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Best hockey shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Hockey shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best hockey shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you what you need to know. We have done research online, by looking at the reviews, sales figures, and a variety of forums and surveys, and we have found that the Mylec Street/Dek is the model you should give some thought to. It’s made from resilient materials that will put up with the abuse of any hits you might inadvertently take in the shin area. Plus, the pair has been equipped with a 3/8-inch foam padding layer, as well as an extra one in the knee area. What’s more, outer shell is lightweight, thus ensuring that you concentrate on your hockey performance without the pads hindering your moves. If the Mylec Street/Dek is no longer in stock, be sure to check out the second best choice, the Bauer Supreme 150.



Comparison table




hockey shin guards



How to wear hockey shin guards?



Ice Hockey


Ice hockey uses a puck. Generally, an ice hockey player uses more protective clothing including the best ice hockey shin guards because the ice hockey puck is really hard and moves with increased speed and when it hits you, it is bound to hurt terribly. The ice skates worn over the player’s shoes will send you hurtling fast towards the projectile, which can cause tremendous pain and injury.

Your shocks and shin guards should be put on first before your skates, enabling you to simply tuck them inside the skates. Some people do not use sock or shin pad tape any longer especially when there are velcro straps that allow them to pull their socks nice and tight. However, most prefer to tape up their equipment to prevent the shin guards or shin pads from coming loose.



Field Hockey


The best field hockey shin guards have the same length from the center of the kneecap to the top of the player’s ankle bone. Hockey shin guards are more protective and use more padding than regular soccer guards, which are lighter and not made of stronger plastic.

Typical field hockey shin guards have no velcro or straps because they mold to the leg tightly. First, put on a pair of field hockey rash guards or a thin pair of socks, and then position the shin guards against the lower leg.

You can strap them up using shin tape, if you wish. Wear field hockey shin guard socks on the outside, then put on your hockey cleats or shoes and make sure to adjust everything for comfort.



How to choose new hockey shin pads in 2019 ?



The second most essential piece of equipment to own, second to your hockey stick, when you play ice or field hockey, is your shin guards. The shin guards prevent the shins, knees and calves from getting injured when hit by a hard, blunt object on the field, including the ball or puck, skates and your opponent’s stick. For good fit and overall protection, these are the characteristics of the best hockey shin pads.




Suitability to Playing Position


Offensively-inclined players such as forwards should go for lightweight shin guards with a slim or tapered fit without hindering mobility in any way. Protection from wayward sticks, pucks, balls or skates should be excellent. The more defensively inclined forward players have greater inclination for blocking shots so their shin guards should carry the same level of protection as those used by defensemen.

Defensemen are tasked to protect their net no matter what, so they need to stay in a vigilant position between the net and the opposing team’s puck carrier, frequently employing even their shin guards to block shots. Although forwards share this task, it is the greater responsibility of a defenseman to get into situations that put him in the direct line of shots by the opponent to propel the puck or ball to the goal.

In order to be able to use every part of the body to block shots confidently, the defenseman has to utilize thicker and wider shin guards for a higher level of protection. That being said, there’s no rule prohibiting forwards from using wider and thicker shin guards, if they prefer.



Fit & Sizing


You need a proper and comfortable fit in shin guards. Knowing how to size hockey shin guards is important to ensure you enjoy optimal protection for your legs during a tough game. Have your feet flat on the floor while sitting in a chair, and then take the measurement from the bottom of your kneecap down to the end of your shin right where it meets your foot. This is the length you want for your shin guards. The shin guards should reach to the end where the tape measure stops.

To ensure a secure fit, you can wear your shin guards any one of two ways. For ice hockey shin guards, they should be worn over the tongue of your skates or tucked behind the skates’ tongue. You can opt for the style of wearing that you feel comfortable with, but this element should also be taken into consideration when doing hockey shin guard sizing. Whether the shin guards are for ice or field hockey, make sure your knee cap rests exactly in the middle of the shin guard’s knee cap pocket. Shin guards are available from extra small to extra large sizes.

