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Best krav maga training gloves reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Gloves for Krav Maga training – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are seriously looking for Krav Maga hand protection but don’t know where to start, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about the best gloves for Krav Maga training by looking into product reviews for athletic gear and comparing them with actual user comments. Out of all the products for sale, the Revgear KM302 is highly-rated by consumers at present because of its quality leather construction that makes it durable for the special task it has to do: to protect the wearer’s hands from injury during vigorous training. The gloves are designed to deliver the punches on target by making your opponent feel the power of your every strike but without causing injury to your wrists and hands. You can easily develop your street fighting skills while wearing these gloves, which have adequate padding to cushion the force of the blows. Because the Revgear KM302 gloves tend to be popular among consumers, they can run out of stock, but there’s always the second best option to look at, the Century Krav Maga Strike.



Comparison table





Top features to consider:


Known for its focus on real-world situations, Krav Maga also develops your fighting efficiency with brutal counterattacks. Training in Krav Maga entails superior hand protection to develop the power needed to fuel every hit. Just what do the best gloves for Krav Maga come with?



The products rated high in the best quality Krav Maga gloves reviews are efficient at hand protection


Good-quality Krav Maga gloves are able to protect the skin around the knuckles since that is the spot that tends to be used the most. The gloves should be able to shield the connective tissue and the bones in the hands from injury.

There’s a very real tendency for the structure of your hands to get broken or worn down due to the powerful and frequent punching that you do in Krav Maga. This is why proper hand protection is critical.

A padded glove can be used to work the heavy bag. The gloves should be resilient for sparring as well, along with mitts work. Padded gloves are available from a low weight of just 8 ounces to as heavy as 18 ounces. The padding contributes to much of the weight difference in premium gloves.



Check out high-rating products in the best Krav Maga gloves reviews that are made of quality material


You wouldn’t want your Krav Maga training gloves to easily wear down or sustain tears and scrapes. This makes leather gloves a huge favorite among Krav Maga enthusiasts. Leather is a highly-desirable material in gloves thanks to its inherent durability. The material not only lasts longer, but it is also able to hold the padding in place.

Leather gloves are able to support the padding inside with greater integrity compared to other types of glove material. You can only wonder how cheaply made gloves are manufactured, and how this enables the manufacturers to offer them at a much lower price than leather gloves.



Look into the premium-rated products in the best gloves for Krav Maga training reviews that boast high-quality manufacture


The gloves should be anatomically-shaped to follow the curves of your hand so you can assume a good striking stance with your hands. The gloves should allow you to hit hard while keeping your hands tightly and naturally clenched.

The padding should be placed strategically for optimal functionality. Some products even infuse their padding with gel for a springy feel. The Velcro strapping should be well-made. It should support your preference for independent wearing and pull off of the gloves while delivering reliable wrist support.

The overall design should speak of high-quality craftsmanship. There should be substantial padding in the front of the knuckles and not so much on the top of the hand. The stitching should be reinforced to ensure the gloves stay together regardless how vigorous the action becomes.



Top rated products



There are plenty of choices on Krav Maga gloves. While this may make the shopping experience somewhat more stressful, we hope the above buying guide empowers you more as an informed consumer. We have also highlighted the best products below for even more help.



Revgear KM302


The Revgear KM302 gloves are perfectly designed for the Krav Maga enthusiast. If you want to make the most of your street fighting training, these are the gloves to get. They combine a good-quality build with superior-quality materials to deliver top notch functionality and performance for years of use.

Extremely comfortable, the gloves are built solid to enable the trainee to build strength and confidence during workouts. The gloves carry thick padding over the knuckles to protect that part of the hand from getting fractured when you hit too hard. You can strike at the heavy bag or your opponent without worrying about injuring your knuckles because of the force.

These gloves are also easy to pull on and take off because of the Velcro closure. You won’t need assistance to put the gloves on and remove them because the closure system is easy to use. This style is unlike lace-up gloves that need to be pulled on tightly to get a snug, comfortable fit.

You will appreciate the decent construction of this pair, which makes the gloves feel and look expensive than they are. There may be more expensive gloves out there, but those who have tried these gloves swear by its superb craftsmanship and great value.



This is a suitable pair of box gloves perfect for all boxers, beginners or professionals. They are perfect for street fighting training.

The gloves are extremely comfortable and easy to wear while they provide a robust and sturdy design to help trainees gain up confidence during workouts and perfect their punches and strong kicks.

The knuckles of these gloves are extra padded for improved protection against fractures and injuries if you happen to hit too hard.

