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Best kickboxing gloves reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Kickboxing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve done your fair share of research and haven’t gotten any closer to finding the best gloves for kickboxing, let this short paragraph ease things up a bit. After going through plenty of boxing gear expert review sites and endless user feedback, we have found what is considered the best product in this category by consumers, the Sanabul Essential. Built with performance-engineered leather construction, these awesome kickboxing gloves are designed to withstand the enormous pressure of a heavy workout at the gym or the ring to give you a confident, winning stance. The longitudinal arch design of the gloves conforms to the anatomical shape of your hands so you can form a properly clenched fist that can help you punch your way to victory. The integrated Durasoft Gel Impact Protection Foam delivers just the right level of padding without impinging on the free motion of your enclosed hands. The high popularity of the Sanabul Essential can make stocks run out easily, but we recommend the second best option, the Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER.



Comparison table






Top features to consider:


If you are to improve your speed, performance, and power in the ring, you ought to invest in the right kind of kickboxing gloves. The best type of gloves delivers superior hand protection and helps you streamline your punching technique for a successful workout and ring performance. These are what you want to find in the best pair of gloves.



The top-rated products in the best gloves for kickboxing reviews boast premium-quality craftsmanship


In terms of durability and quality, leather gloves offer better qualities compared to vinyl gloves. Oftentimes, when it comes to vinyl gloves, people tend to consider them cheap and low-quality. While vinyl gloves serve better for cardio-boxing, leather gloves are suitable for everything else.

Vinyl gloves wear out quickly, so a replacement will have to be purchased soon after you have gotten your first pair. Go for leather gloves instead, which are able to withstand the scrapes and the force of high-speed impact.

Low-quality gloves allow your hands and knuckles to sustain cuts and bruises easily. You will also be endangering your opponent, who may sustain more suffering because of the poor material and padding of the gloves. Get gloves from a reliable brand and source for your and your opponent’s safety.

A nylon-based thread guarantees that the padding remains where it should and doesn’t shift with use. Most importantly, you want the gloves to stand the test of time.



The best kickboxing gloves reviews also give good ratings to comfortable gloves


The gloves should still be comfortable even with your hands encased in hand wraps. The gloves should not compel your hands to be in an unnaturally closed shape. You want exceptional cushioning qualities as well. The gloves should fit your fingers, wrist, and hands perfectly.



A pair of good gloves for kickboxing offers superb functionality and easy use


The color of your kickboxing gloves also matters. Some colors are less visible to the human eye, which can be an advantage during a fight because your opponent will be unable to see where your punches are coming from.

Red gloves are heavily favored especially during fights because they have less visibility compared to other hues in the spectrum. Gloves with light colors are more easily visible and are best for training purposes. Gloves in other colors can be used for training, mitts work and with other training equipment.

Lace-up gloves were popular a long time ago but with more people opting to train on their own, Velcro boxing gloves were introduced to the market and caught on rapidly with kickboxers. Velcro or hook-and-loop closures are easier to pull on and off. That said, lace-up gloves provide a tighter, snugger fit.



Top rated products



There is a wide array of choices on kickboxing gloves. This may somewhat complicate the buying process, but the above buying guide should help you become a more informed consumer. We have also highlighted the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Sanabul Essential


If you want nothing less than a performance-engineered leather construction in your kickboxing gloves, the Sanabul Essential will prove to be your best choice. These high-quality gloves are made of durable material that makes them easy to clean and maintain. No need for complicated cleaning procedures or special cleaning chemicals.

The integrated Gel Impact Protection Foam delivers exceptional protection and incredible softness to help you avoid injury to your hands during training. Your hands will be kept from blisters and calluses thanks to the ability of the gel-infused padding to absorb impact on your hands due to the force of your strikes.

The gloves also come with a longitudinal arch design that provides the perfect fit that conforms to the natural shape of your hands so you can clench your fists the proper way when executing a punch or strike. An unnaturally-closed fist could easily get injured or broken.

The secure Velcro Closure system provides a secure and snug fit during training and also makes the gloves easy to put on and take off by yourself.

Essentially designed for the potential kickboxing champion, these gloves provide the much-needed protection and comfort to your hands without compromising on optimal functionality for a productive training session every time.



With their performance-engineered leather construction, these boxing gloves provide many boxing seasons of use thanks to their durable, high-quality material that is also easy to maintain and clean.

Users will appreciate the exclusive Gel Impact Protection Foam that helps shield the hands from injury during training while delivering a good level of softness and protection.

Another feature worth looking at is the Longitudinal Arch Design, which promotes the proper clenching of the hands into a tight fist by adhering to the natural curvature of the appendage.

Worried about having to pull on and take off the gloves? With the secure Velcro Closure system, you are guaranteed a tight and secure fit for training while making the gear easy to wear and remove.

