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Best kettlebel to buy


Top kettlebells on the market – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Are you looking for the best kettlebell to buy? Do you have nothing but a few moments to spare? Read this paragraph, and you will not have to go through the entire buying guide put together by our research, albeit useful. After going through customer surveys, forum comments, reviews, experts’ points of view and the like, we reached the conclusion that the Rep Fitness is the best recommendation one can make at the moment. You can use this kettlebell with the same tremendous success for CrossFit, as well as other types of training. Because you have the weights marked in both metric and imperial systems, you don’t have to convert when you need to follow different regimens. The textured handle is very comfortable and easy on your hands. If the Rep Fitness goes out of stock and you lost your chance to purchase it, try the Yes4All, which is a second best worthy of your hard earned dollar.


Top features to consider:


Many people like kettlebells, because they offer such a great way to train in different manners that one would feel hard pressed to name other weight equipment that offers the same versatility for the same price. The best kettlebell to buy reviews consider some features more important than others, and we thought of putting all these elements together in a comprehensive buying guide to help you while shopping.



Material and coating


We are not going to talk here about the best kettlebell weight for the simple reason that this can mean different things to different people, and what may work like a charm for a teenager would not be just as effective for someone with years of training under their belt. The best material used for making kettlebells is cast iron.

Cast iron is heavy enough to make even the smallest and most compact kettlebell carry a lot of weight. The coating may vary a little, though. Glossy enamel is usually the type of cheap coating on most kettlebells, but it suffers from the sin of getting chipped easily. The small chips can begin cutting into your hand if you’re not careful.

A more resistant vinyl coating or rubberized coating is highly recommended. Not only will this type of coating protect your hands, but also your floors at home.



Solid grip


Another thing you want in a kettlebell is having a good solid grip when you start training. Kettlebells can quickly turn into lethal cannonballs if they slip from your hands while you are performing your regular exercises. This is nothing to take lightly. Check what kind of grip is provided and even try a few different kettlebells to see how they perform.





If you have just discovered the best kettlebell exercise for weight loss and the only thing you need is a kettlebell, then you should also focus on the ergonomics provided. No matter how great a kettlebell is, it will not be able to offer you the best results possible, if the handle is not comfortable.

Your hands could easily get calloused if you are training with the wrong type of kettlebell. Focus on such simple aspects, and you will be able to get the kettlebell you want without experiencing any discomforts.



Top rated products



The best kettlebells to buy are listed as follows. What you need to know is that no matter which of the following models you decide to buy, you will have no regrets, as their craftsmanship and performance are superior, given the price they demand.



Rep Fitness


Do you like performing CrossFit exercises? This kettlebell will help you get simply better by giving you the possibility to try a broad range of exercises. Because the weight is marked in kilos and pounds to avoid any confusion caused by conversion, this kettlebell is much loved by its buyers. What is more important, the kettlebell conforms to the guidelines for CrossFit training routines, for maximum efficiency.

Another great piece of news, should you decide to purchase this particular model is that you no longer have to use chalk to get a good solid grip on the handle. The smooth textured handle is easy to grab, and it will not slip from your hands, so you can easily avoid a lot of unpleasant accidents. When you are performing high reps, the kettlebell will remain like glued to your hands.

The kettlebell is coated with a matte powder that prevents chipping and also increases the grip. For this reason, this model is much better than kettlebells painted with glossy enamel that often chips and can cause nasty cuts into your hands when you should be focusing on the exercises you are performing.

Buy from for ($73.99)






The next model on this shortlist is the Yes4All, a model that sports a traditional design, but high performance, worthy of the 21st-century training demands. This kettlebell will successfully help you shape your body while becoming more flexible and stronger. The material used for this kettlebell is cast iron coated with color-coded vinyl. The latter prevents rusting, so you can enjoy your favorite kettlebell for years to come.

The fact that this kettlebell is coated contributes to another good advantage. When you place the kettlebell on the floor, you will notice the reduced noise, and you will be able to protect the floors from any damage. When you are training at home, this may be something you want to keep in mind.

You don’t have to worry that this kettlebell will be difficult to handle. This model provides an ideal grip, and its handle is wide enough for any hand. The handle is also textured, for increased gripping power. It is made from solid steel for an excellent grip, as well. Because the kettlebell has a flat bottom, it will be easy for you to perform a broad range of exercises such as renegade rows, handstands, and others.

Buy from for ($32.99)






The GoFit is another great option if you want a kettlebell for home-based training. For many users, the type of coating used is critical, because it can make the difference between superior control and performance and not so great results. In this case, the manufacturer used a durable rubberized coating that will not damage your floor.

This type of coating serves for increased grip control. If you do not want your kettlebell to fly from your hands when you least expect it, a good coating is highly recommended. Available in many different weights, this kettlebell offers everyone the possibility to start training in the most efficient manner. Even children, seniors, and women can use the proper kettlebell for great training.

An interesting aspect to be noted about the GoFit is its unique shape. This shape helps with comfortable use, and you will like how the kettlebell wraps around the wrist and forearm, giving you the possibility to exercise more while enjoying your training. Information on how to start training, and then performing more advanced exercises, is provided in the form of a workout DVD that includes introductory materials and core exercises for intense cardio regimens.

Buy from for ($64.99)




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