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Best lightweight badminton racket reviews


Lightweight badminton rackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want the best lightweight badminton racket, but you are too pressed for time to read the entire buying guide below, this short paragraph will help you decide. According to reviews, feedback, and social media comments, the model that you should consider first, is the ADIBO Professional. The two rackets included are ideal for beginners, and they have a forgiving configuration that will allow you to practice your serves and smashes with great ease. The square head is suitable for beginners, as well, because it provides a large sweet spot so that you will never miss a hit. If high speed is essential for you, the lightweight shaft will allow you to achieve it, with zero headaches. In the unfortunate event that the ADIBO Professional is no longer available, you should consider the CSI Cannon Sports 215, as a second-best alternative.

Top features to consider


If you want the optimal choice for a kid or a beginner, you should focus on a lightweight badminton racket. There are plenty of models for sale on the market, so making a selection may not be easy. We want to offer you a few important pointers that will help you make a choice that will never let you down.



The racket head shape


Finding the best light badminton racket starts with a single step, and in this case, let’s talk a little about the shape of the racket head. The standard option is oval or egg-shape, but you may also choose from other shapes, such as diamond, teardrop, or square. While at first glance, this may sound like an option that depends solely on preferences, and nothing more, the head shape has an impact on your play.

For instance, a model with a diamond shape will come with long strings in the middle, and that can make the racket feel like it bounces the shuttlecock more. The standard shape creates a stiffer feel for the racket. A square model offers more control and is ideal for beginners.



How does the racket shaft feel?


The action of the shaft also has a role in how you will manage to control your racket. A stiffer shaft is necessary when you want to control the shot more; on the other hand, a less stiff shaft will offer you more power for serving and smashing.

There are even models that come equipped with longer shafts so you can benefit from more flex. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may like a stiffer or a more flexible shaft.



What grip size do you need?


While reading the specifications offered by the manufacturer, you will notice that there is information provided on the grip size. One thing you should know is that there is no such thing as a standard sizing for this particular aspect. The player must choose what they like best, but, if you want a rule of thumb to go after, here is the thing: a larger grip is a good option for those with smaller hands, while a smaller grip is more suitable for people with larger hands.

You will notice that the G4 grip size is the most common. The truth is that this grip is considered comfortable for most players. A G5 size may be found once in a while. In case you find the grip of your racket too small, just add some wraps to make it bigger.



Top rated products



Are you searching for a lightweight badminton racket for sale? The following selection will help you identify a model that will never disappoint you.



ADIBO Professional


The ADIBO Professional is praised by most of the reviews of lightweight badminton rackets and for all the right reasons. The 100g weight makes it ideal for kids and beginners. The frame is made of iron, to keep the total weight at a minimum, so the model can provide all the benefits you would expect from a lightweight model.

The package includes two rackets and their string, along with their carrying bag. When you want to play some badminton with your close ones, this set is ideal. A thing that makes it a fine choice for beginners is the square head; this provides a large sweet spot, allowing you to hit any shuttlecock without a problem.

It must be mentioned that the racket frame is designed to help you achieve excellent results. The T-joint and the 72 holes make the frame stable and flexible enough to be forgiving for new players.

When you want to send your ball across at high speed, the slim shaft will prove handy. There is no wonder that there is a meaning behind the name of this convenient pack. ADIBO stands for “continuous praise” in Taiwanese, and it suggests the sort of quality you can expect from this product.

Buy from for ($49.99)




CSI Cannon Sports 215


The CSI Cannon Sports 215 may be lightweight, but this does not mean that it sacrifices durability in any way. The shaft is made from tempered steel, while the frame is made from aluminum. Everything about this model seems to be designed to provide a robust performance while keeping the weight to a minimum.

The frame comes with nylon strings that provide enough flexibility. These are designed to be heavy-duty, too, and you don’t have to worry that they might come apart while in use. To have an idea about how the racket feels and looks like, here are some specifications. The total weight is 113g, and the length of the racket is 26 inches.

If you want a racket that is a good fit for a player who only enjoys the sport for fun, you will find this racket right up your alley. People who are league players might not see it as such a bad deal either.

You will also appreciate the leather handle and its comfortable grip. When you play, you must make sure that the handle does not slip from your hand, and that can only be provided by a good grip. The handle is also soft to the touch, which means that it is quite comfortable.

Buy from for ($13.99)




Yonex Nanoray 6


The Yonex Nanoray 6 is a model designed for accuracy. You will notice the isometric shape of the head that has a positive impact on your play. When you deal with off-center hits, the way the head is designed will compensate, and you will still be able to send the ball in the direction you want.

Yonex is a company well known for their attention to detail and excellent products. The head balance aims for light, and that makes the racket more maneuverable. The total length is 26 inches, so it is pretty standard and does not have any specific requirements.

With a string tension of 16-20 pounds, it is a good option for beginners. You will love the Aero frame that guarantees that your swing will be fast and easy to control. A bit of technology is employed on this particular model.

The carbon nanotube ensures extra strength, while the nanomesh makes sure that you will benefit from the extreme power and better control provided. You will surely appreciate the head cover provided with your purchase that will allow you to keep the racket strings away from harm between matches.

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