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Best men’s softball bats


Men’s softball bats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are in the market for the best men’s softball bats but time is not something you can spare to look for all of the relevant information available on this topic, we are here to help you out. Our team has conducted extensive research that included data gathered from the market, as well as expert reviews, and drew the conclusion that the softball bat you should take into consideration as the first option is DeMarini’s The One. With its 13 inches 4.ONE composite barrel and the stiff SC4 Alloy handle, this model feels like a one-piece constructed one. A relaunched model, this is made to be more responsive than before and enhance the player’s skills and moves for excellent results. In case you cannot find this model available, the next best option you might want to consider is DeMarini’s WTDXSTL since it offers similar features and performances.



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Top features to consider


When it comes to men’s softball bats and to choosing the right one, things might be a bit more difficult, especially if you are still rather new to this. This beautiful sport does come with some challenges, which makes the part of choosing the bat a crucial one.

Some say softball is actually harder than baseball, so if you feel that you could use some tips for this task, keep reading further. The two most important elements you should take into consideration are weight and length, and here we will go a little bit into more detail to see how you can determine these two characteristics in the best way.





The thing about length is that you should choose a bat you are comfortable with and, in general, you should never go up more than an inch at a time. This way, you can take the time to adjust to the new bat without a drastic impact on your swing. Moreover, you can also determine the initial size you should be using.

What you need to do is to measure yourself from the center of your chest to the tips of the index finger, while holding your arm straight out to the side. Once you know what this number is, you can look for some useful online charts that also take your weight into account, to determine what bat you should purchase.





When it comes to a bat’s weight, here things are also determined by personal preferences. If you are a stronger player, you might be able to swing a heavier bat without the associated fatigue.

When it comes to younger players, the general rule says that children that weigh less than 60 pounds should swing a bat that is between 26 and 29 inches long, while those weighing over 70 pounds should go for bats ranging from 28 to 32 inches long.



Bat Drop


A bat’s drop is the difference between its length and weight. For this reason, the bigger the drop weight is, the lighter the bat. High school baseball bats and college bats are regulated and should have a drop higher than -3.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the drop makes a difference in the physics of the swing. If you have a long and light bat, you’ll be able to swing it very fast, but without too much inertia. Things are, of course, the other way around if you use a short and heavy bat, as it doesn’t offer the fastest speed, but you will have plenty of inertia.  



Top rated products



When it comes to going through men’s softball bats reviews, things can get somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are rather new to this. For this reason, we’ve decided to give you a hand and we’ve selected our favorite models from the highest-rated ones available on the market.



DeMarini The One


Different from men’s fastpitch softball bats, this DeMarini model is a slowpitch model and, since going for a brand known for the quality of its products that have been chosen by professional players around the world is a pretty obvious course of action, DeMarini’s The One model has made its way into our selection.

With a 13 inches long 4.ONE composite barrel, you can rest assured that this bat is going to give the pop you need for many successful games to come. Moreover, given its stiff SC4 Alloy handle, this model feels like a one-piece bat. If you want a versatile model that will be right there by your side during intense games, this is surely one option you can go for.

Since it was so well-made in its initial release, the manufacturer brought the model back, making it more responsive than before. Suitable for experienced players, this bat is definitely an excellent choice for beginners as well, especially if they want to rely on a powerful tool that can help them improve their gameplay faster.

Approved by the USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ASA, the bat also comes with a one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, showing that it stands by its products.

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Yet another very nice addition to our good men’s softball bats selection, DeMarini’s WTDXSTL is, according to the manufacturer’s description, a bat forged in fire. What this means is that the steel used in its construction goes through a proprietary and patented heat-treating process that makes the barrel harder.

The result of using this process is that the single-wall, carburized steel barrel offers increased performance and durability levels that are pretty hard to compare with other models available for sale. Moreover, the ZnX Alloy Handle flexes less, this way forcing the barrel to deflect more which in turn means an increased overall barrel performance.

What you should keep in mind about this bat is that it’s specifically made for leagues and tournaments that don’t allow multi-wall or composite barrels. That’s why the WTDXSTL is constructed as a hardened beast and pitchers will be afraid of its sound on the field.

The length of the barrel is of 12 inches and if you want to make sure that this size suits you as a player, you can always check a men’s softball bat size chart. Many times these are offered by the manufacturer, but you can find a lot of information online as well.

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Easton Salvo


If what you need is one of those good men’s composite softball bats that help you get the results you want and improve your gameplay, then Easton’s Salvo model might be the answer to your quest. Approved by the USSSA, ISA, NSA, and ISF, this bat offers many features that make it an alternative to be taken into consideration.

The strong, one-piece design increases the player’s control over the bat and power, while the 29/32-inch handle features the Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip. This means it offers the optimal level of comfort for the softball player while allowing you to have a great feel for the bat and enjoy every moment of the game.

Salvo’s 12-inch IMX Advanced Composite barrel features a loaded end which maximizes the sweet spot and provides power through the zone. Given that different weighted models are available, the 26, 27 and 28-ounce ones feature end-loads of 1 ounce, 2 ounces, and 3 ounces, respectively.

With so many features included that help ensure the player’s performance during the game, this slowpitch composite bat also features a thin handle that helps all the magic happen, by ensuring a grip you can rely on.

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