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Best Krav Maga DVD course reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Krav Maga DVD courses – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re willing to get self-defense training but don’t have the time to go to the gym, then buying the best Krav Maga DVD course is an effective way to learn various techniques in your own time in the comfort of your home. However, with so many instructional videos available everywhere, you might not know which one is right for your level. We’ve studied some of the most popular courses on the internet and selected the ones we think offer the best value for the price. After comparing countless products, we recommend the Ultimate Krav Maga. It contains 5 DVDs which can teach you efficient and practical self-defense techniques, it features some of the world’s best instructors, and you get to learn a no-nonsense system that is helpful in real-world situations. In case this product is out of stock, you may also want to try The Krav Maga Workout.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


If you want to buy the best DVD course for Krav Maga beginners but don’t know how to choose the right one, then read on. We have written a short guide explaining the basics of this fighting system so that you know what to look for when choosing a comprehensive instructional product to help you practice in the comfort of your own home.



Choose a course appropriate for your level


The most important thing to consider when looking for a good Krav Maga DVD is to make sure that you are buying one that’s right for your level and shape. If you’ve practiced contact sports before, or you’ve been doing sports for many years, then an advanced course could help you improve your techniques and strengthen your muscles.

However, if you’re not exactly the athletic type and you aren’t in the best shape of your life, then it would be a better idea to go for a video which contains lessons appropriate for beginners, where you start slowly and develop the necessary skills later on.



Learn basic techniques that are easy to practice


This goes regardless of your level and athletic ability. Krav Maga is all about learning practical skills that are easy to learn, so there is no sense in getting a video that overcomplicates things through hard-to-learn combos and difficult postures.

This combat discipline has become one of the most popular self-defense systems precisely because its core principle is that it must be easy to learn and apply. This is why it is used to teach special forces such as the Israeli security forces and UK SAS close combat techniques because otherwise, these disciplines would take years of focus and hard work to master.



Condition your body with a quality instructional video


Besides getting one of the DVD courses for sale that teach simple and easy-to-learn and use techniques, you also want them to contain some body-conditioning exercises. This is especially important if your body needs some work since you’ll want to build those muscles, improve your reflexes, and learn breathing techniques and stretches for increased endurance and mobility.



Top rated products



In case you want to jump straight into the action and learn combat techniques without having to spend countless hours studying various Krav Maga DVD reviews, then we have compiled a list of highly acclaimed instructional materials that offer the best quality videos with some of the most effective lessons on the market.



Ultimate Krav Maga


If you want to learn about one of the most efficient and practical self-defense systems in the world, then you definitely need to get the Ultimate Krav Maga instructional DVD set. You get 5 DVDs which include lessons taught by some of the best instructors from around the world, such as John Whitman and Amnon Darsa, as well as info on the founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

These DVDs contain instructional videos filmed with cutting-edge technology and the latest post-production techniques. This production is among the few to have earned multiple international awards, including the Telly Awards and the Aurora Gold Award.

With this DVD course, you get to learn a no-nonsense defense and combat system that will teach you to effectively defend yourself in real-world situations. Each lesson contains moves and techniques that are easy to learn as well as retain.

You will get practical lessons from beginner to intermediate level on various strikes to vulnerable areas, grips, holds, as well as how to defend yourself against attackers equipped with various weapons. You’ll learn techniques that are effective at close range as well as on-the-ground grapples so you can quickly end a fight that could turn dangerous otherwise.

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The Krav Maga Workout


The Krav Maga Workout is an instructional DVD that focuses more on the body-conditioning exercises needed for Krav Maga rather than the actual techniques. This product comes with 2 30-minute intense workouts that should help you condition your body, strengthen your muscles, and train your reflexes.

You also get 2 flexibility routines which include various stretching techniques so you can increase the range of motion required for various punches and kicks with fists, elbows, knees, feet, and other body parts. These lessons are taught by Michael South, who is a black belt Krav Maga instructor as well as a certified trainer.

This product features a 30-minute cardio workout for the upper body, where you go through 2 intense rounds filled with pain-inducing exercises that will help you work on different muscle groups as well as improve your breathing techniques, lung capacity, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

You also get the same level of intense exercises for the lower part of the body, where you practice kicks, defensive combos, and even more body-conditioning techniques. With the 2 flexibility routines, you get a total of 14 static stretches that you can use at any time of the day to get into shape.

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Krav Maga Basic Combatives


The Basic Combatives is a Krav Maga instructional video that is perfect for beginners who want to learn practical self-defense skills to handle different real-world scenarios. This product will teach you basic combat techniques including punches, kicks, and powerful combos that may well help you escape a dangerous situation in the future.

This DVD contains valuable lessons on various combat techniques that are easy to learn and practice, following the basic principles of Krav Maga, one of the most powerful and effective self-defense systems in the world. There are no useless movements and repetitive actions just for show, but real techniques to handle real attackers.

This video puts a lot of emphasis on fast offensives and counterattacks in vulnerable areas which allows you to quickly end a fight that would otherwise become even more dangerous the more it lasts, especially when there is more than one attacker involved.

You will learn to use all body parts to deliver powerful strikes including the fists, feet, elbows, and knees. This instructional video follows the logic that there are no rules when your safety is at risk. You should, however, avoid using dangerous strikes to vulnerable areas such as eyes or throat unless it is the last resort and it is likely to save your life.

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