Breathability is assured via the mesh palm that keeps the hands cool and provides effortless air circulation.



Although these issues may be purely subjective, one buyer says the gloves fold a bit under pressure and have too much padding.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER


If you want the perfect pair of sparring gloves for kickboxing, striking, boxing and Muay Thai, the 10+ STYLES Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER gloves are your best bet. These kickboxing gloves are made of 100 percent premium buffalo leather to make them superior in performance and durability compared to engineered, synthetic and traditional leather gloves.

The gloves carry a classic Muay Thai design that is optimized for competition, bag and pad work, training, and sparring. The gloves also feature triple-density, premium-performance Polyurethane foam to provide maximum impact absorption and protection. Aside from delivering a secure fit, the gloves also deliver enhanced wrist protection so you can fight safely.

The moisture-wicking lining enables you to train long and hard without getting overly clammy and sweaty hands. With their 100 percent performance-focused, no-nonsense artwork, the gloves make you look intimidating to your opponent.

These sparring gloves are made with a simple yet ambitious objective: to outclass even the most popular Muay Thai gloves on the market while being available at just half the cost. This pair of gloves offers a superb kickboxing workout experience thanks to their optimal comfort and functionality.

These gloves make practice sessions more productive to fuel your dreams of becoming a champion in the ring.



Constructed out of premium buffalo leather, these gloves offer a good performance and durability compared to standard leather and synthetically engineered pairs.

The classic Muay Thai design is leveraged sufficiently for sparring, bag and pad work, training, and competition so you can use the gloves for boxing and kickboxing, aside from Muay Thai.

Enjoy maximum protection and optimal impact absorption thanks to the triple-density, high-performance polyurethane foam

You are assured your hands do not collect too much sweat even if you train long and hard because the gloves feature an innovative moisture-wicking lining.

Because the gloves have a Velcro-type closure system, they offer a secure fit and are quite easy to pull on and take off without the need for assistance.



Some users say the knuckle padding is a bit thin but this is due to how the gloves are designed to follow the curvature of the hand for a tightly clenched fist.

Buy from for ($90)




Everlast 4402B


The Everlast 4402B is a pair of multifunctional sports, fighting, and fitness training gloves that offer superior functionality and protection to the kickboxing expert or beginner. The gloves carry a fingerless design to enable the boxer to leverage freer motion of their fingers without compromising on protection and comfort.

The gloves come with a full wrist strap that delivers exceptional wrist support by providing a snug and more customizable fit. You won’t have to fear that the gloves would come loose at the most inopportune moments during your training or the fight. The gloves fit securely on the hands without compromising on comfort and safety.

The palm has been updated with a new full-mesh structure that guarantees breathability. Sweating will be prevented or reduced because air circulates well through the palm to effectively keep heat buildup at bay. The newly designed extended knuckle padding keeps your fingers protected while training. The synthetic leather construction guarantees durability.

The gloves come with their own carrying case for problem-free transport and storage. The compact and lightweight design of the gloves enables easy wearing and does not interfere with your striking capability or the power of your punches. You will love how the gloves fit your hands securely for problem-free hitting.



Because your moments on the ring and during training count a lot to helping you become a better fighter, these gloves ensure reliable wrist support so you can strike without worrying about your hands’ safety.

For comfort and breathability, the hand protection gear comes with a new full-mesh palm that allows the free flow of air to keep the perspiration away longer.

Get a more personalized fit every time thanks to the full wrist wrap strap that enables you to pull the gloves on securely around the wrists so they don’t come loose.

With the fingerless design, the gloves ensure dexterity to move your digits as you punch so you can achieve the proper punching form and still use your hands to grasp or hold things when needed.



According to one customer, these gloves are not designed to fit people whose hands are larger than average because they come in just a single size.

Buy from for ($22.49)



Boxing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Comparison table




Whether you are working out with a heavy bag or sparring with a partner, you need a pair of durable and protective boxing gloves. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will help you quickly and easily choose the best boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves-Aux niche FIRE


Top features to consider:





Some of the best boxing gloves are constructed from durable synthetic or cowhide leather. This sturdy material is easy to wipe clean, and is designed to withstand excess wear and tear. Leather is also resistant to splits and cracks that can cause the gloves to fall apart.





You want the boxing gloves to be able to protect your wrists and hands, and fit properly. Adjustable straps help to ensure a secure fit, along with adding extra support to your wrists. Padding on the front and back of the gloves, and around the cuff can prevent the painful breaks and bruising that is a common result of hard hits. You might also want to consider a pair of boxing gloves with an attached thumb for additional protection from painful injuries.





