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Best goalie chest protector reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Goalie chest protectors – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


While playing team sports, you need to have a proper gear that ensures ultimate protection against injuries. If you want to be certain that your body is safe and sound after each game, then you need to get the best goalie chest protector. Based on several customers and expert feedback along with different surveys, we’ve determined that a great choice of product would be Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GCP 1150 12074F4. Featuring an anatomical shoulder and abdominal design, this chest protector is made of a combination of polyester mesh outer and rugged nylon. Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable elasticized back strap. If the Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GCP 1150 12074F4 is not available, make sure to check the STX Women’s Sultra PD CPSU 02 CB/XX.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


No matter what sports activity you engage in, you need to protect your body from accidents. Since our chest area is one of the most exposed body parts, you need to purchase the best chest protector so you can play with confidence that you won’t get hurt. There are several models for sale on the market that can make your choice a tad difficult. Therefore, we’ve gathered some information and turned it into a well-researched buying guide that you can read below.



Foam density and segmentation


According to a vast majority of goalie chest protector reviews, there are different types of chest protectors. It all comes down to the foam because this is responsible for their shape. Besides, foam padding, as well as plastic inserts, are typically located in the lining of the item so that the overall fit and the level of performance are fully enhanced.

Many top-notch goalie chest protectors are built with more than one layer of padding. When the foam density is bigger, you benefit from a higher level of protection, in addition to breathability, sturdiness, and comfort.

Chest protectors that don’t feature multiple foam layers and lack plastic inserts have a high-density foam padding instead which makes them lighter but less efficient.

Many manufacturers make chest protectors intended for beginner use that contain fewer density protective layers. This translates to a low level of mobility and flexibility.

Ideally, you should think at the level of competition you intend to use the chest protector and then shop for a goalie chest that is suitable for your needs.



Basic and extra features


When in the market for a good goalie chest protector, you need to understand the basic essential features these items must possess. For instance, it’s mandatory for a product of this type to have elbow and backplate straps.

Also, it’s better to opt for a chest protector that allows you to make certain adjustments. Since not all units are created equal, you should try to learn whether you’re into buckles, snaps, or other sorts of clips.

As far as special features go, high-quality products offer great overall body coverage and even removable lower abdominal pads. These features come in handy if you’re the type that likes to customize its own gear.





Don’t overlook the sizing, either. Because it’s crucial to feel comfortable while wearing the goalie chest protector, you must choose one that covers the entire torso and keeps your vulnerable parts fully protected.



Top rated products



In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve found some interesting product suggestions that you might want to check out.



Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GCP 1150 12074F4 


Being a goalie is all about competition and defense. Because you need to be safe while focusing on the game itself, you should invest in a good goalie chest protector that not only look good but also provides complete security.

This model features an anatomical shoulder as well as an abdominal wrap design. This translates to a snug fit and sufficient comfort while wearing the chest protector during hockey matches.

In addition to being available in multiple sizes, including junior and senior sizes, the product is outfitted with an adjustable elasticized back strap that locks fast for easy access. Therefore, you can easily put on and take off the vest when you’re in a hurry.

Furthermore, the protector is manufactured from a polyester mesh located in the outer area that ensures more than enough durability. Plus, the exterior has a rugged binding made of nylon.

Although it is approved by the NHL, this item is intended to reduce potential injuries, and not to prevent them. Plus, it is more suitable for street hockey activities. So make sure to purchase additional equipment if you need extra protection. Otherwise, the vest does a great job at keeping your torso area safe and sound.

Buy from for ($33.19)




STX Women’s Sultra PD CPSU 02 CB/XX


Spots might be the only field where both women and men can gain success and achieve performance, both of them being equal. Nevertheless, each of them requires the same level of safety while playing hockey and lacrosse and the only way to do so is to have a good chest protector put on.

The reason why we recommend this model is that it is officially the first chest protector specially manufactured to be a snug fit for the ladies. Because they are a tad more petite compared to men, they need proper gear in order to defend themselves from hits and injuries.

One major feature we must mention is related to the fact that the chest area stretches, as well as the shoulder and stomach locations, giving a better fit for women, far more improved than the one provided by traditional chest protectors.

This way, you can rest assured that all the sensitive parts are safe and sound and the vest fits like a glove on your body.

If you want, you have the possibility to remove the belly pad. However, it’s safer to leave it on, but if you feel uncomfortable, you will receive the same amount of protection without it.

Buy from for ($89.99)




Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX


One of the most important aspects that count when spending time on the game field is to feel comfortable wearing your sports equipment. If it feels too heavy, tight or too loose, you might want to change it to something else.

The risk of having an issue like that using this chest protector model is quite diminished thanks to the elastic strap design. This ensures that the vest is a secure fit but also allows you to adjust the back strap if you want to be certain that the protector stays in place throughout the entire sports match.

Because of its unique ANAFORM technology, this piece of safety sports equipment is outfitted with chest plates that are able to reduce the impact forces. Furthermore, instead of reducing your freedom of movement, it actually increases.

You can rapidly and efficiently take off and put on this chest protector using the wide 4-way back straps made of a stretch mesh.

In addition, the item is built with a triple density foam that is incredibly soft and creates a comfortable experience for the user.

Due to the segmented design, the protector creates the perfect drape. The split chest panel enables you to move without any restriction.

Click to see the price on Amazon!



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