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Best jump rope to buy

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Top jump ropes on the market – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Looking for the best jump rope to buy but you lack the time to go through all the information we have put together about the subject? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After taking into account aspects such as sales figures, opinions from specialized forums, and users’ overall feedback, we have reached the conclusion that the WODFitters Jump Rope is the item you should have your eyes on. Our conclusion was based on acknowledging all the features the product comes with such as the fact that it is made out of sturdy PVC rope, that it is easily adjustable. Also, the model has specially designed foam handles, which make it comfortable to use. In case the WODFitters Jump Rope is out of stock or unavailable, we suggest you give the Survival and Cross Rope a good look, as it is a great alternative.



Comparison table




Top features to consider:


Settling for a jump rope that fits one’s needs is not an easy task. Considering the fact that, nowadays, the market is flooded with many different models knowing what to bear in mind when deciding to buy such a product is a little difficult. To make things easier for you, we have done the research for you. Therefore, below you can find a short list of the most important features one cannot settle without when it comes to choosing the best jump rope on the market, for sale.



Ability to adjust length


One of the first things every potential buyer should have in mind is the length of the model. However, it is almost impossible to find a product that fits you perfectly in this regard. In order to settle this issue, we advise you to buy a model that gives you the ability to adjust its length.

Moreover, an adjustable model can be used by more than one user. So, you will be able to share your passion for rope jumping with friends or close ones without having to make further investments.



Type of rope


As any best jump rope to buy reviews should point out, another feature you have to consider before placing that order is the type of material the product is made out of. As you probably know, a sturdy rope is usually made out of leather of PVC. However, ropes made out of cloth are a less expensive alternative.

To make sure that the product you have deemed fitting for you will be able to meet your expectations, we suggest you verify users’ feedback. By doing so, you will be able to get a good grip of how the model behaves as well as information about possible drawbacks.





To ensure the utmost comfort of your workout routine, we suggest you pay extra attention to the model’s handles. In this regard, we recommend you pick a model that comes equipped with handles that have been designed to minimize fatigue and are very comfortable even for prolonged use.

For users that dislike handles made from a concrete, sturdy material, there is an alternative, as they can pick a product with handles made from foam. This kind of ergonomically constructed handles ensure extra comfort while they also prevent palm sweat and provide the firm grip one needs during his/her workout.



Top rated products



Below you can find our selection of the best models of jump rope on the market. Our decision was based on the information we were able to access at the time we did our online research. Moreover, we also had in mind the features we have discussed above as well as overall users’ feedback. So, read ahead and choose the model you think will best fit your needs.



WODFitters Jump


One of the highly appreciated models by users, the WODFitters Jump stands out due to its many appealing features. As it has been pointed out by current users, the model is an effective cardio tool. Thanks to its design and easiness of use, buyers can lose weight and get in shape jumping with this jump rope. What makes the product stand out is the fact that it spins fast because of, what its manufacturer calls, ` top of the line ball bearings`.

Moreover, the product caters to every user’s needs. While the adjustable length option makes it capable of fitting everybody, from adults to kids, the comfortable custom molded foam grip handles have been constructed is such a way as to minimize tiredness during prolonged use.

Also, the model’s rope is made out of sturdy PVC rope. The difference between this model and others made out of wire cable is the fact that the WODFitters Jump can be used on different surfaces, including on abrasive surfaces. Because of its high quality, this rope is fitting for both beginners and veteran jumpers alike.

Last but not least, the product comes with an additional carrying bag that makes it easy to transport and store in between uses. Moreover, the manufacturers also offer their users a lifetime warranty.

Buy from for ($24.99)




Survival and Cross Rope


Specially designed for intensive workouts, the Survival and Cross Rope is another model any potential buyer should consider. Made from wire cable, the model can be used for all ranges of jump rope steps such as double under, criss crosses or high knees by both beginners and pros.

Another worth considering feature of the device is it’s the fact that it is fully adjustable. In no time, by making use of two sliding screws and collars that set the handles at a certain length of the cable, users can size it in accordance to their needs by cutting off the excess cable.

Furthermore, this model makes for easy packing. Because it is small and light weighted, this jump rope can be easily transported. Besides, thanks to its size, it only requires small space to jump in. As a result weather or location concerns do not pose a problem anymore.