Designed with hard plastic on the outside, field hockey shin guards keep the knees, calves and shins protected. To keep you comfortable, they come with inner padding of soft foam. Typically, field hockey shin guards do not need straps or velcro owing to the fact that they offer tight molding to your leg. Getting a good fit can be achieved by knowing how to put the shin guards on.

First, put on a pair of field hockey rash guards. You can also put on a thin pair of socks instead of rash guards, as the two items provide a good enough cover for your leg. Get the shin guards open and position them onto your lower leg. You can strap the guards at this point, if needed. Layer outside with a pair of shin guard socks, then pull on your field hockey cleats of shoes. Finish doing the final adjustments and you’re all ready.


ice hockey shin guards


Construction and Design


The best street hockey shin guards are anatomically shaped to provide perfect molding to your shin and ankle. They feature a hard plastic shell that is sure to keep you protected against unexpected slashes and impact on the shin due to errant sticks, skates, hockey pucks or balls. You want the shin guards to be secured with velcro straps. High end models have a greater number of straps compared to cheaper ones. You can also expect a secure and comfortable with a premium quality pair.

The regular two-strap system is characteristic of most shin guards. Others come with a revolutionary crisscross strap system. You can expect greater elasticity from high quality straps, which are typically padded for added comfort. Some models come with detachable padding or lining that attaches using velcro, so the lining can be washed when needed. The performance of the shin guards are not affected by the presence of detachable linings.

The ability to deflect and absorb shock differs from one product to another, so it’s all a matter of comfort and preference and knowing which has the better technology. Shin guards also vary in the level of calf protection, so go for the product that delivers the best general coverage for the back of your lower legs.

Finding the best street hockey shin guards is not an easy task but hopefully, with the information supplied in the above buying guide, you will be able to find an excellent pair that won’t disappoint in the level of protection delivered during games. Out of the many hockey shin guards on the market, we find the ones below to be worthy of being showcased and invested in.



Hockey shin guards types



Best ice hockey shin guards


You need ice hockey shin guards to protect the parts of your lower leg, including the calves, shins and knees, from getting injured or suffering from enormous pain when struck by a wayward hockey stick, puck or skates.

Shin guards are an absolute necessity because sticks, puck and skates are in endless motion around on the ice at high speeds, and there’s no telling how they could become fast moving projectiles that can hurt unprotected lower legs. Ice hockey shin guards should deliver a proper and snug fit along with dependable overall protection for your legs. Although defensemen need wider and thicker shin guards, those players do not have exclusive rights to such levels of protection. Get information on ice hockey pads from this site.



Mylec Street/Dek


Something that needs to be added in relation to this product right from the beginning is that it is not designed for ice hockey. Instead, it is recommended for street hockey, rollerblading, and a variety of other sports that do not involve any ice. This distinction must be made as this product may not offer sufficient protection for ice hockey players nor does it come in the same sizes as ice hockey pads and guards.

This model is lightweight, convenient, and easy to use. It’s made out of quality materials that render it capable of withstanding the test of time and entirely able to keep you safe at all times. This choice is actually an upgrade of an older version developed by the same company.

The difference between the older and the modern one is that this one comes with 3/8 inches of foam padding, which makes it possible for you to feel comfortable and at ease with respect to whether or not you will injure your shins. Also, the knee area is protected by an additional cushioning layer.  



The Mylec Street/Dek comes with a lightweight outer shell, which allows you to focus on your moves instead of worrying about getting hurt.

Since it has been equipped with 3/8 inches of foam padding, this choice can keep you safe at all times,

The neat thing about this alternative is that, unlike many of its competitors, it also features extra cushioning in the knee area.

Because it is essentially built for performance, this pair of hockey shin pads doesn’t weigh in at a lot, thus enabling you to play without feeling like you’re carrying dead weight.

Some argue that this choice is considerably more affordable than others.



