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Best free standing punching bag reviews


Freestanding punching bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have no time to waste, but you want to find the best free standing punching bag, you’re in the right place. Based on the consumer reports, sales figures, and specialized forums and surveys, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Ringside Elite FHB4 is the one you should bear in mind. This model offers all the benefits of a rugged, durable construction and it’s been constructed using synthetic leather. The foam collar of the unit can be removed by the person using the punching bag in order to increase or decrease the product movement in accordance with the user’s preferences. The base of this product can be filled with up to 270 pounds of sand or water, depending on what you have available. Should you be unable to get your hands on the Ringside Elite FHB4, perhaps you’d benefit from using the second-best alternative as the Century The Original Wavemaster comes with almost the same features.



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Not all people feel at ease having a hanging punching bag in their living space, which makes the best free standing punching bag a smarter alternative when setting up a home gym. Not all freestanding punching bags are the same, and these elements certainly distinguish high quality products from the rest on the market.

Free standing punching bag


Top features to consider:



Resistance, Sway and Swing


The best free standing punching bag is constructed on a metal pole, which provides the same movement from a chain used for a hanging training bag. The metal pole allows the unit to move when hit, then rebound according to design. To absorb the impact of blows, the resistance factor is essential, as it will ensure that the bag retains its shape even after a particularly heavy blow. Although the element of resistance is not easily quantifiable, every manufacturer uses their own system to describe it.

The level of sway and swing keeps the user constantly moving and actively aware of the rebound. When evaluating swing and sway, it is important to consider the user’s power and boxing capability.





The base is what makes the branded best punching bags distinct from their generic counterparts. Most brands use either water or sand as filler for the base. The base should be easy to fill and once full, it should provide the needed stability to keep the bag standing at all times. After use, emptying should be no problem and the base should be easy to roll away for storage.

Some models have a compact base to increase accessibility to the striking surface.





Like any other piece of gym gear, a free standing punching bag should be made of top quality material to provide lasting use.

Some models feature smooth and tough fabric with open cell padding and nylon canvas in the bag and collar to ensure resilience against blows and impact. Others have a removable foam collar to enhance or reduce the motion of the bag. There are models that utilize a tri-disc foam structure to provide optimal dispersion of force, protecting the user’s wrist and hands. A strong steel plate system ensures reliable strength. The collar should provide more than enough absorption of impact, along with reliable recoil.



Top rated products



A freestanding punching bag is ideal for kickboxing and for practicing and developing footwork. To ensure that you can bag a quality product, patiently go over as many reviews as you can for this kind of gear. To help you enjoy an easier shopping experience, we recommend three fantastic products to choose from.



Ringside Elite FHB4


Ringside is one of the best-known brands in the industry of manufacturing heavy bags, and so it goes without saying that the Elite FHB4 is in complete accordance with the quality standards imposed by the company. One of the first things that you might notice is that this unit boasts a durable and rugged construction as it has been made of synthetic leather.

Considering that it has been designed with a foam collar that can be removed depending on the needs of the user, the person kicking this freestanding bag will be able to either decrease or increase the movement of the product depending on his or her personal preferences. Therefore, the model is a winner in terms of adjustability.

Another factor that you ought to bear in mind if you’re trying to decide whether you should opt for this choice or not is that its base can be filled with as many as 270 pounds of water or sand. In other words, you won’t have to worry about anything as this weight will make it possible for the freestanding heavy bag to remain stable all throughout your workout session.

Since most of the people who took the time to express their opinions about this unit praise its construction and the benefits it offers, we say it might be worth taking into consideration.

Buy from for ($319.99)




Century The Original Wavemaster


2.Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training BagProviding rapid rebound and optimal resistance, the Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag lets you practice your technique and footwork while ensuring active response to keep you moving and alert.

The base fills with either sand or water, offering a high level of stability for optimal use and safety. The round base easily rolls away, enabling hassle-free storage. The freestanding bag has seven height adjustments ranging between 47 inches and 68 inches, allowing users of different sizes to optimize every workout session. This freestanding bag eliminates the need to set up the unit for hanging, which requires a number of hardware components and considerable effort to install.

Weighing approximately 250 pounds when filled, this model offers more than enough shock absorbency to withstand the heaviest strikes and kicks. The filled base is strong enough to prevent tipping over during use, even when the striking surface is given a heavy blow. The freestanding training bag is especially good at taking the heavy force of indirect strikes, including hook kicks, round kicks and hook punches, allowing the user to fine tune their technique.

Buy from for ($139.89)




Everlast PowerCore


3.Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy BagThe Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag carries an improved design to ensure lasting use. The unit has reliable strength for years of workout sessions. It can withstand the powerful force of heavy strikes and kicks, making it an ideal piece of gear for training in boxing, kickboxing or just to keep fit. The freestanding bag is also great for developing footwork, stamina and punching power. This unit is ideal for cardiovascular workouts.

The bag is designed with a tri-disc foam structure that offers optimal energy dispersion. This component ensures protection to the hands and wrists. For recoil and superior impact absorption, the free standing punching bag is geared with an exclusive Power Transfer Ring.

The Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is geared with PowerCore™ steel plate technology that ensures better overall strength. The compact base offers easier accessibility to the striking surface, so the user doesn’t have to stretch out too much when delivering successive blows and kicks. The small footprint of the base also ensures that strikes are accurate and powerful, developing the trainee’s performance to a higher degree.

Buy from for ($470)




Power Systems PowerForce


1.Power Systems PowerForce Free Standing Punching BagDesigned for kickboxing and punching, the Power Systems PowerForce Free Standing Punching Bag comes with three height settings to accommodate users of different sizes. The bag can be made to stand at just 45 inches or raised to 50 and 56 inches.

The striking surface offers generous dimensions of 14 inches width and 43 inches height to provide more than enough room to hit. The 30-inch by 16-inch base comprises two pieces to facilitate setup and assembly while making it effortless to put the two components together without having to do a lot of heaving. The removable foam collar is useful for adjusting the pivoting level of the bag on its heavy-duty rubber coil.

To ensure stability, the base can be filled with sand or water. The two-piece base can be filled to capacity with 280 pounds of water, ensuring secure and safe support during heavy use. The collar and bag are covered in smooth durable fabric with nylon canvas backing plus open cell padding, providing a seamless finish while delivering resilience against tears and rips.

Buy from for ($470)




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