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Best ice hockey shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Shin pads for ice hockey – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best ice hockey shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, by looking at reviews, sales figures, and various surveys, and we have found that the Bauer Supreme 170 is the best. This particular model provides all the advantages of a well-developed pair of shin guards for this sport, in that it will ensure that you benefit from excellent support, mobility, as well as protection all throughout its use. Since it’s both lightweight and comfortable to wear, this alternative needs to be considered before any other one, especially as it even features an adjustable 2-strap system. If the Bauer Supreme 170 is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Franklin Sports NHL SX HG175 as it is almost just as good.



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Next to the hockey stick, shin guards are one of the most important types of gear the ice hockey player should invest in. The shin guards provide protection to the vital segments of the lower leg that could easily sustain injuries when hit by a rigid object such as skates, the hockey puck or sticks. These are what make the best ice hockey shin guards popular on the market.

A.1 Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Shin Guard


Top features to consider:



Fit & Sizing


Proper hockey shin guard sizing is important to ensure that protection is always more than enough on the ice. Ice hockey games can easily become rough so protection to the lower leg is highly important.Shin guards can be worn tucked behind the tongue of your skates. They can also be worn over the skates tongue. Whichever way you wear your shin guards, the size of the equipment should match your choice. Bear in mind that your kneecap should be right on the knee cap pocket of the shin pads.

Sizing varies from extra small to extra large, so make your choice from those options. When taking shin guard size, use a tape measure to find the length from the bottom of your kneecap to the junction between the end of your shin and your foot. This corresponds to your desired shin guard size.



Suitable Width and Thickness


Forwards are offensive players who need lightweight shin guards that feature a tapered fit that won’t hamper movement on the ice. The shin guards should offer excellent impact absorption when struck by an errant puck, stick or ice skates. When the forward player likes playing defense, they should get shin guards that deliver the same degree of protection to a defense player, such as a defenseman. Defensemen should stay by the net and keep alert on the moves of the opponent’s puck carrier.

The function of a defenseman relies heavily on their ability to block shots, which could come from anywhere the body can cover, including the lower legs. Thus, defensemen shin guards should be thicker and wider than regular ones. However, forward players can also use shin guards chosen by defensemen.



Design and Construction


The technology for impact and shock absorption varies from one shin guard manufacturer to another, so it is best to go over owner feedback and product reviews to ensure you get enough data to support your purchase. Calf protection is almost as important as shin protection, so make sure the product you get assures you of sturdy and durable construction all around.

You want shin guards that follow the contours of the lower leg to provide a snug and secure fit. The shin guards should not move independently of your leg motion either, offering an anatomical feel that makes them an extension of your lower leg. They should not come loose during play, with straps that keep them securely on.



Top rated products



Just like any decision to purchase major ice hockey equipment, buying a pair of shin guards entails that you know what elements should be looked into. Hopefully, the information in the above buying guide will make your shopping journey less tedious since you already know what aspects to think about in a pair of shin guards. We have highlighted what we consider the best hockey shin guards of 2019 below.



Bauer Supreme 170


The Supreme 170 has been constructed with the requirements of the ice hockey player’s in mind as it has been designed to offer more than enough support, protection, and mobility. With its thermoformed ribbed shin caps and injected knee pads, it goes without saying that this model should be at the top of your list.

The foam that has been employed in the construction of this option is lightweight, which means that you won’t have any trouble wearing these shin guards. Such a lightweight protection is next to invaluable as it can have an immensely positive impact on your overall performance.

The system that will help you keep your shin guards in place consists of two straps that can be used with ease especially as their length can be customized depending on your physical attributes. Therefore, the Bauer Supreme 170 manages to raise up to par when it comes to meeting and even exceeding the necessities of the owner.

Besides, the hydrophobic mesh liners make it possible for you to enjoy the game without being bothered by excess moisture. These liners can ensure a rapid evaporation process, leaving you perfectly capable of focusing on your hockey skills.



This pair of shin guards will protect you from unfortunate accidents by covering your thighs and calves in medium density foam designed to abords impact shock.

Their two-strap system is easy to use and makes this model a good choice for sports enthusiasts who are always on the run and don’t want to waste much time putting their gear on.

Covered in rib plastic shells, the guards disperse the impact energy, protecting your limbs for receiving direct damage.

By using an anatomical design, this item manages to offer you mobility while also protecting you from harm by adjusting to the movements you make.

Another useful feature that makes this product a good alternative is the ventilation system incorporated. The shell is designed with openings that allow air to circulate and keep you cool and dry.



Measuring your size can be tricky, and despite the fact that most Bauer product fit true to size, you can still get it wrong by measuring incorrectly.

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Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp HG 175


2.Franklin Sports NHLIf you seek genuine value for money, the Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp HG 175 is your best bet. These shin guards have earned a National Hockey League License, which ensures you of dependability in protection and performance on the ice. The shin guards are suitable for the beginner and intermediate hockey player.

They have shin and knee caps made of rigid plastic that can take high impact from kicks or sticks, skates and the hockey puck. Keep your knees, calves, ankles, shins and lower thighs shielded against possible causes of injury during play. Enjoy a consistently snug fit thanks to the three adjustable self-stick straps.

