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Best lacrosse shaft

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Lacrosse shafts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparisons


If you’re out looking for a good lacrosse shaft but have no time to waste with research, then the following paragraph should tell you everything you want to know. After looking through a large number of lacrosse shaft reviews, product comparisons and customer reports our team concluded that the Brine Swizzle is the product that might serve you best. This attack oriented shaft is made out of Scandium, the most sought-after material for the task thanks to the perfect mix of durability and lightweight it provides. So it weighs a feather while it can hold up to the bumps it will get during college-level play. Any attacking player knows the importance of a good grip, and you won’t have to tape this instrument since it already provides good adherence in areas you’ll need it the most. If you want something with more spring to it for fast shots, then the East Coast Dyes CARB-SHFT should definitely satisfy.  


Top features to consider


To ensure that you get the best lacrosse shaft for your needs, you will first have to consider how well it will fit your playing style. This is mostly dictated by length, with 30-inch shafts fitting the fast play required for attack and midfield action the best, while long 60-inch shafts are a favorite for defense and 40-inch for goalies. If you are entirely new to the sport, then go for what you think will suit you better on the field. With this out of the way, what are some other characteristics to look for?





Aluminum is the least pretentious option out there and generally inexpensive. It is fairly light, but it dents and bends easily on contact. If you’re looking for a cheap lacrosse shaft for a child that’s just getting into the sport, aluminum will make a good, inexpensive choice from what’s available for sale.

Alloy shafts fare a little better, being just somewhat tougher than aluminum but significantly lighter. This makes them favored by dedicated attack players, who like lightweight shafts for the speed they allow.

Scandium is considered the best choice out there, as it offers a very good strength to weight ratio. Significantly more durable than alloy and equally lightweight, it fulfills equally well the requirements for all positions, attack, midfield, and defense.

Only carbon fiber material can be said to have an edge over scandium, in that it can flex. This imprints a slingshot effect on the ball, making it go faster. It is well liked by midfielders because of this but, it can be skilfully employed by players in all positions.



Price and durability


The density and thickness of the material used are the primary factors that dictate the price of a lacrosse shaft. More expensive units will have thicker shells, with extrusions on the inside of the tube to make them even tougher.

Durability will prove paramount for those that play the game a lot, especially if they are a fully grown adult since this will place high demands on the equipment. A good, solid, model is generally priced at around $100, while a $30 to $60 shaft can prove enough for middle school players.  





Having a good handle on the shaft is important no matter the position one plays, but defenders can get away with supplementing the grip by using tape, while attackers might avoid this because of the added weight.

A shaft that provides a gritty surface for your hand to latch on to will be something to look for especially if you play attack. This is done either by sandblasting certain areas or adding rubber inserts, both to equally good effect.    



Top rated products



The high number of options available out there might make it hard to find the best lacrosse shaft, that’s why we selected a handful of top quality products for your consideration, selected on the basis of the good marks each received in reviews of lacrosse shafts.  



Brine Swizzle 


This model form Brine manages to check all the boxes for what a lacrosse attacker or midfielder might want. It’s 30 inches long to allow for good handling and swift strikes while its scandium construction will make it both very lightweight and durable.

It can withhold the rough and tumble of elite level games, as scandium can withstand quite a deal of punishment before denting, and it’s a rare occurrence for it to bend out of shape. Meanwhile, it is light enough to allow an offensive player to imprint the desired speed on the ball, paired with swift and sudden movements meant to baffle the opposition.  

People who’ve used it found it unnecessary to add to its weight by using tape, as the handle is textured in strategic places to offer the best grip possible without compromising your hand’s ability to slide when this is needed.

The quality of the product is reflected by its price, which places it in the upper ranges, but without making it prohibitively expensive when compared to similar products that rate just as well. This will make it a good high-value gift for a younger player, to serve him for many years into the sport.

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East Coast Dyes CARB-SHFT 


At 30 inches in length, this East Coast Dyes product will make a good choice for any attacker or midfielder, but especially for those that enjoy imprinting a sling effect on the ball. This will also help stronger players maximise their advantage, as flexing is the more pronounced, the harder one pushes against the shaft.

Flexing is achieved by employing a special blend of carbon fiber material for the shaft’s construction, and this is desirable because it can imprint a higher speed on the ball, making it harder to intercept. Some players also find that this improves their feel for the ball during gameplay, improving their agility.

East Coast Dyes uses a technology called FLEX 5 to achieve a particular degree of flexing, which seems to be highly appreciated by their fans, as it can be deduced by the good scores this product receives.

While its carbon fiber construction keeps it remarkably lightweight, you shouldn’t expect for it to hold to impact as well as a scandium model would, and it might dent if hit hard enough, as an unfortunate peculiarity of the material.

Bending or breaking won’t be a problem, however, and carbon fiber is known to hold a good grip, which this shaft definitely does, without the need for tape.

Buy from for ($99.99)




Maverik Lacrosse 3001176


This is an overall reliable attack/midfield shaft which uses novel technology to deliver similar performance to pricier models. It’s produced by a well-regarded company, so the fact that it falls in the mid-price range shouldn’t put you down from using it in college or adult league matches.

We haven’t found anybody who used it for grown-up men’s games complain about its durability thus far, which might be due to the fact that Maverik employed a new type of alloy in its construction, the 8000 series, which boasts significantly better strength than the common 7075 alloy.

This gives it a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, which should place it high on the list for any attacker, as it will allow for the fastest movements with as little muscle fatigue as possible. It will make an equally good piece for those who prefer to pass, or chance a goal from the middle of the field (although a flexing unit might work better for this).

As with all newer models, this shaft is textured to provide a better grip, which means it won’t required any additional tape to keep it sliding off your hand.

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