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Best kickboxing punching bag reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Punching bags for kickboxing – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Too tired of running around looking for the best punching bag for kickboxing? This short paragraph covers the information you need on this kind of product. We have consulted numerous review sites for athletic equipment and compiled ratings and reviews in actual owner feedback for different products in this category. Thanks to that exhaustive work, we have found what the majority of consumers consider the top-rating choice, the RDX Filled Wall. This product comes complete with a 16-gauge, heavy-duty, powder-coated steel Pro wall bracket for problem-free mounting the minute the package gets to your doorstep. The customer also receives an 18-gauge, premium-grade, powder-coated steel, heavy ceiling hook for flexible installation according to preference. Best for budget seekers and those who want value for money, this product comes with steel chains, a pair of hand wraps, a jump rope, swivel, D-shackle, fixtures and fittings, a hand gripper, a pair of boxing gloves, a hook for the punching bag strap, and a keyring. You get all that in one package, which is more than any other product can offer. Should the RDX Filled Wall run out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the Flexzion Heavy.


Top features to consider:


When you are into kickboxing, unleashing all that kicking power should be done on a premium-quality punching bag. It can be difficult to find a top-quality kickboxing punching bag because of the variety of brands, models, and set options for sale. What should be considered in this kind of athletic equipment?



Choose a product in the best kickboxing bag reviews that offers a superb functionality and the items you really need


A kickboxing bag should deliver as expected, with a tough performance considering the punishment it’s going to take from all that kicking. The bag should withstand punches, kicks, swings, sweat, and more without coming apart at the seams or losing its shape and form. It should prove to be strong regardless of the intensity of your workouts.

The top-quality ones ship with a variety of add-ons to deliver out-of-the-box functionality. You get the needed hardware for setup and installation. Others are shipped empty to give the customer more flexibility in what they want to use for filling material.

Take a look at the items that ship in the package since they signify how the brand caters to consumer’s needs adequately by providing value for money. Any mounting hardware should be premium-quality.



Look for products in the best punching bag for kickboxing reviews that are easy to set up and have a heavy-duty cover


Any piece of athletic equipment should not be too difficult to setup and install. As mentioned earlier, some products come with the needed hardware including the ceiling and wall hooks, chains, brackets, and straps so you can mount them quickly and easily.

The bag cover can be made of leather or canvas. A composite type of material called Nevatear is engineered for toughness by combining the strengths of leather and canvas. Stay away from inexpensive vinyl punching bags that can’t withstand great pressure.



A good kickboxing punching bag comes with the right dimensions


A punching bag that is too heavy for your needs would be quite difficult to work with because you might not be able to practice your footwork sufficiently. On the other hand, if the bag is too heavy, it will swing too much and you might not be able to land punches when you want to.

You want a bag with the exact weight to support your workout needs. It should be long and wide enough as well. You can always move up to a larger and heavier bag as you develop your kickboxing skills and techniques.



Top rated products



To be able to purchase a good-quality punching bag, you need to be equipped with the proper information on this kind of equipment. We designed the above buying guide to serve well towards that purpose. The best products are also described below for even more shopping assistance.



RDX Filled Wall


The RDX Filled Wall offers terrific workouts every time. Designed to cover your Muay Thai kickboxing needs, this punching bag ships as an 8-piece package so you have all you need to get started on your kickboxing training. This product comprises the critical elements that will enable you to commence on your workout.

The filled Zero Impact, G-Force, Maya Hide leather punching bag is engineered to keep its shape and form because of its premium-quality construction. It can take your hard kicks and punches like a pro, enabling you to work on your kickboxing techniques so you can get better at your game. You even get a pair of gel-foam standard bag mitts so you can start your workout right away.

The supplied gel-infused hand wraps provide the needed protection for your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders for an injury-free workout. The supplied wall bracket is rust-proof to deliver lasting use, and its rotatability ensures a nicely swinging configuration to help you practice the proper boxing form and stance as well as your footwork.

The heavy-gauge welded D-ring with four heavy-duty suspension chains provide an efficient means of mounting the bag for use. This product also comes with the necessary fixtures, fittings, bolts, and screws for a successful setup and installation.



This punching bag comes as a value-loaded 8-piece set that includes gel-tech hand wraps and bag mitts; a rotatable, rust proof wall bracket; all the bolts, screws, and fittings needed for mounting; a heavy-gauge welded D-ring; suspension chains; wall and ceiling brackets; a strap; and a cool keyring.