The shin guards let you play rough to match the energy of the opposing team so you can block shots and defend your team’s supremacy on the ice.

These shin pads offer comfort and reliable protection with their hard plastic shell and soft padding so energy is effectively absorbed and dispersed. They allow you to execute your wickedest moves on the ice without worrying where the ball or puck could hit you during the fight for control.



These guards are approved by the National Hockey League, meaning they have been reviewed by professionals who have come to the conclusion that they’re safe to be used.

Your limbs are going to be protected by plastic shins and kneecaps, specially designed to absorb the impact energy and prevent you from suffering serious injuries.

Their vented construction will keep you dry and cool even while wearing heavy gear, due to the special openings that allow air to circulate freely.

The full-flex design will keep this item from hindering your movements. This way you’ll be able to perform just as you would have if you were not wearing gear, but without any of the risks.

They can be adjusted using three self-stick straps and will stay in place regardless of your activity.



Unfortunately, this product only comes in smaller sizes, so you might face some difficulties when looking for the right fit.

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Bauer Senior Supreme 150


The Supreme 150 is one of the critically acclaimed shin guards we have come across during our entire research process, and that should say something with regard to its construction quality and convenience, given that we took the time to look at over one hundred models.

The model features a narrow design that makes it possible for the guard to fit your body in an anatomical manner so that you’re able to perform all the moves without feeling uncomfortable. The straps that this unit has been outfitted with are easy to utilize and raise no technical difficulties to first-time users.

One of the most impressive details about the Supreme 150 is that it boasts a thermoformed rib design on the shins and the knee caps have been injected into its original structure so that they offer more than enough impact protection to the person wearing the guards.

What this means is that you can rest assured that you won’t suffer any injuries in your shin area as long as you use this Bauer product.

The hydrophobic mesh liner is a great addition for people who like to keep their shin guards in top shape at all times. It’s removable and washable, and the neat thing about it is that it’s extremely comfortable.



When Bauer designed these guards, they strived for a more anatomical fit that will adjust itself according to your movements and will protect your limbs without hindering your movements. It’s safe to say they achieved their goal.

This model features a multi-segmented design that can be adjusted using a two strap system. This way your protection will stay in place regardless of your activity.

The protective foam is coated with a layer of hydrophobic mesh liner that will keep you dry by allowing water from sweat to drain itself. In order to stay cool, openings were added to form a ventilation system that will allow air to circulate.

You can now stride or block shots more efficiently and without any of the heaviness of regular protection gear, all by wearing the Senior Supreme 150.



Sizing is difficult to figure out, especially when it comes to shin guards. What we can recommend is that you go to a local sports gear shop and try a pair on to see how they fit.

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Bauer Senior Vapor X60


1.Bauer Senior Vapor X60The lightweight Bauer Senior Vapor X60 offers superb protection combined with unrestricted mobility so you can stay active and free on the ice. The calf wrap goes around the back of your calf to deliver protection extending from the front to the back.

The velcro attachment ensures an easy and secure fit plus strong protection so you can play for a full 60 minutes. Aside from rigid protection, the shin guards are also equipped with a thermoformed rib cap that delivers a personalized fit plus tough protection against kicks and impacts. The liner is removable to allow laundering in the washer. The mid-density foams extend above the kneecaps so protection goes beyond the knee wing and calves to the thighs.

The shin guards deliver total protection to your lower leg against impact. As the game could easily become a tough struggle to get control of the hicky puck or ball, the shin guards provide your first line of defense to ensure that even when the puck moves in the direction of your legs, you won’t get jolted by debilitating pain that could cause you to sit it out for the remainder of the game. Play confidently every time!



Featuring a tapered fit, this pair of guards is designed to increase mobility for hockey players. The protection gear won’t hinder their movement but will protect them from damage as a result of accidents.

They can be set in place using a two strap system with wraparound straps. This way you won’t have to worry about your gear coming off mid game.

A layer of foam coats the interior of the plastic guards, absorbing the shock of the impact without adding extra weight to the equipment.

The foam is protected by a hydrophobic mesh liner layer that allows water to drain in order to keep you dry regardless of how strenuous your activity is.  

When you need to be fast and agile, but you also want to be protected from harm, try this model of guards for satisfying results.



A few customers have stated that despite getting a good fit, the pair that they received was a little shorter than expected.

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Unavailable products


Bauer Senior Nexus 4000


3.Bauer Senior Nexus 4000Delivering exceptional control and more than enough protection, the Bauer Senior Nexus 4000 shin pads are designed with a wider profile to give you a more classic fit compared to standard soccer shin guards.

The shin guards shield your lower leg from hard and blunt impacts during play. The two-strap system with multi-segmented design ensures a snug and comfortable fit while ensuring flexibility so you can move freely.

The hydrophobic mesh liner with MD foam ensures sufficient ventilation so your legs do not feel too warm on the ice, so you can enjoy a cool feel while being confident of leg protection. Move naturally on the ice thanks to the anatomical ribbed knee.

The shin pads are a sensible investment to make especially when you plan to establish a strong reputation on the ice. They let you put out more playing time thanks to the protection they provide around your lower leg. The action during the game could easily turn rough with all the movement going on to achieve ball control, so having enough protection on the turf ensures that you can effectively block shots and play defense.



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