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Best knee pad for dancers

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Knee pads for dancers – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Whether you’re a novice or a veteran dancer, wearing knee pads when practicing is a great way to protect the vulnerable tissue around the knees while also ensuring that you feel comfortable. Knee pads are made of all sorts of materials, and just a quick look at the market offer can give you headaches due to the sheer amount of models. If you don’t want to spend half a day finding the best knee pads for dancers, then we’re here to help. We’ve compared the most popular knee protections on the internet so we can be sure that you get to choose the right model. Our top recommendation is the Contact Quarterly Dancer Kneepads. Made of both natural and synthetic felt, these knee pads can provide your knees with great protection as well as ensure that they stay warm and tight for your dancing routines. In case they’ve run out of stock, you may want to try the Danshuz Adult Knee Pads.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


While you might think that knee pads are simple, buying the right pair might not be that easy. With lots of dance knee pad reviews on the internet, every advertiser might claim to have the perfect product. But in reality, not all pads are equal, so if you want to get the best dancers’ knee pads, you will need to ensure that the product presents some top features.



Protect your knees from injuries


One of the main things you want to look at when searching for dancing knee pads for sale is that they are made of a durable material that is strong and elastic enough to provide your knee with proper support. The pads should be firm enough to hold your knee into correct position without hindering movement.

With a good pair of knee pads, you can practice technically-demanding moves without worrying about sprained ligaments or minor injuries. You can also save your knees from bruises and abrasions with some quality pads, especially if you like breakdancing or similar styles.



Keep your knees in good shape


Quality pads should also have good wicking abilities so that they can absorb sweat and keep your knees dry. The last thing you want is to be unable to focus on a particular dancing move because your feet are soaking wet with perspiration. With wicking materials, water is transported to the exterior so that your knees stay dry, but also warm during breaks.



Comfort is essential for great dancing


Good knee pads for dancers should provide great protection, but also be comfortable to wear. Many pads are made of synthetic materials, others are made of natural fibers, while some combine the two types. Regardless of which types of fibers it is made of, you want some knee pads which are soft so that they don’t cause a rash or discomfort whenever you make large movements at wide angles. With comfortable knee pads, you can dance to your heart’s desire and feel great doing so, improving your skills as well as your confidence.


Top rated products


Because finding the right shoes for your favorite dance sessions can be time-consuming, we thought that we could help you out by providing you with short and accurate dance knee pad reviews so that you can go straight to buying the right products while also saving time.



Contact Quarterly Dancer Kneepads


The Contact Quarterly Dancer Kneepads is a great product which is ideal for protecting your knees during dance training sessions, cardio workout and lots of other physical activities. These knee pads are made of natural felt combined with synthetic fibers, being both strong and elastic in order to provide your knee with good protection for all types of movements.

By wearing this knee pad, you will keep your joint firm and prevent unusual postures which could lead to sprains or ligament tears. You get to provide your knee with stability and maintain correct stances while performing difficult dance moves.

These dancing knee caps are also comfortable to wear. Soft to the touch, these pads will provide your feet with a silky-smooth good feeling, no matter what sort of dancing you’re practicing. This soft material is also washable so that you can keep it clean without worrying about damaging the fibers. The Contact Quarterly Dancer Kneepads is also great at absorbing perspiration at the skin level and releasing it to the exterior, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable even during intense workouts.



Versatility is a key feature of this model. It is capable of protecting your knees during a wide range of activities such as dance training sessions, cardio, and many other physical activities that can put a strain on your knees.

The use of a natural felt in combination with synthetic fibers gives the pad a strong and elastic feel, so that it can protect the knees without limiting your range of movements.

Comfort is also not forgotten, and users have reported that the pads feel very soft to the touch and have a very silky-smooth texture.

The soft material can be washed without it losing its properties, which is a good feature to have since many options can degrade after just a few washes.



During intensive dance sessions, this unit can leave some lint on your clothes, which might be a problem if you wear light colored costumes.

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Danshuz Adult Knee Pads


If you’re looking for some simple and efficient protectors for your knees, then the Danshuz Adult Knee Pads are a perfect choice. Made of synthetic elastic materials, these knee pads are excellent for all sorts of physical activities, from classical dances to latino and even cardio workouts.

One of the best things about these knee pads is the fact that they are strong yet elastic enough to provide your knee with solid support. Wearing these will help you keep your knees in the correct position and avoid unnatural gates and movements which could lead to injury or ligament damage.

These knee pads are also great against sweat. They are made of synthetic wicking materials, meaning that they will absorb perspiration drops from the surface of your skin and transport them outwards, ensuring that you stay dry while also allowing your body to do its job and keep you cool and fresh for another dancing move. These knee pads come in different sizes, and while they have good elasticity, you may want to consult with size charts to ensure that you get the proper size.



Having a material that is strong and yet elastic is the hallmark of a quality knee pad, and we are glad to report that in this department the Danshuz model excels greatly and should enable you to reach even the most difficult poses.

The knee pads are also quite effective against sweat thanks to the use of synthetic wicking materials that can absorb perspiration from the surface of your skin and transport it outwards where it can evaporate.

You also have a wide range of sizes to choose from, something that will make finding the right fit that much easier.

The low price is another big advantage of this option and a feature that few people would have guessed after looking at the impressive list of features it boasts.



Buyers have reported that if you are looking for a comfortable fit, you should order at least one size up to avoid the knee pad cutting off circulation.

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McDavid HEX Padded Knee 6440R


The McDavid HEX Padded Knees 6440R are high-performance protectors for your vulnerable knee areas which are ideal for dancing. These are made with the latest technologies to ensure maximum protection for both of your knees throughout your training sessions.

These knees combine HexPad hexagonal material into a mesh which will wrap around your knee and provide the joint with better stability. These knee pads are thick enough to provide your knee with good shock absorption so that you get to practice tougher dancing moves such as sliding or rolling without risking injury to your kneecap. These pads have great flexibility, and by compressing the hexagonal mini-pads around your knee, they won’t just provide you with continuous support and protection, but also keep your muscles warm between training stages.

Thanks to the use of the HydraVent hDc technology, the McDavid HEX Padded Knee will help your knees stay dry. This technology confers the synthetic material with wicking properties, allowing it to draw sweat from your knees and to transport it to the exterior where it can evaporate and cool your body. So you get to protect your knees against sprains and minor injuries while also staying dry and comfortable throughout dancing sessions.



The impressive versatility of this unit does not only mean that it is suitable for a wide range of activities, but that it can also be used for the knees, shins, or elbows. You will get more uses out of a single purchase.

Because when practicing sports sweat and overheating can become a problem, this unit comes with a moisture management technology that will help you remain cool and dry.

This option is machine washable and dryable so that you can wash it quickly after your dance sessions for proper hygiene.

The hexagonal mini-pads are not present just to provide you with support and protection, but will also help keep your muscles warm between training stages.

With a wealth of colors and sizes to choose from, finding the right option for your needs should not be difficult.



Customers were not very satisfied with the durability of this option, claiming that the pad can start showing signs of wear after only a few months.

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