They feature a Velcro closure for easy pull on and pull off, meaning you won’t require help or assistance when trying to put these on.

The gloves come in three different sizes, from 12 ounces to 16 ounces, depending on how heavy or lightweight you want them to be. Keep in mind that the heavier the gloves, the more protection when kicking you will obtain.



If you are a beginner boxer, you may want to check other products as these gloves are quite heavy and hard to use.

Buy from for ($64.49)




Century Krav Maga Strike


The Century Krav Maga Strike is the ideal choice whether you decide to practice the popular Krav Maga martial art or MMA training. One great thing about these gloves is that you will not feel like your hands are constrained by heavy gloves. You will barely feel them, and you will really experience each punch as you should, without too much between your fists and your target.

When you practice with these gloves, you will feel like you are fighting with your knuckles bare, which is something close to real life scenarios, when chances are you will not have the right equipment with you.

The sectional padding will let your hands move naturally, without any hindrance and you will not lose any dexterity due to the gloves being adequate for the type of training you prefer.

The thumb is protected separately, helping with keeping the glove in place while you throw punch after punch. While these gloves may not feel like a second skin, they are as close to it as possible. For intense combat sessions, these gloves will serve you well and help you keep in shape.



These gloves are created with the needs of those who like to practice Krav Maga, and MMA moves on a regular basis.

The model comes with sectional padding to allow your hands to move easily and naturally, so you can concentrate on your training.

These gloves will not easily come off your hands during training, due to the dual locking hook and firm wrist wraps.

You will barely feel you are wearing gloves, which helps with simulating real life scenarios, such as punching someone with your naked fists.

The gloves will not hinder your freedom of movement in any way, and they will contribute to the accuracy of your punches, as well as their consistency.



People with really large hands may find it difficult to wear these gloves as their largest size may still be too tight.

Buy from for ($40.19)




Everlast Pro Style


The Everlast Pro Style gloves are ideal for use in Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and much more. These gloves are designed to deliver your strikes with precision to develop your punching or striking power and make you stronger as a fighter. The gloves are made of top-quality materials to make them last long.

Made of premium synthetic leather, the gloves come with an exceptional construction that ensures dependable performance and functionality. Because they are built to last, the gloves will accompany you through many workout sessions so you can train harder and fight better.

The gloves come with a refined glove padding that provides a greatly ergonomic fist contouring capability for greater flexibility and comfort. The EverDri technology is delivered via the moisture-absorbing lining of the gloves so sweat is kept at bay and your hands stay dry while the gloves remain odor-free.

The gloves also come with a full wrist strap that delivers exceptional support to the wrist joints to protect them from injury in case you hit too hard. The wrist straps also deliver a snug fit on the hands so you can enjoy personalized hand protection. These gloves are designed to last a long time so you can make the most of every training session.



These gloves are suitable for a wide array of training, from kickboxing to mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and others.

They are made from premium synthetic leather with superb absorbing capabilities, helping you keep the optimum level of moisture to your hands, regardless of how much you sweat during intense workout routines.

The sturdy fabric used for manufacturing these gloves will prolong the life of the product, helping you enjoy this pair of gloves for more time.

The gloves feature refined padding to provide improved ergonomy and help you reach greater flexibility and overall comfort.

The full wrist strap enables for a perfect fit no matter the size of your wrist or hands.



The inner lining fabric is quite rough, causing injuries and friction to the skin.

If you have long hands and digits, these gloves may not fit you perfectly as they are quite short and won’t be able to provide protection to your knuckles.

Buy from for ($21.56)




Unavailable products


Ring to Cage R2C Super.


Whether for use on the speed bag, heavy bag or double-end bag, the Ring to Cage R2C Super gloves make a great option for training in the art of Krav Maga. These gloves are made using great-quality materials so you can enjoy lasting use through many training and workout sessions.

These gloves also perform nicely when you have to do pad work with a coach. They enable you to deal with grappling and striking training. These thick gloves come with an advanced protective padding over the knuckles to protect that section of the hand from injury when striking the bag. The back of the wrist and thumb is given additional coverage as well for more protection.

The thick finger ports provide security to your digits while providing confident usage. The open palm design keeps your hands ready to deliver hits and strikes using the power of the surface of your palm. These gloves are suitable for kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Cardio Aerobics, and of course, Krav Maga.

You will love the durable synthetic leather material that makes the gloves resistant to rips, tears, and scrapes. The gloves are made using machine-molded foam technology to create the injected padding for shift-free cushioning and more protection. The extra-wide Velcro wrist strap provides additional wrist support.



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