the game.

The revolutionary sewn side panels provide durability for extended periods of time.

You can choose from three different colors – white, black or yellow, to make sure you perfectly match your hockey equipment.



The one-size-fits-all concept is not extremely reliable because different youths have different body construction so that these shin guards may not be the most reliable ones for your kid.

Buy from for ($22.98)





Unavailable products



Adams USA Trace


1.Adams USA Trace Field Hockey Shin GuardsThe Adams USA Trace boasts a superior quality ½-inch closed cell foam construction that ensures outstanding durability, impact absorption, safety as well as extra thermal insulation properties. The closed cell foam is constructed to extend upwards beyond the leg, which is longer than conventional leg guards so you enjoy more coverage for a larger segment of your leg including the lower part of your thighs.

The closed-cell construction also ensures a significantly lightweight design of the shin guards while ensuring a reliable capability to absorb energy for consistent protection. The built-in elastic ensures that the shin guards are contoured well to the covered areas to provide a glove-like secure fit to the ankles and legs.

The wraparound design ensures that the shin guards stay secure and snug on your legs without slippage no matter how vigorously you move around on the playing field. The pads are held low on the leg by the strong elastic stirrup for more security against slippage.

The soft spandex polyester face ensures a non-irritation causing material to prevent rashes and itching on your skin. The shin guards also feature exceptional double stitching to ensure lasting durability.




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