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Best jump rope to buy


Top jump ropes on the market – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Looking for the best jump rope to buy but you lack the time to go through all the information we have put together about the subject? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After taking into account aspects such as sales figures, opinions from specialized forums, and users’ overall feedback, we have reached the conclusion that the WODFitters Jump Rope is the item you should have your eyes on. Our conclusion was based on acknowledging all the features the product comes with such as the fact that it is made out of sturdy PVC rope, that it is easily adjustable. Also, the model has specially designed foam handles, which make it comfortable to use. In case the WODFitters Jump Rope is out of stock or unavailable, we suggest you give the Survival and Cross Rope a good look, as it is a great alternative.



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Top features to consider:


Settling for a jump rope that fits one’s needs is not an easy task. Considering the fact that, nowadays, the market is flooded with many different models knowing what to bear in mind when deciding to buy such a product is a little difficult. To make things easier for you, we have done the research for you. Therefore, below you can find a short list of the most important features one cannot settle without when it comes to choosing the best jump rope on the market, for sale.



Ability to adjust length


One of the first things every potential buyer should have in mind is the length of the model. However, it is almost impossible to find a product that fits you perfectly in this regard. In order to settle this issue, we advise you to buy a model that gives you the ability to adjust its length.

Moreover, an adjustable model can be used by more than one user. So, you will be able to share your passion for rope jumping with friends or close ones without having to make further investments.



Type of rope


As any best jump rope to buy reviews should point out, another feature you have to consider before placing that order is the type of material the product is made out of. As you probably know, a sturdy rope is usually made out of leather of PVC. However, ropes made out of cloth are a less expensive alternative.

To make sure that the product you have deemed fitting for you will be able to meet your expectations, we suggest you verify users’ feedback. By doing so, you will be able to get a good grip of how the model behaves as well as information about possible drawbacks.





To ensure the utmost comfort of your workout routine, we suggest you pay extra attention to the model’s handles. In this regard, we recommend you pick a model that comes equipped with handles that have been designed to minimize fatigue and are very comfortable even for prolonged use.

For users that dislike handles made from a concrete, sturdy material, there is an alternative, as they can pick a product with handles made from foam. This kind of ergonomically constructed handles ensure extra comfort while they also prevent palm sweat and provide the firm grip one needs during his/her workout.



Top rated products



Below you can find our selection of the best models of jump rope on the market. Our decision was based on the information we were able to access at the time we did our online research. Moreover, we also had in mind the features we have discussed above as well as overall users’ feedback. So, read ahead and choose the model you think will best fit your needs.



WODFitters Jump


One of the highly appreciated models by users, the WODFitters Jump stands out due to its many appealing features. As it has been pointed out by current users, the model is an effective cardio tool. Thanks to its design and easiness of use, buyers can lose weight and get in shape jumping with this jump rope. What makes the product stand out is the fact that it spins fast because of, what its manufacturer calls, ` top of the line ball bearings`.

Moreover, the product caters to every user’s needs. While the adjustable length option makes it capable of fitting everybody, from adults to kids, the comfortable custom molded foam grip handles have been constructed is such a way as to minimize tiredness during prolonged use.

Also, the model’s rope is made out of sturdy PVC rope. The difference between this model and others made out of wire cable is the fact that the WODFitters Jump can be used on different surfaces, including on abrasive surfaces. Because of its high quality, this rope is fitting for both beginners and veteran jumpers alike.

Last but not least, the product comes with an additional carrying bag that makes it easy to transport and store in between uses. Moreover, the manufacturers also offer their users a lifetime warranty.

Buy from for ($24.99)




Survival and Cross Rope


Specially designed for intensive workouts, the Survival and Cross Rope is another model any potential buyer should consider. Made from wire cable, the model can be used for all ranges of jump rope steps such as double under, criss crosses or high knees by both beginners and pros.

Another worth considering feature of the device is it’s the fact that it is fully adjustable. In no time, by making use of two sliding screws and collars that set the handles at a certain length of the cable, users can size it in accordance to their needs by cutting off the excess cable.

Furthermore, this model makes for easy packing. Because it is small and light weighted, this jump rope can be easily transported. Besides, thanks to its size, it only requires small space to jump in. As a result weather or location concerns do not pose a problem anymore.

Additionally, the product includes an exercise manual that can be easily downloaded and used to get the best experience with the skipping rope. In this way, your workout experience will be greatly improved.

Buy from for ($10)




Limm Jump Rope


If you are in the market for a more convenient alternative, the Limm Jump Rope is a model that is worth your time. First of all this 9.8ft long rope can be easily adjustable down to your desired length within minutes. Moreover, the high-quality premium ball bearing feature makes this rope tangle-free.

Another significant feature of the device is the fact that it aims to provide comfort for its users. In this regard, the unique ergonomically designed handles supply the needed comfort while also preventing palm sweat and providing a firm grip.

Therefore, as current users argue, buyers who settle for this model are prone to enjoy intensive workouts without having to worry about the convenience of the device.

Furthermore, the model is, as manufacturer puts it, 100% risk-free. To show that they believe in the quality of their product, the seller provides potential users with a 60 days trial period. If at the end of the period users are unsatisfied with the quality of the product, they can return it and get their money back, no questions asked. However, the `deal` is available only if you make your purchase from some few online retailers.

Buy from for ($24.99)



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