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Best field hockey stick reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Field hockey sticks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Buying sports gear may be a tad difficult but if you want to know which is the best field hockey stick you can put your hands on, then let us help you. Our research team has already done the homework and has all information found on social media websites, feedback from other buyers and expert opinions. The result is undoubtedly this one: STRYK Burst Beginner Package. This product is a fantastic choice because of its overall price value, the light weight wood composition and the fact that it features a midi toe for extra control during the hockey practice. If this package product is out of stock, you should also take a look at STX Surgeon 50, another one that caught our attention.


Top features to consider:


Once you get to be a hockey fan the first step, you must take is to purchase adequate sports equipment that will suit your needs and skill level. This is why we have compiled a useful buying guide that presents all the features best hockey sticks are mentioned generally in buyers reviews.

Although modern hockey sticks for sale are made from composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon, and Kevlar, wood still remains a favorite among amateurs and professional users.



The weight of the stick depends on the composition material


Field hockey sticks are made traditionally out of wood. The reason this material is preferred by most hockey players because it is lighter compared to other types and offers more resistance and flexibility during the maneuvers.

This is why, the first step in evaluating a stick, according to best field hockey sticks reviews, is the composition material.

Hockey sticks made from wood are cheaper but also a good option especially for beginners looking to improve their game practice.

Once you start developing the hockey skills, you can make the transition to more advanced and purchase a hockey stick made of carbon composite, for instance. Most field hockey stick reviews and comparison claim that composite sticks present a higher power in proportion to weight ratio, therefore, the strength and stiffness of the stick can be maintained without added effort. Plus, the head of composite hockey sticks can create a larger and a more forgiving sweet spot and a full hitting power.



How to choose the perfect field hockey size stick?


The size of the hockey stick can be a major fact in the way you move during hockey game practice. Therefore, it is essential to choose a stick that you feel comfortable using it and a size that fits your body.

For a proper execution of a tackle or for making a pass, the hockey stick must be at the right length. If longer sticks are ideal for moving the ball around the field, the shorter ones have the perfect length for powerful kicks and extra control.

On useful tip for selecting the perfect size of a hockey stick is to have it no longer than your hipbone.

Also, keep in mind that a hockey stick shouldn’t be too heavy or too light but have a weight that allows you to control it no matter what move you perform. While some players like to carry extra weight in their hands because the strike is more powerful and balanced, others are prone to lightweight sticks that improve their speed and agility on the field.



Sometimes brand name matters


If you have doubts on which product to spend your money, always be aware that brand notoriety is a true pointer in any purchase. Therefore, do a little research, ask around or simply take our suggestions into consideration and see which are the best field hockey sticks brands.

Generally, brands that have a history in producing field hockey gear already know the client’s needs and their products are improved each day in order to provide better quality.



Top rated products



Now that you’re read about which features matter the most when buying hockey sticks take a look below at some models that we think deserve a little of your attention.



STRYK Burst Beginner Package


This package deal from Stryck is definitely a must if you’re planning to learn some serious hockey or improve your game skills.

The reason this product is considered a top one is because with one purchase you get four items that are so handy for a field hockey starter.

Because the stick is made of wood, this adds up more strength and flexibility, and it makes it easier for you to handle, especially if you are a beginner. A solid hockey stick allows the movements to be more coordinated and the fact that it has a midi toe and a standard bow can be translated in excellent control over the stick.

On a plus note, the stick bag from the package is specially designed to hold up to two sticks and is made from a breathable mesh with a pocket included for storing the shin guards.

Plus, these shin guards provide lots of protection not only for the shins but also for the ankles. Equipped with ventilation holes and adjustable straps, these items fit quite well and stick size is in character with the player’s height. Therefore, you can opt for the perfect size that suits your needs from a variety of options.



You get to purchase the entire hockey gear at once, therefore saving amounts of money and time. The package includes the burst field hockey stick, the stick bag, the shin guards and the hockey ball.

Because the hockey stick is made out of wood, it makes a great option especially for beginners that seek a lightweight product to give them flexibility and power on the field.

The fun combination of white, yellow and blue gives this item a fresh look, and it can be a fantastic gift idea for a genuine hockey lover.

Also, that fact that it can be bought in a variety of sizes means that no matter the skill level, there is an option for everyone needs.

Also, because it comes in a package, the price is more than great.



The only possible disadvantage, even though the product is of great value and quality, may be the fact that some potential buyers don’t need so many items and prefer to buy only the hockey stick.

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STX Surgeon 50


This hockey stick from STX is specially designed to give you a nice light weighted feeling while playing field hockey. The reason why most beginners opt for this item is that the midi toe design provides extra length for hitting the ball and increases the maneuvering and the coordination abilities.

Made 100% from fiberglass composition, this stick is a great alternative to those made from carbon and, because it is so light, players feel comfortable while using it.

If you consider yourself a beginner but feel the urge to move a step further and continue with your progress, then this hockey field stick will do the trick. It helps to increase the ball speed, it reduces distortions, and it helps a lot with the ball handling and control. Therefore, you can become a powerful and stronger player in a short amount of time.

Plus, the color design is quite attractive and gives the stick a professional look besides the high quality of the material.

In terms of how weight is distributed, this field hockey stick is incredibly balanced and created to last. So, this is a product that offers great quality at quite a good price, and the positive reviews are one more reason to buy it with confidence.



The STX field hockey stick is built very light. Therefore, it allows extra control of the ball and eases the movements during the game.

One major benefit for beginners in field hockey is the standard size bow of 19 mm, which is perfect for those who want to improve their skills and to control the stick more easily.

The fact that the stick is made only from fiberglass makes it lighter than other products on the market. Plus, the mobility and the support while on the field are substantially increased, and it gets easier to receive ball passes.

Especially useful when starting to learn hockey field, this product is designed for first-time players hence, the midi toe allows for a larger hitting surface.



Although the quality of this item is unquestionably high,  the fact that there are only three sizes to choose from may not suit every customer’s needs for hockey field sticks.

Buy from for ($35.99)




Harrow Revel


Considered to be a very durable field hockey stick according to most customers reviews, this field hockey stick from Harrow is made from a fantastic mix of three composite materials, such as carbon, fiberglass, and Kevlar. Therefore, the product is a good choice for beginners but also for more advanced users that want to take a step further into improving their game skills.

Also, the product has been rather acclaimed by most users that prefer a solid field hockey stick that is also easy to handle and extremely light weight. It can help you achieve visible progress and can give you added control over the movements, improving the flexibility and the coordination while on the field.

The color combination of black, cyan, and white looks so stylish and makes you visible on the hockey field. And the fact that it is designed with a midi toe and a standard size bow of 21 mm assures more surface for hitting the ball and increases the power of control over the game.

Because it is so light built, the product can be easily maneuvered while offering the same stability that you need even if you are a professional or beginner in the game of field hockey.  



Ideal for users that want to make their initiation into field hockey, this product from Harrow not only is a great option for beginners but also allows for a better transition after gaining some experience.

Given the fact that the stick is equipped with a standard size bow of 21 mm and a midi toe, it provides extra control over movements and stronger passes of the ball.

Plus, the composition material of this field hockey stick is made of 50% carbon, 45% fiberglass and 5% Kevlar.

Because the stick only weighs 550 grams, handling requires less effort, and it is a great item for forwards that need to make precise movements and maneuvers while running on the field.



This field hockey stick is a unique choice because, even though it is specially designed as a beginner product, the fact that it can be used even by intermediate users is a plus. Therefore, the only possible disadvantage may be the issue of only two sizes available.

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