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Best LaCrosse shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


LaCrosse shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best lacrosse shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, through reviews, sales figures etc and we have found that the STX Valor is the best because the shin guards provide low-profile yet ultra-lightweight protection so the athlete can focus on their game and not worry about getting hit by a playmate’s lacrosse stick, cleats or a fast incoming ball. The shin guards feature multi-surface backing that keeps moisture and sweat away from the skin for quick evaporation via ventilation holes, so they do not breed germs that contribute to bad odor and skin irritation. Undoubtedly the best lacrosse shin guards, this pair gives you confidence to play your best in every game without worrying about discomfort or the level of protection on your lower legs. If the STX Valor is unavailable, you can confidently choose the TACVPI Probot by Harrow Sport as it is almost just as good.


Best lacrosse shin guards 1000


Top features to consider:



If you are a goalie, part of your lacrosse goalie gear collection is the shin guards or pads. Sometimes, even defense and attack players prefer to be wearing shin pads as well during every game since the blunt impact on the shins of the lacrosse stick, ball or another’s player’s cleats could readily cause excruciating pain and even permanent injury if there’s insufficient or no protection on the lower legs. To ensure that your shin guards will not leave you on the sidelines for the entire season, make sure to check out these elements in your protective gear.



Lightweight design and construction


Shin guards are made using different combinations of foam rubber, fiberglass, plastic, polyurethane and nylon. These materials offer varying levels of protection while ensuring lightweight performance, since the last thing a lacrosse player needs is to be weighed down by their protective apparel and not be able to play as they should. Although highly capable of protecting the player from serious injury, the shin guards should not be bulky and heavy to enable the player to focus on the game and not on the gear.

Make sure the shin guards you buy provide ample protection without causing discomfort of any kind. You can get huge plastic-faced lacrosse goalie shin guards that provide extensive top-to-bottom coverage from the ankles to the knees to cover the entire sensitive area of the shins. Generally, the larger the surface area covered by the shin guards, the greater the degree of protection and security against serious or permanent leg damage.


Reliable impact protection


The lacrosse goalie pads offer a solid first barrier that deflects impact away from the sensitive shin area as well as the ankles, which could easily get hit with a wayward lacrosse stick of a fast flying ball. They even protect the athlete from accidental kicks during a struggle for the ball or to get the get the ball to the goal. Ideally, the shin guards should also offer ankle protection using foam padding or hard plastic discs. You could always source foam ankle guards separately but a product that comes with ankle guards offers value for money. Carbon fiber or hard plastic construction offers betters shock absorption.





Some female and sometimes male players wear shin guards along with other protective gear. The shin guards are typically attached using velcro straps that go around the back of the calves and circle back to the front closure. Some players use a sleeve to secure the shin guards in place, or they use tape instead. You wouldn’t want to have to do constant adjustments of the shin guards if they fall out of position. The shin guards should be breathable and lightweight and not scrape against the skin. There should be cushioning foam lining the shield/ front plate to contribute to impact absorption.



Top rated products



Because of the high number of products on the market, the consumer will have to rely on the information provided in lacrosse shin guards reviews in order to ensure a sensible buy. Hopefully.the above buying guide will help you make an educated choice without being swayed by pure gimmickry or hype. We have highlighted the best products below to help you even more.



STX Valor


1.STX Valor Shin GuardsOffering lightweight protection, the STX Valor helps you keep your mind on the game. Offering lightweight performance to ensure you won’t feel the brunt of full impact, these shin guards deliver ample protection to the sensitive part of the shin so you won’t suffer from permanent damage when your lower leg gets hit by an errant lacrosse stick or the ball itself during particularly rough play.

You’ll love the High Def Polymer multi-surface backing that delivers low profile yet ultra-lightweight protection without absorbing moisture or sweat readily to cause odors and irritation.

The shin guards also feature a flexible rib design enables the shin guards to bend easier compared to other models, enabling you to have unrestricted mobility on the field. You can squat, kneel or run and jump without being weighed down in your movements. The adjustable and removable velcro straps ensure secure attachment to your legs so you can get full protection.

Buy from for ($61.97)




TACVPI Probot by Harrow Sport


2.Field Hockey Shin GuardsFeaturing a ventilated hard plastic shell that offers full air flow, the TACVPI Probot by Harrow Sport shin guards serve as armors for the sensitive part of the shin. Get maximum protection for all levels of play with these solid-looking shin guards that have a rigid build and top-to-bottom coverage.

You wouldn’t need to worry about errant lacrosse sticks, a fast flying ball or another player’s cleats when wearing these shin guards designed to absorb impacts and blunt hits that can potentially cause permanent damage and injury. The removable and washable liner provides padded comfort while offering extra protection against impacts.

The shin guards come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that assures the consumer of quality materials and top notch craftsmanship for superior durability and strength. Popular for all levels of play, these shin guards prevent you from getting injured with exceptional coverage around the shins to protect the lower legs during rough play.

Buy from for ($29.15)




STX Field Hockey Contour


3.STX Field Hockey Contour ShinguardThe STX Field Hockey Contour shin guards come with an ergonomic shape that follows the contours of your legs, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Available in adult sizing, the shin guards feature open holes along with mesh material to ensure enhanced air circulation.

Your lower legs won’t feel hot and wet while encased in these shin guards because of free airflow that ensures fast evaporation of moisture and sweat, which also ensures a cool and comfortable feeling while playing. The performance-geared fabric is designed to dry quickly so sweat and moisture do not accumulate on the skin to cause itchiness and irritation.

These shin guards are available in different colors. An entire team can just choose a single color for uniformity. The lightweight material ensures fuss-free wearing so the player can freely move about on the field to deliver goals for the team and assume defense when needed or attack any time.

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