As with many other pads and guards designed to protect hockey players, customers who might choose this one may have a bit of trouble selecting the right size. While some say that the guards run a bit small, others argue that the dimensions of the pads was perfect for them.


Buy from for ($21.32)




Bauer Supreme 170


The Bauer Supreme 170 has all the features you might have been looking for in a dependable and comfortable pair of shin guards intended for ice hockey.

Thanks to their user-friendly functionalities, these guards can take your performance to an entirely different level especially as they have been outfitted with injected knee pads and thermoformed ribbed shin caps.

The 2-strap system makes it possible for the owner of this product to adjust its size in accordance with his or her physical features. What this means is that there’s virtually no chance of these lightweight shin guards of having a negative impact on the way the user behaves in the game.

Besides, the mesh liners have been built to be hydrophobic, therefore allowing you to remain comfortable at all times as they can wick away moisture.



Designed with a calf wrap and thigh guard made out of medium-density foam, this shin guard offers protection where it counts the most. The foam in the calf wrap and thigh guard ensures that those components can absorb the intense energy from accidental kicks or strikes.

The ribbed plastic shell disperses impact energy to deflect possible injury when your shins are hit by a wayward cleat or a hockey stick.

Thanks to the two-strap system, the shin guards are easy to bind around the leg and keep secure without moving around and out of place.

If you want nothing less than great performance and protection without shelling out a lot of money, this pair makes a good option. The anatomical design enables the guards to sit snugly against the leg to deliver a reliable responsiveness and easy mobility.



The ribbed plastic shell might present issues on cleaning and maintenance due to the grooves.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Bauer Senior Supreme 150


Despite the fact that it is one of the most budget-friendly options we have come across, the Supreme 150 has won the hearts of ice hockey players as it has been constructed with the extreme needs of the user in mind.

This product is a winner in terms of convenience and ease of use especially as it has been outfitted with the classic 2-strap system that you might find in other Bauer models.

The mesh liner is removable and lightweight, which is why it’s likely that you will enjoy it.

As for protection, you don’t need to worry about anything with these guards as they have been designed to keep you safe from harm.



Thanks to their narrow, close-to-the-body design, these shin guards are designed to provide a tight anatomical fit. This will enable you to make great strides in the field without your mobility getting hindered in any way.

With the multi-segmented design of the two-strap system, the legs can move freely. Thus, you can perform kicks during football or move quickly when playing hockey.

Because of the hydrophobic mesh liner with medium-density and vent armor foam, the shins get optimal protection from strikes and hits during the rough and tumble of play.

These shin pads enable you to block shots and stride with greater efficiency due to the closer, anatomical fit. The thermoformed ribbed cap enables you to skate confidently because your lower leg is protected from slashes, shots, and other potentially harmful impacts during skirmishes.



One user noted that these are slimmer compared to an older pair they used to own. That said, they are lightweight and fit really great.


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Best field hockey shin guards


You need field hockey shin guards that deliver the right fusion and level of comfort and protection on the playing field. They should provide superior coverage by keeping the kneecaps, lower thighs, calves and shins shielded from impact and injury when a wayward ball, stick or cleats finds its way to your leg because of all the movement and scrambling that goes on during play.

Choose field hockey shin guards that are lightweight yet offer solid protection and unhampered mobility so you can stun your opponents with your game moves. Find the information you need on field hockey shin guards on this site.



CranBarry Deluxe Field


These guards also come with the vast majority of the features that you might be looking for in a product in this line.

Their unique construction makes it possible for the lower leg area of the user to be protected by a hard plastic molded to heavy duty foam.

Both the front and the sides of the ankles are protected by padding cushions and cups, which means that you will be able to focus on your game performance instead of worrying about getting injured.

Also, these guards have been created to last for as long as possible as they feature specially sewn side panels that help them withstand the test of time.



Engineered with several features you want in this type of gear, the shin guards deliver protection like they are designed to do, with no compromise.

Thanks to their unique construction, the shin guards enable the lower leg to obtain dependable protection via hard plastic. The unique shape conforms to your leg using heavy-duty foam.

