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Best intermediate badminton racket reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Intermediate badminton rackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Do you want the best intermediate badminton racket, but you’re in a hurry? See this short paragraph for all the information you need. Our research team gathered data from customer feedback, expert opinions, and social media activity, and the unanimous conclusion is that the Senston N80 should be on top of your list. The racket offers excellent performance, and it is built for it, with a full graphite construction that makes it both manageable, and powerful. The isometric head helps, as well, with increasing your performance as a player, and it deals quickly with off-center hits. The cover provided is excellent for carrying the racket around, and it also offers excellent protection, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the strings or the racket itself. Is the Senston N80 no longer available? The next option you should consider is the Kevenz 2-Pack, another racket designed for optimal intermediate play.


Top features to consider


When looking for the best badminton racket for intermediate players, there are specific aspects to bear in mind. We want to offer you a solid starting point by putting together all the necessary considerations for making an informed decision. Here are the major points you should include in your search.



Increased speed


Intermediate players are capable of controlling their rackets to the best of their abilities, which means that what they need from their equipment is more speed. That is the first point to bear in mind. You need a lightweight racket that you can manipulate with ease so that you can increase your speed with each hit.

It is paramount to find a racket that is according to the specifications required by professional players. Search among the various models available for sale, one that is lightweight enough to provide you with this competitive edge, provided that you play to win. A lightweight model is capable of moving fast, and you will be able to send the ball back with increased speed, as well.



An intermediate player will prefer a durable model


You will need to make sure that the racket you are using is not made from inferior quality materials. That is a must if you need a racket that will help you during a competition. A lot of players get used to a particular racket, and if that particular one breaks, they may have a hard time to get accustomed to a new one. If you belong to this category of players, you will need a sturdy racket.

Pay attention to what materials are used for the shaft, the head, and the strings. All the components of the racket must contribute to your success, and they will fail to do that if they are not made from premium materials.





That is a trait that is not particularly important for players of lower levels, but intermediate players need it. Power shots are easier to land if your strings have plenty of bounce. That happens only if the strings are strung at a certain tension. You may try various models until you find the one that truly delivers the type of power shot you are after.



Top rated products



After reading the intermediate badminton racket reviews provided by experts and players, we concluded that a few models are truly worth your money and consideration. They are listed below.



Senston N80


The Senston N80 is built in T-joint for increased durability and reliability, and you will appreciate the attention to detail invested by this manufacturer is this specific model. The number one thing we should talk about is the graphite construction. If you do not know it yet, graphite is a type of material that is lightweight and durable, yet it still manages to provide enough flexibility for making power shots.

Both the shaft and the frame of this particular racket are made from graphite, which means that you get a strong piece of gear that will help you perform admirably on the field. The entire construction is durable and stable, and you can truly aim at superior performance when you use it.

The components are brought together and glued with a particular resin that does not put pressure on the joints. This is an important aspect, as models with metallic connectors usually perform poorly. This is a good badminton racket for intermediate players that will not let you down, due to its unique construction.

You should keep in mind that the string tension goes up to 28 pounds, which is enough for the professional standard. Fast and precise, this is the racket you need to advance as an intermediate player.

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Kevenz 2-Pack


Another excellent option for an intermediate badminton player, the Kevenz 2-Pack proves its excellence down to the smallest detail. The T-joint structure is guaranteed to offer extra power and resistance to torsion. The components are kept together by a combination high-quality resin and carbon fiber. Even the most powerful shots will not be able to make this racket come apart.

It must be said that the racket is lightweight, a must have for a model that is used by intermediate players. The tension is 22-26 pounds, comfortable enough for power and speed. At the same time, the total weight is 97g, ideal for what you have in mind.

The racket cable is protected by the groove frame, and overall, the entire design of this model is aimed at ensuring top quality at a decent price. The medium action shaft is another great plus of this racket, and it satisfies both the need for control and the one for speed.

The pack includes two rackets, which means that you can easily play with a friend, or have a spare that will come in handy when the need arises. Whenever you want to grab a pair of badminton rackets and enjoy an excellent game with your close ones, you will be able to do so.

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Yonex 2 Nanoray 6


A Yonex racket is never amiss from a selection of top quality equipment for badminton. The Yonex 2 Nanoray 6 is a model that satisfies even the most pretentious players. You get more than just a racket when you purchase this product. The package includes two rackets from this series and one tube of shuttlecocks so that you never run out.

The set is advertised by the manufacturer as the ideal choice for beginners, as well as intermediate players. The selection of materials is the first thing that should tell you that this is not a model intended only for casual play if you are so inclined. The nanomesh and nanotube used for the racket ensure that you will land the sharpest shots without a glitch.

The striking graphics will make a few heads turn. But this model has more than just looks. The 88g weight makes it extremely light, and that will give you more maneuverability.

The frame is made of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and comfortable. The string tension sits comfortably at 16-20 pounds, which is why it can be used with so much success by beginners, too. The Aero frame contributes to its superior performance.

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