Perfect for budget seekers, this punching bag is designed to take the punishment of all the pummeling and kicking you are likely to unleash on it.

This punching bag boasts the exclusive Zero Impact G-Force Maya Hide leather covering that keeps the bag in one piece.

The supplied hand wraps carry a revolutionary gel-tech configuration that dissipates the impact of your strikes to protect your hands, wrists, and shoulders.

The G-Core, double-walled, non-tear filled punching bag is designed to withstand the pressure of repeated punching and kicking.



Because of the number of components that ship with the bag, some items may end up missing but the buyer only needs to alert the seller about this.

There is no instruction manual that comes in the package.

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Flexzion Heavy


To enable the customer to enjoy greater flexibility along with customizability, the bag ships unfilled or empty. This allows the buyer to use their preferred filling material, so they have free control over how dense or pressure-resistant the bag will be. Choose from cotton, plastic bags, or old clothes, as well as other materials to use as filling.

This solidly-made punching bag can take the force of your kicks and punches during your workouts. You can pummel it with kicks and punches, and it won’t come apart unexpectedly because of the immense pressure. There’s no need to hold back on your kicking and punching power because the bag can take anything you throw at it.

Mounting the bag can be done the minute the package reaches your doorstep. It ships with the required hardware to facilitate the task, such as the 360-degree rotating chain and swivel. The bag can be mounted by a single person too because of the simplicity of the entire process. After the bag is filled, it can be mounted using the included fittings and fixtures.

The bag is solidly constructed with a canvas covering that enables it to maintain its shape and form despite the power of your kicks and punches. It is a tough and durable unit designed to withstand the pressure or force of your workouts. The fantastic army green color contributes to the rugged styling of the bag.



The punching bag ships to you with no filling, which provides greater flexibility for the consumer. You can choose what to fill the bag with, whether it’s old clothes, plastic bags, cotton, or any other suitable filling material that you would like to use.

The unfilled design also means you have control over the density of the unit and the weight of the bag so you can achieve just the right level of pressure resistance.

The bag is solidly constructed with a professional-quality canvas covering in a fantastic army green color for strength and durability to support long-term use.

The needed hardware for mounting is included so you wouldn’t have to worry about making extra purchases for that purpose.

The bag is pretty easy to install and set up even by just one person.



Some buyers may prefer the next larger bag in the product line as they might find the 39-inch length to be inadequate for their needs.

Although the bag is easy to fill up and install, it can be a challenge to empty it of the filling so buyers ought to use a less difficult material to put inside the bag.

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RDX Kids


The RDX Kids punching bag is definitely not a toy, but your child will surely love it as a gift. It enables your kid to unleash their youthful energy and aggression in a safe and non-injurious way. It allows your kid to develop a love for boxing as a sport and not just something that is fun to watch on TV. The punching bag is built for the unique needs of a child.

This punching bag is made with twin-layer, non-tear Maya Hide leather, which is waterproof and can be used outdoors. The exclusive leather material also keeps the bag in its proper shape and form by enclosing the filling solidly to keep the bag from coming apart. The bag offers an exceptional resistance to intense pressure along with a long life.

The bag also ships with punching gloves to give you value for money. The included hardware enables you to set the bag up immediately after it gets to your home. The filling material of shredded textile provides exceptional shock absorption and is supplemented with an anti-rust swivel to facilitate mounting.

The punching bag is filled with shredded textiles that ensure reliable shock absorption, so the unit will not get deformed even when subjected to intense pressure during your workouts. The three-strand high-grade steel chain enables an easy and solid installation.



Easily a two-foot wonder, this 24-inch high punching bag is perfect for teaching kids about kickboxing or simply how to release their pent-up energy or emotions in a non-injurious way.

The bag is built with a dual-layer, non-tear, Maya Hide leather construction that is tough and resilient enough with a waterproof design that allows its use outdoors.

The two-foot bag is supported by chains to provide a total of three feet of height to make it easy to mount on the ceiling or wall depending on the user’s preference.

The Maya Hide leather build makes the bag stubbornly durable for lasting use. The bag stays in shape even when subjected to numerous kicks and punches.

The bag is filled with shredded textiles that deliver an amazing ability to absorb shock and is mounted via an anti-rust swivel chain and hook to support your footwork training.



One customer has noted that the included gloves are too big for a child to use.

The accompanying photo on the product’s Amazon page makes the punching bag look like it’s as big as a child, but it is not.

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