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Best MMA shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Shin pads for MMA – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best MMA shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We’ve done our research online, by analyzing the user feedback, the sales figures, and the value offered for the cost of hundreds of some of the most critically acclaimed models out there. In the end, we’ve reached the conclusion that the RDX MMA Protective Gear is the best product in the line. This option has antimicrobial properties, is made of cowhide leather, and can be adjusted to the leg of the user using the provided straps. Judging by the reviews it has gathered, the unit is one of the few comfortable shin guards for MMA money can buy. If the RDX MMA Protective Gear is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Contender Fight Sports MMA as it’s almost just as good.



Comparison table




If you’re looking to purchase shin guards for MMA, you’re in the right place. We know that buying the right model can be a daunting task these days, what with the market being overflowed with countless alternatives. Some are cheap, some are expensive, so which one should you pick? We’ve created a comprehensive buying guide that can help you correlate your requirements with the characteristics of your chosen product.

A.1 Best mma shin guards


Top features to consider:





While many products nowadays are made of synthetic leather or any other types of artificial fabrics, the fact of the matter is that leather is always the better alternative to all of these variations. A high-quality shin guard will cost you a pretty penny, but at least you’ll know it will last you for several years to come. Plus, since MMA options are lighter than Thai shin guards, they need to be as well-constructed as possible so that they protect all your fragile bones and joints.





Although most of the units destined for mixed martial arts are shin and instep protectors, we’ve seen that some buyers still prefer the regular shin guard. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like your small foot bones protected as well as your tibial area. If you’ve tried such a model on and you believe you’ll feel no discomfort while in the ring, we recommend purchasing a model that offers the most protection as possible.



Size and measurements


Size charts can differ a lot from one manufacturing brand to the next. That’s why we recommend measuring your shins using flexible measuring tape starting off under your knee right down to the bend of the ankle. Depending on the model you’ll be choosing and whether it’ll be with straps or have a sock-like structure, you should also consider measuring the thickness of your shin as well. It goes without saying that a too tight shin guard can significantly restrict one’s movements while in the ring and also take a toll on his or her circulation.



Top rated products



This guide should allow you to find the best martial arts shin guards for your needs. If you don’t like spending too much time reading various articles and going over many sources for hours on end, have a look at the following selection, composed of the most popular units in the line. All of these protectors are well-made and reasonably priced. Last but not least, they are also comfortable to wear.



RDX MMA Protective Gear


1.RDX Leather MMAWhile the RDX might not be the most affordable protective gear we’ve come across, the fact of the matter is that it is worth every cent.

The model features a comfortable adjusting strap, thus eliminating any issue encountered by the user in regards to the tightness of the guards. What’s more, this is a uniquely designed product that has antimicrobial properties and allows owners to do what they’re supposed to do while fighting without being bugged about sweat and itchiness.

As for the protection per se, since this is a shin instep guard, it goes without saying that it can seriously assist users when it comes to avoiding injuries.

It might be worth noting that this alternative has been constructed out of cowhide, which means that it’s reliable and durable, while sacrificing nothing in terms of comfort. The general opinion about this model seems to be that it offers great value for the price.



Equipped to provide a snug fit, these shin guards enable a stable alignment on the legs. They won’t come loose during your training and neither will they move out of position when you are doing an intense workout.

Each one of the shin guards in the package is made of genuine, strong cowhide leather, which makes them capable of withstanding the rigors of your workout routine. The material is not prone to cracking or peeling and is also very easy to maintain.

The shin guards feature an innovative Velcro closure to hold them in place on the legs. They will not twist out of place so you won’t need to constantly refasten or readjust them, helping you focus on your activity.

The shock-absorbent, gel-based padding provides a remarkable degree of support and protection thanks to its practical thickness. Thanks to the shin guards, you will not be intimidated easily by the blows on the lower extremities that might come your way during a competition.



One customer saw a gap between the shin and instep segments of the product, which can be attributed to the junction point of those parts.

Buy from for ($87.09)




Contender Fight Sports MMA


2.Contender Fight Sports MMACompared to the unit showcased above, this one is different on many levels. For one, this is a sock-like shin guard that does feature some protection on the foot area but some might say that it’s a bit too narrow to be efficient.

Even so, for individuals who have a lot of experience in mixed martial arts, perhaps it’s a reasonable option, what with its excellently designed synthetic leather striking surface that seems to offer enough coverage on the most sensitive leg areas.

The Contender Fight Sports MMA alternative has managed to garner some of the best reviews in the line, with people raving about the quality it provides for the cost.

The only problem encountered by some owners was related to the size, but this situation mostly occurred in cases where the buyer wasn’t aware of his or her dimensions. Be sure to check out the size chart provided by the brand before deciding to order any type of shin guard.



These shin guards feature a shock-absorbing foam in their construction. The foam is covered with a leather striking surface. The materials used in the shin guards are solidly put together for an exceptional level of durability and lasting use.

To deliver a secure, firm hold, the shin guards come with a neoprene wrap around them. Neoprene not only exhibits an immense physical toughness but also delivers cushioning and protection aside from being water and weather-resistant. The material is latex-free so there is no fear of skin irritation or allergies.

Readily the most secure-fitting guards on the market, this pair is ideal for use when executing your grappling technique. They come with a sock-like design that offers a decent level of protection to the instep along with a considerable amount of protection to the shins.

The shin guards have a 23-inch height, which should be enough to cover the average person’s shins so virtually no part of the lower leg is left unprotected. The shin guards keep the most sensitive parts of the leg adequately covered.



Like any product intended to be worn on the body, these shin guards come with a specific size. If you believe these shin guards are a tad narrow to your liking, or if you are uncertain about a specific size component, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications on this aspect.

Buy from for ($31.17)




RDX Neoprene MMA


3.RDX Neoperene MMAFor those of you interested in getting an affordable pair of shin guards, look no further. The RDX Neoprene has all the features of a perfectly designed sock-like alternative. The model doesn’t cost all that much, considering that many online retailers sell it for as little as sixty dollars. Some buyers might be as lucky as get it for less, if they choose to shop from Amazon.

One of the main reasons you might feel tempted to pick this option is that it has been built in accordance with an unparalleled moisture management technology so that it’s comfortable to wear regardless of the season you do your mixed martial arts in.

Intelligent memory padding and shock absorbency add to the overall value of the RDX Neoprene MMA. While it might not look and feel as sturdy as the first product we’ve mentioned earlier on, the RDX still gets the job done if you’re on a budget.



Perfect for those looking for professionally-approved martial arts gear, this product has earned approval from the world’s leading research and testing lab. You know your welfare is in great hands with these agency-endorsed shin guards that have been CE certified and SATRA-approved.

These shin guards are made versatile as they can be used in martial arts, MMA, and Muay Thai kickboxing training. They are an essential part of your martial arts training apparel. They provide lower leg protection.

The shin guards are made of neoprene, which comes with a legendary level of physical toughness, water and weather-resistance, and all without allergy-causing latex in its composition. Providing premium protection without the ouch, these neoprene shin guards are the real deal.

The exclusive Intellimem padding offers the smartest ultimate protection together with the FL-Stitch technology for a superior level of durability and resilience.

Ventilation, thermal regulation, and moisture wicking properties are delivered by the exclusive P-fit system and MMT.



One user who found everything about the shin guards satisfactory suggests putting in a knee-to-ankle zipper in a future version of these shin guards.

Buy from for ($50.99)




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