Additionally, the product includes an exercise manual that can be easily downloaded and used to get the best experience with the skipping rope. In this way, your workout experience will be greatly improved.

Buy from for ($10)




Limm Jump Rope


If you are in the market for a more convenient alternative, the Limm Jump Rope is a model that is worth your time. First of all this 9.8ft long rope can be easily adjustable down to your desired length within minutes. Moreover, the high-quality premium ball bearing feature makes this rope tangle-free.

Another significant feature of the device is the fact that it aims to provide comfort for its users. In this regard, the unique ergonomically designed handles supply the needed comfort while also preventing palm sweat and providing a firm grip.

Therefore, as current users argue, buyers who settle for this model are prone to enjoy intensive workouts without having to worry about the convenience of the device.

Furthermore, the model is, as manufacturer puts it, 100% risk-free. To show that they believe in the quality of their product, the seller provides potential users with a 60 days trial period. If at the end of the period users are unsatisfied with the quality of the product, they can return it and get their money back, no questions asked. However, the `deal` is available only if you make your purchase from some few online retailers.

Buy from for ($24.99)




Jump ropes for weight loss – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


In the market for the best jump rope for weight loss but you just don’t have the time to read all the buying guides and reviews we have put together? There’s a way out for you! To make this shopping experience easier for you, we have looked at users’ reviews, price to value ratio as well as to overall brand quality and we have concluded that the WOD Nation Speed is the mode you should have your eyes on due to its custom-designed handles and the easily adjustable cable. Moreover, the product comes equipped with a nylon carrying bag that makes packing and transportation effortless. If the WOD Nation Speed is out of stock, give the POVIT P-1114 a good look as it is an alternative worth considering.


Top features to consider:


Shopping for the best weight loss jump rope, for sale is not an easy job considering the multitude of models that are flooding the market at the current time. To give you a hand, we have created a list of the most important features one cannot ignore when shopping in this category of products. So, read ahead and see what features you have to consider before placing that order!



Adjustable cord length


Before settling on a model, any jump rope potential buyer should pay attention to whether or not the model that they have decided on has an adjustable cord length. The reason behind this recommendation lays in the fact that most probably, a model that does not come with this feature is a risky investment. Because we all differ in size and shape, an adjustable model is prone to fit all needs and not cause any disappointments.

Moreover, we advise you to look for products that come with a spare cable included. By doing so, you will not have to make a second purchase in case the first rope wears off or breaks.



Jump counter


For those who want to keep track of the effort they have put into their workout, we suggest you buy a product that comes with an incorporated jump counter. Other similar functions include a calorie counter, fat counter as well as the function of showing you how long have you been jogging for.

These kinds of counters work best for those users who enjoy having their workout sessions clearly motorized, as well as for those who need extra motivation.





One of the utmost important elements of a jump rope design is its handles. As any best jump rope for weight loss reviews are prone to point out, the handles are the ones that ensure users’ comfort. Therefore, we suggest you buy a product that comes equipped with non-slip handles that are constructed in such a way as to reduce hand fatigue during longer workouts.

In order to make the right choice, look for models that are made from a sturdy material but that also have a foam-like covering.



Top rated products



Because the final decision decides to you, we are here to give you extra help by presenting to you our selection of the top three models from this category of products. In the making of this list, we took into account all the features we have talked about before as well as aspects such as users’ feedback and price to value ratio. So, read ahead and be sure to choose the model that suits you best.



WOD Nation Speed


One of the best rated products by current buyers, the WOD Nation Speed is one of those models that strive to provide the best for its users. Among the features that recommend it, we have to draw your attention to the fact that this is a 2 in 1 model that equips buyers with an extra cable.

Therefore, in case something happens to the first jump rope, you will have the additional spare one to use. As a result, you will not have to make more unwanted investments. As a plus, the product was designed in such a way as to not only spin quickly but also last a long time.

Also, the manufacturer made sure that this model of jump rope is not only fast but also creates a very stable rope swing so that you can recover from inaccurate swings in a blink of an eye.

Another feature that users have pointed out is the adjustable cable. Although it comes at 11 foot in length, this 2.5mm coated cable can be easily adjusted with a cord cutter so that it fits all rope jumpers. Additionally, the model comes with a nylon carrying bag that makes transportation and storing effortless.

