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Best lacrosse mouthguard reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Lacrosse mouthguards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re short on time but still eager to find the best mouthguard for lacrosse, there’s no need to worry, because you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already completed the search and relying on customer feedback, specialized forums and price over value estimations we can tell you that the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard is the one you should be thinking of. It’s a great choice considering that its design makes it fit for adults and children alike. It’s also really easy to customize within less than a minute, thanks to the boil and bite technology. The protection it offers is superior to regular mouthguards, shielding the teeth, gums, lips, and jaws at the same time. Using safe materials and a variety of colors, this is an ideal choice. However, if you’re unable to get your hands on the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard, you can direct your attention to the product that comes second, the OPRO Pro Platinum Level, which has almost the same features.  


Top features to consider


Lacrosse is an aggressive and physical sport, ranked among the most dangerous team sports as far as injury risks are considered. To avoid incidents you should wear protective gear, including a mouthguard. As the list of products available for sale is lengthy, here’s what should guide your search.



Efficient protection


As body checking is allowed and even encouraged in lacrosse, at least when men’s lacrosse is concerned, you’ll need to protect yourself as much as possible. Protective gear is mandatory and mouthpieces are a part of it. Just like the ball and field lines, mouthguards have to be of a highly visible color.

Bottom line, the best lacrosse mouthguard is the one that provides sufficient protection. As injuries and concussions have spiked in recent years, a mouthguard that uses shock absorbing materials should be a priority.



Fit and comfort


Thinner mouth protection is great for sports that involve less physical contact, but in this case, thicker protection is required. Find a mouthguard that is both suitable for contact sports and comfortable enough to let you breathe and perform without being distracted.

You know you’ve found a good mouthguard for lacrosse when it is well-fitted. If it has the right shape and size it won’t leave any room for gaps and play, ensuring good protection.

It’s important to purchase a mouthguard that is both tight and comfortable because it’s annoying to wear it when it causes unease. If you have to adjust it all the time, it will disrupt and diminish your focus, weakening your performance.



Optimal design


From the abundance of mouthguards, you can find for sale, try to make a wise choice when it comes to design. Professional players in all sports are often eager to own a custom made mouthguard. But this is the most expensive solution. One such piece of gear could cost on average between 300 and 500 dollars, and it takes time to make it.

If the price tag is important, the easiest and cheapest option is to buy a stock mouthguard. It’s a sold ready-to-be-used, without customization by the wearer. However, these are often available in a limited number of sizes and could be ill-fitting.

The so called boil and bite, or mouth-formed guards are customized by the user, at home. Made of thermoplastic, plastic acrylic and silicone rubber, they allow you to take your own dental mold. The process is easy and the price is affordable. Lacrosse mouthguard reviews favor them and so do many of the athletes.



Top rated products



We’ve made our picks based on the essential characteristics that a lacrosse mouthguard should hold. If you feel ready to decide, feel free to choose from the products showcased below.  



Redline Sportswear Mouthguard


These mouthguards are precisely what you need for your lacrosse games. They have a simple yet effective design that can fit the mouth of an adult or of a kid. Customers are pleased to discover how well it fits.

The shape of the dental protection is meant to offer extra protection as t is thicker in the front and along the backside. That improves cushioning and shock dispersing in the areas that are more exposed.

The materials used are safe for the wearer’s health because there is no trace of BPA or latex, just simple to use POE. Polyolefin ensures a tight fit and maximum protection and it’s great for its molding capacity.

After you’ve customized the appliance, you’ll notice it’s easy to breathe while wearing it. It also helps you protect your soft tissues, not just your teeth.

Unlike other products, this one comes with a vented case and a carabiner that helps you store it in hygiene conditions and conveniently carry it with you.

One more thing that makes it highly recommendable for lacrosse is the variety of vibrant colors you get to choose from. You can match your team’s color or become more visible for teammates.

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OPRO Pro Platinum Level


The OPRO Pro Platinum Level offers several benefits that are great for any mouth appliance. Like most customizable mouthguards, it is intended to replace a custom made protection and provide the same comfort with a minimum expenditure of time and money.

It offers a superior custom fit thanks to the 13 anatomical patented fins. The manufacturer used a hi-flow material and accurate spacing than can fit teeth morphology. This way, there are no possible gaps and molding becomes easier. Once the fins fit into the right recesses, they are broken down to result in a custom fitting mouthguard.

Using this model gives you increased protection not only for your dentition but also for the gums and soft tissue of the jaw. Unlike similar gear pieces, this one keeps the palate clear, facilitating good breathing as well as speech.

The product comes with a useful patented cradle that you can use in the fitting process. It ensures an easy and accurate procedure that gives the mouthguard just the right thickness.

Because a clean mouthguard is also important when it comes to oral health, the model has integrated antimicrobial protection that inhibits bacteria growth into the mouthpiece and case.

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OPRO Braces Fit


For those of you who have problems finding a mouthguard to fit their braces, OPRO has issued this model. It’s often complicated to find a mouth appliance that works as a shield against impacts and be compatible with your braces.

With this custom fit mouthguard specially created for fixed braces, you can let go of your worries. To make it suitable for dental braces, the manufacturer equipped it with a brace bumper and altered the patented fins by shortening them. This way, they can mold easier on the teeth and braces, ensuring a tight fit and good retention.

Customers are content with the increased protection the product offers. It works not only for the teeth but also for the gums and jaw tissue. That is combined with a clear breathing and speech capability as the design keeps the palate free.

Just like the product issued for normal use, this one has a cradle that you need to handle during the fitting process. With the help of it, the mouthpiece fits accurately and reaches minimum thickness. Besides that, the procedure produces side air cushions that are meant to increase your comfort.

The OPRO Braces Fit is latex free to prevent the release of toxic particles and it includes antimicrobial protection that discourages the growth of bacteria by 99.99%.

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