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Best knee support for BJJ and MMA

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Knee support for BJJ and MMA – Buying Guide, Ratings & Reviews


If you don’t have the time to look at all the options available, we can help you find what the best knee support is. After carefully considering the opinion of other customers and the ratings that their knee brace reviews have garnered we have concluded that the Shock Doctor 870-01-34 is the one worth considering. What’s great about this option is the fact that it combines comfort with protection without sacrificing on any of the two features. It is carefully built using an anatomical design so that it can fit like a glove in a comfortable way that does not hinder your performance in any way. This product offers protection and moderate support for sprains, muscle sprains and unstable joints allowing for use during the recovery period. If by any unfortunate event you are unable to find the Shock Doctor 870-01-34 available for sale at your favorite store, we recommend the Mueller 54013 as a second alternative.



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Finding a good knee support for martial arts, MMA and BJJ can be a time-consuming task and unfortunately not everyone has that kind of time on their hands. The many options available on the market makes choosing just one quite difficult, but this is where we can help you. Take a look at our buyer’s guide that will help you find exactly what you need.

Top features to consider



Pick your size carefully


As with any product you need to be mindful when picking a size. In the case of a knee support that is designed to protect you from further injuries while also aiding in your recovery, a proper size is essential. The reason for this is simple, and it has to do with how these products are designed to help you by molding perfectly to the shape of your knee.

They offer support, and if the size isn’t right, you might end up feeling uncomfortable wearing it. It’s not just the lack of comfort that you have to worry about but also the fact that an improper size can end up prolonging your recovery time. At the same time, if the model does not fit well, it can end up offering less support and even slide off your leg.



Materials used


If you have a history of either being allergic or uncomfortable when wearing certain materials, you need to keep that in mind when making a purchase. There are a lot of alternatives that use different materials so that if you find yourself not liking what fabrics are being used, you can easily find a better option.

Most products use neoprene because of its healing characteristics. It can absorb moisture while also keeping the area of your knee warm allowing for quicker healing. What’s great about this material is that it is not expensive, meaning that you can find it even in affordable options.



A product that will last


We all want our purchases to last, and we can easily make sure that they do by picking carefully the one model that features a quality build. Spotting a quality build is easy because it will be the one that looks the sturdiest.

For a product that is meant to help you in the ring, you need to make sure that it is durable enough to keep up with you. You don’t want to have to replace your newly bought acquisition.



Top rated products



If you want to choose the best knee brace for MMA and BJJ that meets your requirements, we have a list with some of the best-rated options available on the market today. We have showcased below, and they were chosen by a careful analysis of some of the best knee support reviews as well as the features and quality that they offer.



Shock Doctor 870-01-34


With the Shock Doctor 870-01-34, you get the quality assurance that only a leading brand can offer. This is an ideal choice that can help both prevent and heal injuries because of its cutting-edge anatomical design that will mold to your leg offering the support you require. It is built out of neoprene which is a great material due to its great features.

Because it does not use latex, you won’t have to worry about rashes or other allergies that could otherwise occur. The Shock Doctor 870-01-34 is ideal to offer you support for minor to moderate sprains and other injuries so that you can recover faster. In the case of minor sprains even continue performing while healing.

The product is built so that it can fit both the right and the left knee with minimal troubles when it comes to setting it up. The four-way stretch Lycra mesh gives a premium stitching assemble so that your comfort is increased as well as the durability of this item.

Speaking of comfort, the neoprene features an n-tex airflow that will help evaporate moisture quickly, making your knee feel warm and relaxed so that your body can focus on healing itself faster.

Buy from for ($43.89)




Mueller 54013


The Mueller 54013 is a comfortable option for weak or injured knees, and it can also act as protection brace to wear after injury. Following the triaxial hinge standard, this model simulates the natural movement of the knee joint. This makes it extremely effective at offering a natural support to your knee without hindering your movements and flexibility in any way.

Using a Muller-exclusive fabric called HydraCinn®, you get a knee support built out of a material that can absorb humidity while also providing a superior support with a heat management that is just as good. This allows it to not only be comfortable to wear but also help heal your injuries faster.

The base sleeve features an antimicrobial fabric that will keep bacteria and microbes at bay. It is also extremely breathable so that your skin does not get irritated, especially as the fabric is soft to the touch. The inner-grip creates an anti-slip and anti-sweat design so that the Mueller 54013 stays safely attached to your leg without slipping.

Taking care of this model is also quite easy as it only requires a quick manual wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Make sure to rinse thoroughly before drying it.

Buy from for ($36.74)




Shock Doctor 875-01-34 


If you don’t mind having to spend a little more for a higher quality product, then the Shock Doctor 875-01-34 can be an option suitable to your needs. Just as with our first pick, you get the certainty of a quality product as Shock Doctor is one of the most respected manufacturers of knee support products for all kinds of different sports.

You can use the Shock Doctor 875-01-34 to prevent and heal many injuries including but not limited to ligament sprains, patella instability, meniscus injuries, and hyperextension. You get a maximum support for minor and moderate sprains so that you can recover faster in a safe and controlled manner without risking further injuries.

The soft tissue support allows for a good joint alignment making you feel better instantly. It also features a therapeutic warmth that will encourage a better flow of the blood to the muscles so that you get a feeling of relief.

The anatomical pre-curved design will mold to the shape of your body so that you feel comfortable while wearing it. It will also allow you to keep moving the same way you did prior to your injury as the Shock Doctor 875-01-34 will not affect your mobility in any way. If anything, it will only increase your flexibility.

Buy from for ($53.63)



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