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Best hanging punching bag reviews


Hanging punching bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


In a rush? Do you want to learn about the best hanging punching bag on the market? If you don’t have the time to read all the information gathered by our researchers, here is the solution. Read this paragraph and discover the best model around. Ranking high in all the customers’ reviews and experts’ advice we read, the Outslayer 80lb appears to fit the bill, even for the pickiest buyers. The punching bag offers superior density, so every kick and punch you will land will feel like the real thing. You will find no baggies filled with sand inside the bag; therefore, you will not experience the unpleasant sensation of kicking at empty spots. If you prefer the bag to be linked to the floor, the manufacturer will provide a D-ring for this purpose, at no extra expense. In case the Outslayer 80lb is no longer in stock, opt for the Century Tidal Wave HydroCore, which comes as a second best option.


Hanging punching bag

Thanks to the way mixed martial arts has become a popular means of staying fit, the best hanging punching bag has also emerged as the favorite piece of gym equipment today. Highly useful for developing power in your punches and variety in your footwork, a hanging punching bag should be able to take all the jabs and kicks. To ensure that, check out these elements in this type of gear.


Top features to consider:





It is always a sad experience to use a punching bag covered in spots with duct tape, but this is either a result of years of use or, if the unit is new, proof of the quality of the covering. The best punching bags are outfitted with a durable cover.

Canvas, vinyl and synthetic leather are the three most common types of covering. A top brand uses the exclusive Nevatear material for its products.

The cheapest quality covering is vinyl, and buyers need to be sure the material is of high quality. Leather and canvas last longer than vinyl, and will most likely withstand long hours of pounding for years without undergoing significant deterioration.





The resistance offered by the best hanging punching bag is directly proportional to its weight. The more weight the product has, the more capable it is of withstanding greater force from repeated jabs and kicks. It also means the punching bag will move around much less, ensuring an easy target. Greater resistance is also ideal for developing technique and increasing strength with continued use.

Remember to choose the right weight punching bag to suit your size, as it will help you avoid sustaining injury during use. As a rule of thumb, get a bag that carries half your weight when filled.





Different types of filling material provide a different feel when the bag is struck. This can be perceived when comparing a bag filled with sand and one with rags or fabric. Water-filled bags are in a class all their own. Sand tends to level down with time and can be quite tough on the joints and bones when hit. Choose the fill material suitable for your physical limitations and based on your preference.





The best thing a hanging punching bag can ship with is a manufacturer’s warranty certificate. However, the hardware needed to support installation of the bag is also a fantastic add-on. To secure the unit to the floor, a D-ring or bottom tie-down strap should be provided on the bottom of the bag. Some brands include web straps, support steel chains and a hanging ring for easy setup and installation.



Top rated models



With a premium quality hanging punching bag, a physical fitness enthusiast or athlete can maximize their exercise and training without having to spend so much on gym memberships. To ensure you’re getting a top quality piece of gear, be ready to fill up on information for this type of equipment. Better yet, check out these highly recommended products and choose one to include in your shopping cart.



Outslayer 80lb


1.Outslayer 80lb Punching BagThe Outslayer 80lb Punching Bag is made in California, USA, ensuring you of premium quality and reliable craftsmanship. The punching bag ships in a heavy-duty reusable vinyl cover to ensure top quality and usability.

Ideal for MMA and boxing, the punching bag is filled with a special fabric that has a superb capacity of taking every punch and kick due to its perfect density of 300 pounds. The special high-capacity material used in the bag comes with no sand baggies inside that can only create empty and hard spots characteristic of unbranded products. This ensures years of use due to the durable quality.

The manufacturer also undertakes to accommodate requests for a D-ring to secure the bag to the floor from the bottom should the buyer request for one. This add-on is at no extra charge to the buyer. Available in a wide range of colors, the punching bag can be bought in your preferred hue including black, white, blue, light blue and lots more. The ten-year warranty certificate that ships with the bag serves as a commitment to dependable quality from the manufacturer.

Buy from for ($150)




Century Tidal Wave HydroCore


2.Century Original Hydrocore Wave BagsEasy to fill with water, the Century Original Hydrocore Wave Bag offers a realistic feel when struck, which can be likened to hitting a live opponent because of the unique resistance level it offers. The punching bag has a water core overlaid with three inches of foam, and this configuration is covered with tough vinyl to offer the sensation of hitting a real opponent.

By giving users a human-like resistance level, the punching bag proves to be highly useful for finetuning one’s techniques and increasing punching power. Offering the same heavy bag training benefits as a conventional heavy bag, this piece of gear gives a satisfying workout every time.

The four web straps offer a reliable means of installing the bag. The support steel chains ensure that the bag is securely suspended on the rafters or ceiling. The two-inch ring gathers the chains together to provide easy hanging capability.

The bottom tie down strap can be used with separately bought tie downs to allow the user to secure the bag to the floor, if preferred.

Buy from for ($169.99)




Everlast Nevatear


3.Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy BagThe Everlast Boxing Heavy Bag boasts a strong Nevatear construction for the cover, ensuring exceptional toughness to withstand long MMA workouts and hours of boxing exercise. The product ships with the necessary hardware for hanging on the rafters or ceiling.

Providing the ultimate conditioning and strength workout, the heavy bag features a specially blended filler that boasts superior shock absorbency and resilience to the kind of ‘stress’ it is subjected to during use. The punching bag can take the kicks and punches while maintaining its dependable quality.

The vinyl construction of the cover ensures awesome resistance against tears and rips. The punching bag ships with a heavy-duty chain and swivel to facilitate problem-free hanging. The zipper tab at the top of the unit is deliberately broken at the factory to ensure that the punching bag doesn’t get opened, as this will release the stuffing.

Perfect for home gym use, the Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag can help develop the punching and kicking techniques and increase the striking power of the amateur or professional athlete and fitness enthusiast.

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