Buy from for ($17.93)




POVIT P-1114


Another model worth considering is the POVIT P-1114. Designed to keep count of your daily workout, this model comes equipped with five modes able to display time (clock mode), time your exercise routine (timer mode) or show how many times you have jumped (count mode); also, you can count your calories with the calorie mode, while the fat mode displays the fat reduced after exercising. Therefore, if you settle for this model, you will be able to keep in shape while also motivate yourself by looking at what you were able to achieve.

Moreover, the device has comfortable handles that are non-slip, a feature that makes them easy to use due to the fact that they have been designed to reduce hand fatigue during longer workouts.

Also, users should bear in mind that the rope utilized in the making of this product qualify it as a great device to use for all type of exercises including cardio and fitness. As a plus, due to its versatility, the product is fit to be used by both children and adults, no matter how experienced they are.

Last but definitely not least, the product comes shipped with an additional jump rope manual that offers its users more info about how they can use the device to achieve the best results possible.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Pure Power Products


We couldn’t have ended our selection without mentioning the Pure Power Jump Rope. Another highly appreciated product by users, this model stands out due to its quality. Made out of advanced zero kink polymer coated speweighted cable, the rope has been specially designed for effortless high-speed rotation so that you will get the best out of your routine no matter your age or size.

Also, as a way of complementing the above-mentioned feature, the Phat Grip stunt handles ensure the same comfort and speed due to the fact that they are perfectly weighted and balanced. As a result, users can enjoy a good grip while exercising at a considerable pace.

Because the model intends to cater for the users’ every need, the product comes shipped with a handful of additional accessories such as a spare kink free pro cable, bauxite bearings as well as with rubber protectors and a rope protector.

To make sure clients are satisfied with this product, the manufacturer also provides a free test spin. In case the product is not deemed fit by the customers, the manufacturer guarantees that the client will receive all the invested money back.

Buy from for ($12.98)




Jump ropes for fitness – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you feel pressed for time, but you still want to know which model is the best jump rope for fitness, the following paragraph will help you out in your endeavor. The 321 Strong is currently the model that seems to receive unanimous appreciation from buyers for its high performance and overall quality. The length of the handle is about 6 inches, which makes the rope easy to manipulate and use. The cable is also long, at 11 feet, which makes it easy for anyone to use this jump rope, should they be inclined to do so. Even men who are over 7 feet tall can use this jump rope in perfect conditions, to improve their cardio conditioning and overall fitness levels. The carrying bag comes in handy for easy transportation. In case the 321 Strong is no longer available, we are firmly recommending the Survival and Cross, a model that comes a close second to the first model in any top for great jump ropes.


Top Features to Consider


It is imperative for anyone looking to improve their fitness levels to get a product that will manage to enhance their efficiency in doing so. A jump rope is a cheap and logical choice since it helps a lot with performing cardio without the need for extra equipment. With so many jump ropes available on the market, however, you may feel quite hard pressed to pick the right one without some long and tiresome research. We have you covered with this buying guide that will help you get the best jump ropes for fitness with zero headaches.



Proper length


A jump rope is, practically, a long string of material that will help you jump rhythmically to increase your heartbeat and make you break into a sweat. For losing weight and for natural improvement of fitness levels, jumping rope is the most useful exercise. However, if you go for a jump rope, make sure that it has the proper length.

Particularly for tall individuals, getting a good rope for fitness can be a great challenge. If you are among these people, make sure to get a model that is at least 11 feet long, so that you do not feel restrained in any way while you are jumping the rope.



Comfortable handles


While exercising, it is essential that you focus on nothing more but the task at hand. If you read the best fitness jump rope reviews, you will notice that comfortable handles score high among the things you need to keep in mind when you are picking such a piece of equipment. The handles need to be long enough and provide proper grip.


Extras you may need


While shopping around and looking at the jump ropes available for sale, you may notice that some models come with some extras included. For instance, a replacement capable is a nice add-on as it will allow you to switch to the new one when the old one becomes too worn. A carrying case is another accessory you will like since you will be able to take the jump rope along with you on your travels.




Top rated products



The best jump ropes for fitness are listed below. Picked from a wide range of products based on what customers have to say about them and the information offered by their manufacturers, they are all products that are worth spending money on, and you will not be disappointed.


