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Best heavy jump rope reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Heavy jump ropes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have no time to waste, but you want to find the best weighted jump rope out there, you’re in the right place. Based on the consumer reports, sales figures, and specialized forums and surveys, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Pulse Cross-fit 1 lb is the one you should bear in mind. This model is both budget-friendly and convenient as it addresses the needs of people looking to get the most out of their warm-up sessions. The neat thing about this unit is that it can be held comfortably as the handles have been designed ergonomically. What’s more, the Pulse Cross-fit 1 lb features an adjustable length, thus allowing you to customize it in accordance with your physical features. Should you be unable to get your hands on the Pulse Cross-fit 1 lb, perhaps you’d benefit from using the second-best alternative, the LAXWIN JR01.


Top features to consider:


Because selecting a heavy jump rope for sale these days can be a daunting task, we thought of assisting you in making the right decision for your needs. That’s why we came up with a comprehensive guide that can let you know all about the factors you need to take into account to get the best value for the price. Just keep reading.





Weighted jump ropes are different from their counterparts because they’re made to force the person who is working out to deal with some degree of resistance. Based on what we found about them, it appears that this style can be constructed either using leather or using PVC. Of these two alternatives, leather is by far the most durable one, but it can also take a toll on your budget as most models made of this material tend to cost a pretty penny.

PVC ropes are reasonably durable and can be used under various circumstances. Nonetheless, leather options are typically considered more reliable, so it all boils down to what you’re willing to invest in a weighted jump rope set.



Weight adjustability


While some products weigh in at one, two pounds or more, with these, you can’t benefit from the freedom of adding or taking off weights. The whole point of heavy jump ropes is increasing the resistance of the people using them. As such, fixed weight alternatives might not be a great idea unless you’re only starting out and would want to choose one right off the bat.

Some models enable owners to add extra weights, which means that they can be tailored to the degree of expertise and skills that you might develop in the future. These last choices are to be preferred.



Length adjustability


Whether you prefer a heavier or a lighter option, the fact is that the length of the model matters even more than the weight. Your height has to be correlated with the jump rope length to make it just the right alternative for you. Most 10-foot options should be used by people in the range of 5’11” to 6’5” whereas jump ropes under 6 feet long speak to the needs of individuals with heights under 4’0”.

You should also consider whether you’re a single rope jumper or a Double Dutch jumper.



Top rated products



Are weighted jump ropes any good? If you’ve asked yourself this question before, we strongly advise you to check out the following models as they seem to be the most critically acclaimed ones on the market today. Plus, since they’ve acquired the best heavy jump rope reviews, they might be able to assist you with your warmup and workout routines.



Pulse Cross-fit 1 lb


If you’re only starting out with your jump rope routine, perhaps this Pulse Cross-fit model might be the right choice for you. On the one hand, it comes with a smooth and tangle-free cable that’s thicker than that belonging to many of its competitors. On the other hand, the cord measures 10 feet, but there’s nothing stopping you from customizing its length.

Given the fact that the handles of this option have been designed with the needs of the user in mind, they can be held comfortably, therefore allowing you to focus on your goals and workout routine. The 1 lb weights that you will find in the handles can be removed, thus enabling you to customize the model as best as possible.

Whether you’re a boxer, fitness aficionado, cross trainer, or just someone interested in shedding some extra pounds, it’s very likely that you’re going to be impressed with the quality of this alternative. Besides, most of the individuals who have chosen it seem to have only good things to say about the way it helps them achieve their purpose. It’s also worth noting that the Pulse Cross-fit model is considerably more reasonably priced than other units out there.



One of the greatest things about this model is that its length of 10 feet is enough for even the tallest user; the length can be customized according to your preferences.

The tangle-free cable is an excellent choice for a jump rope, as it will not cause any unpleasant mishaps while you are training.

Comfort is essential for people who are exercising using equipment, and the handles on this jump rope satisfy this requirement.

Training with weights increases the difficulty and efficiency of your workout, which is why one-pound weights are inserted into the handles; you can remove them if you wish.

You will find the Pulse Cross-fit 1 lb to be very reasonably priced.



There are reports from buyers on the extreme flexibility of the jump rope; for people who like to spin fast, that can be an issue at high speeds.

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The LAXWIN JR01 is a clear winner when it comes to adjustability as it comes with a set of weights that can be added to the handles, therefore enabling you to customize the product depending on your physical attributes, skills, and resistance levels. What this means is that the product is made to be considerably more user-friendly when compared to many of its competitors.

The length of the rope can be adjusted. Thus, you won’t be forced to utilize a too long or too short cord. Something that seems to be lacking in this style of jump ropes is a couple of swivel bearings as they can increase the durability of the products and add to your overall satisfaction Such an addition would be handy if it were featured on the model we’ve showcased above and this one, as well.

However, since the LAXWIN JR01 is a budget-friendly alternative, it should be given some thought to. If you’re focused on sticking to a certain budget, perhaps the JR01 is just the right solution to your problems. The consumer reports garnered by the model mostly revolve around the fact that the foam handles ensure a secure grip, which makes it possible for owners to keep jumping rope without being bothered by a slip or other mishaps like this.



The LAXWIN JR01 stands out from the crowd by offering superior customization possibilities; the model is delivered along with a set of weights that can help you adjust your training.

Adjusting the length of the rope is easy, and you will be able to customize this simple training equipment further.

A secure grip is essential for ease of use, and it is good to know that this model comes equipped with foam handles that will not allow them to slip even when you’re working out hard.

If you are shopping for a budget-friendly alternative, this model should be on your list, as its price tag is more than decent.



Although the model comes equipped with different weights, you will not find really heavy weights to train.

At least one buyer reports that dropping the jump rope to the floor caused both handles to crack.

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RopeFit Heavy


This RopeFit unit is a notable mention as it would have been close to impossible to leave it out given that it’s among the heaviest models available for sale these days. The first thing that might be able to impress you is that the product is manufactured in the United States which is a detail that practically speaks for itself.

The jump rope weighs in at 4 lbs, which makes it hefty when compared to those units to which you need to add weights on the handles. Plus, the material is truly unique in that the poly dacron rope and soft exterior will provide both durability and ruggedness but will avoid damaging the floors of your gym or home.

Something that needs to be pointed out about the RopeFit unit is that its length is not adjustable, as is the case with the two other options we have showcased earlier on. That’s why you have to consider your specific height and choose the right size of jump rope accordingly. The manufacturing brand is suggesting people who are over 6-ft tall to pick a 10-foot rope.

Despite being somewhat less financially accessible than other choices, the RopeFit unit has received rave user reviews as most owners say that it is impressively well-built.



People who want training equipment made in the US, abiding by the highest standards of quality, will find this model an excellent choice.

You will not have to add weights to the handles, as this model is quite heavy at four pounds; for this reason, it is recommended for more demanding training.

Even more, the materials that the rope is made from are resistant to wear and tear; the best part is that the soft shell will not leave unsightly marks on the floor.

The poly Dacron rope used for the core is flexible, yet durable, so you can count on a sound investment if you pick this particular model.



Bear in mind that this jump rope cannot have its length adjusted as the user desires, so you should pick a model that is suitable for your height.

The model is more expensive than other jump ropes on the market.

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