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Best lacrosse ball

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Lacrosse balls – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to churn through all the available lacrosse ball reviews out there but still want to find a competent product for either playing the game or pressure point massaging, then the following short paragraph should fill you in. After checking out what both specialists and satisfied customers had to say, our research team concluded that the Champion Sports 2-Pack might just be the best lacrosse ball out there. It meets all the standards required by NOCSAE; NFHS and NCAA so it can be safely played in both championship and training matches while it can be purchased in a high variety of colors besides the regulation ones, which makes it harder to lose during practice. On top of that, it’s reported to not keep a rubbery smell for long, so it should meet the demands of people using it for massages. If this isn’t available, you can go for the Champion Sports LBY-p5.


Buying guide


While at the end of the day it’s still just a round piece of rubber, there are, however, a few things to have in mind when looking for a good lacrosse ball. Things like choosing the color, or checking out if it has all the right certifications, will depend on the purpose you have in mind for it, and the amount of money you are willing to spend will be balanced out by how often do you practice the sport. We will expand on all these points below.



First, the proper certifications


It is easy to see if the ball meets the standards for use in an official game by just looking at the stamp inscribed on it. In fact, this is one of the rules that the ball must abide by, and any text on the ball must be “readable at 18 inches by a person with 20/20” vision.

To receive the seal, it must be made of an “elastomeric material” and weigh between 5 to 5.25 ounces, with a circumference of close to 8 inches. As most regulations aren’t there just to provide a universal standard but also concern the safety of the player, this material should be appropriately elastic to ensure that nobody gets injured on contact. 100% rubber is almost universally used for manufacturing it.  





Regulation colors to be used in official matches are white for men, yellow for women, and orange for indoor play. The latter is also preferred during practice, as its high visibility makes it easy to see.

Since losing a ball will be a very common occurrence, it is best recommended to choose a color that will make the ball as visible as possible during the time of day practice takes place.





Like most any other item, the price of each individual lacrosse ball will be cheaper proportional to how many there are in a pack. However, this should be weight in against the player’s need for gear, as you might end up at the end of the season with $100 of lacrosse balls unused.

So to ensure that you really get a cheap lacrosse ball, you must take into account both your team’s tendency for losing gear, as well as the deals available for sale.



Off-label uses


Outside of playing the game, lacrosse balls are commonly used for point pressure massages. Smaller and harder items work best for this, with some of them barely meeting the official regulations in these regards.

Rubber also tends to give off an unpleasant smell when it’s new, so check that the ball is properly aerated before use.



Top rated products



Finding the best ball for lacrosse might prove difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the market since there are quite a number of manufacturers out there vying for your buck. We’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down this list based on what customers and reviewers liked best on retail sites and included the top rated products below.



Champion Sports 2-pack 


This double packaged seems to provide a great deal of function to the average American consumer, as it keeps on rising to the top of the bestsellers in its category on retail sites. It might be that a lot of people are using these for massage therapy, or that American lacrosse players are particularly sharp-eyed. Nevertheless, it provides good service.

It’s made out of 100% rubber that can be easily aerated to drive off any unwanted smells, and it also provides the right firmness and small size to relieve pressure points in hard to reach areas.

It is of course certified by the NOCSAE, and it meets NFHS and NCAA standards so it can be used in all league matches as long as it has the appropriate color as well as practice sessions. For the latter, you might want to opt for the brightest colors possible, so the ball will be harder to lose.

You won’t have any problem choosing, as these 2-packs come in a very wide variety of colors, letting you experiment to see what works best. This can also prove a cost-effective solution, as you won’t be forced to buy a large number of units of the same color but can easily variate the purchase to meet particular needs.

Buy from




Champion Sports LBY-p5


This is the high-performance line from Champion Sports, intended to meet the demands of collegiate lacrosse teams. This is achieved by employing molded rubber in their construction, which should make them smoother to improve shooting accuracy and handling during gameplay.

As a testament to its superior quality, the LBY-p5 also received an SEI certification, on top of the ones from NOCSAE, NCAA and NFHS, required to enter these balls in official tournaments. They should be equally suited for practice, as they come in a wide variety of high visibility colors, like red, orange, pink, etc.

Either way, losing them won’t be the end of the world, since these aren’t significantly more expensive than other models and can be purchased in a variety of package sizes, from 3, 6 to 12. Their price will naturally drop as the quantity bought increased, and the 12 pack can end up to be a budget solution.

According to user comments, they are as good for massage therapy like any other lacrosse ball. Because of their small size and relatively hard body they can effectively be used to apply pressure to your neck and lower back area.  

Buy from for ($28.34)




Apex Sports Lacrosse Massage Ball


These are sold by Apex more as massage balls than for playing lacrosse, and the manufacturer put some attention towards satisfying this demand. It’s made out of un-vulcanized rubber, so it doesn’t hold the particular “rubbery smell” smell, and any odor it might retain will be easy to air off.

When it comes to lacrosse playing, this ball is at the lower ranges of weight from what’s specified by the NOCSAE, with only 5 ounces for a circumference of 8”. This will make it slightly easier to hit by young players, that are usually more affected by small differences in weight than are adults.

Good for junior league practice, it can also be used during game-day, since it has all the appropriate certifications. It needs, however, to be added that this is only regulated for indoor use since, for this particular model, orange is the only color option provided.  

Many customer reviewers praise its effectiveness as a physical therapy implement, especially when it comes to deep tissue massages of the lower back, feet, and neck, but also for general purpose exercises like those commonly associated with the practice of Yoga or Pilates.  

Click to see the price on Amazon!



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