Boxing gloves are available in a variety of colors and designs, which makes it easy to find a pair that suits your taste and style. Other design features to consider can include mesh liners to improve air flow and comfort, along with small vented openings. Gloves with reinforced palms can provide you with extra protection from impact shock, and triple layers of foam are always appreciated.



Top rated products



While we can’t choose the equipment for you, the following brief reviews can help you make an informed decision so you can safely work out with a friend or train on the best punching bag.



Venum Elite 


1.Venum Elite Boxing GlovesThese boxing gloves are designed to stand out in appearance and performance. The bold graphics are eye catching, and the sturdy construction offers maximum protection.

Ideal for workouts and sparring matches, these boxing gloves might be exactly what you are looking for.

The durable synthetic leather construction is designed to withstand your hardest thrown punches, and the sturdy seams without burst upon impact.

You will appreciate the thick triple density padding that helps to protect your wrists and hands from impact shock. The palm of the gloves is also reinforced for added protection from hard hits.

You will appreciate the inner mesh panel that helps keep hands cool and comfortable, and the adjustable wrist strap ensures a secure fit. For added protection from injury, these boxing gloves are designed with the thumb fully attached.



Made from premium Skintex leather, these boxing gloves are built to last, and they will see a lot of action before showing any signs of wear and tear.

The construction of the gloves is designed to offer superior comfort, which is why the mesh panel you will notice under the fist serves for regulating temperature.

The gloves come with a triple layer of foam, ensuring plenty of padding to avoid any injuries while you are training hard.

Another feature you will notice is the reinforced palm that serves for increasing impact absorption, thus protecting your hands against damage.

The full attached thumb keeps your hand in a natural and anatomically correct position to prevent injury while training.



There is not exactly a snug fit for those with smaller hands, so you may feel like they could have been tighter. Seeing that these gloves are made for heavy users who usually have larger hands, this may be a plus.

Buy from for ($78.78)




RDX Cow Hide Leather 


2.RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing GlovesAffordably priced and designed to last, these boxing gloves are perfect for sparring, punching bags or Muay Thai training. The sleek professional style of the gloves shows that you are serious, and the sturdy leather construction can withstand your hard thrown hits and jabs.

Constructed from durable cow hide leather, the gloves will form to the natural contours of your fist. The 2 inch layers of protective gel will effectively absorb impact shock and prevent bruises and other painful injuries.

You also have the advantage of the longer cuff that not only provides exceptional support, it is also padded for protection and comfort.

The attached thumbs are vented to allow air flow, and you will appreciate the inner mesh lining that helps to keep your hands cool and comfortable.

The liner can also prevent moisture and bacteria from forming which can ruin a great pair of boxing gloves. Perfect for athletes at all skill levels, these sparring gloves might be just what you need for your next match.



Impact absorption is paramount, which is why the manufacturer of these gloves decided to use a particular type of gel, called Shell-Shock for protecting the user’s hands.

The wrist straps are longer and wider than what you may normally see on the market, to ensure that all types of boxers can benefit from a snug fit, no matter how large or small their hands are.

Proper ventilation is another must-have for a pair of boxing gloves, and this model delivers with its Cool X mesh on the palm of the glove, and the SPP treated thumb.

The TLock feature makes sure that you will not hurt your hands while in training, by keeping your thumb in the correct position.



The medium feel of these gloves may satisfy some users, while some may prefer a heavier version, especially if they like hitting the heavy punching bag hard.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Ringside Heritage Lace 


3.Ringside Heritage Lace Boxing GlovesFeaturing a nostalgic and classic design, these boxing gloves are also durable and effective at preventing injuries. While this pair of boxing gloves might be priced slightly higher than similar models, it is well worth it if you love the look of classic sparring equipment.

The gloves are contoured to fit the natural shape of your fist, and the durable cowhide leather construction can withstand hard hits and jabs.

You will love the close attention paid to every detail of these boxing gloves, from the beautifully stitched logo to the reinforced seams. The injected foam padding will protect your hands from injury, and effectively absorb impact shock.

You will appreciate the breathable mesh lining that will help keep your hands cool and comfortable, and you have the added advantage of the small vented openings on the thumbs.

The cuffs are also padded for added protection, and the securely fastening strap ensures a secure fit and plenty of support.



Made from real cowhide leather, these boxing gloves are durable, and they can withstand a lot of action before showing any sign of damage.

The hook and loop straps are not only handy, but they are extra wide, which means that boxers with larger hands will appreciate them.

The pre-curved design ensures that your hands will not suffer injuries by throwing punches at awkward angles.

The injected foam padding is molded to take after your hands, so you will be able to appreciate the extra safety provided by these gloves.

The gloves are designed to offer a perfect fit and extra protection.



Some buyers mention that, because leather absorbs moisture, the gloves will look a tad darker after a good solid workout session. The color will go back to normal, once the moisture wicks.

Buy from for ($159.99)





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