321 Strong


If you decide to purchase the 321 Strong, you will have no regrets, especially if you are a tall person who usually cannot find a proper jump rope to increase their fitness levels. This model has the longest length on the market, at 11 feet, so that even guys who are 7 feet tall can use it without a problem. The attention invested in all the details of this model is commendable, too.

The handles are 6 inches long, and they allow you to hold on to the rope without experiencing any inconveniences. The thumb screws are easy to adjust, and the foam grip on the handles offers a pretty secure hold, although some users mention that they can get slippery when you sweat more.

The materials used in the making of this jump rope are superior in quality. The rope itself is made from braided steel wire. This is unlikely to break, no matter how hard or for how long you are using it. The thread is covered in PVC that further protects the length and gives the rope a smooth appearance. Along with your purchase, you will get a nylon carry bag, for the times when you want to travel, and you don’t want to leave your jump rope at home.



The 6-inch handles are very comfortable and will allow even people with larger hands to hold on to the jump rope without any problems.

The cable is coated in PVC, while made from steel wire on the inside, braided to ensure extra resistance. Overall, the construction of the cable is designed to last.

The total length is 11 feet, longer than anything else you may find on the market, and it helps different individuals to practice cardio exercises, regardless of their height.

You will get a carrying bag made from nylon that allows easy storage. The rope is very portable, and you can take it with you everywhere you want to go.

A replacement cable is provided with your purchase, for maximum value and convenience.


The handles tend to get slippery when you exercise a lot, and you start sweating. This issue can be solved by wrapping them with tape.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Survival and Cross


Whether you want to improve your cardio conditioning, or you are preparing for your MMA training, this jump rope is sure to provide you with all the advantages you expect from a versatile piece of equipment. Be aware that the rope is very lightweight and works best at high speeds, which means that it is a better fit for a particular type of user.

This is a speed jump rope, and that shows in its construction. The cable is thin and lightweight, but it does not tangle, and you will not have to worry about breaking it by accident. If you misstep and you get the rope to snap, the one who is most likely to suffer will be you, in case the sturdy cable whips you over the legs.

You can adjust the length of the cable with the help of the sliding screws and handles present. In case you are the only person who is going to use the rope, you can cut it to serve you and no out else. In other words, you will get your custom made jump rope with minimum effort on your part. For beginners and experts alike, this model is a good fit.



For the conditioning type of workout, or for preparing for MMA training, this jump rope proves to be a versatile, dependable model.

Made from high-quality materials, the Survival and Cross is intended to serve for many years, and you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment in your training.

The jump rope wraps tightly into a small bundle, which makes it highly portable and easy for you to carry it around with ease.

The model is easy to adjust to the length you need. You will just have to use the sliding screws and the collars, and you will have the jump rope you desire for your fitness training.

The rope doesn’t get tangled, and it does not sabotage your training in any way.


Some buyers mention that after extended usage in outside settings, the outside coating on the cable starts wearing out, which may call for a replacement.

Buy from for ($10)




Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip


If you like jumping the rope, and you like a piece of equipment that supplies you with smooth, fast action, the Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip may be right up your alley. The cable does not tangle, and it moves quickly once you set it into action. In case you have been searching for a new challenge for some time now, this jump rope is a good way to get started.

Buyers appreciate how easy it is to adjust the length of the cable. The adjusters are located inside the handles, and they are easy to use. In case you have other people at home who would like to exercise just as much as you do, you can let them use the same rope and adjust it to their height.

You will notice that the handles are very lightweight and comfortable. Because they are covered in memory foam, they will not slip away from your hands when you are jumping at high speeds. The grip is secure, and the ergonomic way the handles are shaped helps a lot with overall comfort, as well. Along with your purchase, you will get a bonus training video that offers you plenty of routines to get started.



The jump rope uses a ball bearing system that makes sure that the cable will move at high speeds without tangling, while you are still comfortable with the handles.

The cable is coated with a type of polymer which helps with protecting the cable inside, and also with the high speeds, you can attain while using this jump rope.

The cable is easy to adjust to your height. You will find the necessary hardware for adjustments in the handles. If you feel like it, you can lend your jump rope to others, and they can adjust the length, too.

The handles are coated with memory foam, and they offer easy, secure grip. Their ergonomic shape enhances the feeling of comfort you will experience while jumping the rope.


There are no cutters included for customizing the length of the rope, but, since there is an adjusting system in place, this mishap should not come across as a make or break drawback.

Buy from for ($13.97)




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