The sides and front of the ankles can depend on the hardy padding cups and cushions. Those components allow you to stay focused on your A-game instead of worrying about injury.

Designed to last a long time, the shin guards have ruggedly sewn side panels. These elements enable them to stay in one piece no matter how intense the foot action becomes in the field.

If you want to get better ventilation, the shin guards can be conveniently rolled down when you are not playing. The shin guards can be worn to replace game socks while providing more protection.



Cleaning the foam-enclosed hard plastic shell might not be done easily.


Buy from




Cranbarry Deluxe


1.1 Cranbarry Deluxe Field Hockey Shin GuardsThe Cranberry Deluxe delivers reliable leg protection to the hockey player. The shin guards keep the lower leg shielded against potentially injurious impact from hockey sticks, balls or pucks and cleats or skates.

The shin guards feature hard plastic construction molded to industrial grade foam to ensure superior impact absorption.

The ankle bones are amply covered by protective cups while the front of your ankles are given comfortable cushioning via supplemental padding.

The shin guards feature a special design that enables you to roll them down when you want better ventilation during non-playing times. They are also enhanced with innovatively sewn side panels that deliver a higher level of durability.



If you seek nothing less than dependable leg protection in the field, these shin guards are for you. Better than your standard game socks, they ensure your shins are shielded from injury during rough play.

Since the lower leg is protected from potentially injurious impact, you can play confidently without fear. Hockey sticks, pucks, balls, skates, or cleats will not cause traumatic impact to disable you from playing.

Thanks to their hard plastic construction molded to industrial-grade foam, the shin guards deliver exceptional impact protection. The plastic and foam work together to absorb dangerous forces that could immobilize you.

The protective cups on the ankle bones section and the supplemental padding that cushions the front of the ankles offer comfort while shielding from an impact.

You can opt to roll the shin guards down when you aren’t playing thanks to their special design. It also provides more ventilation so the legs do not perspire too much and can breathe easily when you are on the bench.  



It is essential that this pair is bought after determining the proper, exact size to prevent issues on this aspect.


Buy from for ($22.98)




Unavailable products:


Bauer Senior Vapor X60


1.1 Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Shin GuardOffering protection coupled with a lightweight feel plus unhampered mobility, the Bauer Senior Vapor X60 helps ensure you can stay on the ice till the end of the game.

These shin guards feature a calf wrap, the protective material that goes around the back of the calf and attaches to the front using velcro, delivering a snug feel while ensuring sturdy protection and secure attachment when you play.

Thanks to the thermoformed rib cap, you enjoy a custom anatomical feel plus robust protection.

Moreover, the mid-density foams beyond the kneecap work together to protect your thigh, knee wing and calf. The removable liner offers washability.




Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp HG 175


1.1 Franklin Sports NHL SXOffering good value for money, the Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp HG 175 has been awarded a National Hockey League License, which ensures reliable performance and protection for the beginner or intermediate hockey player.

These shin guards feature high-impact plastic shin and knee caps for the best overall protection to your legs during play.

Enjoy comfort while playing thanks to the airflow vented construction that keeps your legs cool. The full flex shin/ kneecap design ensures unrestricted mobility for executing amazing moves on the ice.

The three adjustable self-stick straps ensure a snug fit. There is adequate padding so you can enjoy enough comfort and protection at play.




Adams USA Trace


1.1 Adams USA Trace Field Hockey Shin GuardsThe Adams USA Trace boasts superior quality ½-inch closed cell foam construction that delivers excellent impact absorption, durability, safety and thermal insulation properties.

The closed-cell construction also contributes to the lightweight design of the shin guards while being able to absorb energy for optimal protection.

This pair extends farther up the leg compared to standard leg guards, so a larger segment is given protective coverage.

The wraparound design ensures that the shin guards stay on no matter how vigorously you move about on the playing field. The built-in elastics keep the shin pads molded nicely to your legs and ankles. The pads are held low on the leg by the strong elastic stirrup for slip-free wearing.



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