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Best MMA shorts reviews


MMA shorts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want to find out what the best MMA shorts are and don’t have the time to read our whole piece, then the following paragraph should give you the information you need. Based on the MMA shmorts reviews with the most positive user ratings as well as surveys and consumer reports, the Venum Gladiator is the one to bear in mind. With a striking design, it is not just the look that will have you impressed immediately but also the quality and freedom of movement that this option will offer you. It uses only the best materials available so that you don’t have to worry about the durability of this product, you will pay once and get something that will last for a very long time. If by any chance the Venum Gladiator  is not available for sale, we believe that the Hayabusa Kasumi-S is a worthy second alternative.


Top features to consider


Finding some good MMA shorts is not an impossible task, but it certainly isn’t easy either. You need to be aware of the features that each product offers and for that you might have to spend some time researching. Because not everyone has that kind of time on their hands, we have done the homework for you in the buyer’s guide below.



Quality materials


The quality of any product cannot be underestimated, and the same is true for MMA shorts. While a subpar option can still function properly most of the time, the experience that you are going to get from it can be quite disappointing.

The worst thing is that once you get a certain product for the first time if you choose one that lacks the quality of others you can end up believing that what you are getting is what everyone is offering. This is why investing in a quality item from the start is recommended as it will offer a better experience and make you feel good while wearing it.



Comfort can increase your performance


With quality comes comfort, and comfort is crucial when buying any kind of clothing, even more so for one that is meant to be used in sports. When practicing MMA or any other contact sport, you will need to equip yourself with attire that is comfortable and does not end up making you feel awkward or one that removes part of your mobility.

An alternative that is designed to offer a comfortable experience will make you feel more flexible and will, in fact, improve your performance. If you want to only give your best in the ring, then a comfortable pair of shorts can really help you achieve that.



Buy something that will last you


The last thing you want when buying a new product is having to replace it because it got damaged. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your option uses only the most durable fabrics. Another way of making sure that your purchase will be a lasting one is by choosing the size carefully.

Make sure to choose the size that fits you perfectly. You don’t want it to be too tight because this will not only hinder your mobility but will also cause the shorts to tear easily when performing complex movements.



Top rated products



To make it easier for you to find the best MMA compression shorts we have some suggestion of the top-rated options available on the market today. These have been carefully chosen by taking into account customer feedback and the quality, comfort, and protection that each alternative can offer.



Venum Gladiator


If you want to get a product that can really improve your mobility and flexibility so that you can get the upper hand in the ring, then the Venum Gladiator is a safe choice. With the help of the compression technology that this option uses, your blood circulation to the muscles will be improved so will your strength and recovery time.

No need to worry that you won’t feel comfortable in these shorts, they might be elastic, but they do not hinder your mobility in any way, on the contrary. The Venum Gladiator  is designed to increase the mobility and flexibility of the wearer. This is possible because of the polyester and spandex fabric that makes the shorts stretch at the same time with your body.

If you like to train for long periods of the time, with this alternative you don’t have to worry about sweat making you feel uncomfortable. The dry tech feature will make sweat and moisture evaporate quickly.

As a plus, you also get an internal pocket that can easily accommodate a protective shell of your choosing. This is great for when you want to feel safe and not risk the chance of getting injured by your opponent.

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Hayabusa Kasumi-S KSSFS-B36


The Hayabusa Kasumi-S KSSFS-B36 may be the most affordable pick on our list, but you will certainly be impressed by the quality it can offer. The first thing to know is that these shorts are made of a polyester blend which means that they will be comfortable and able to last you for quite some time.

The flyweight fabric is designed to allow it to resist a great deal of shear strength so that your product can be just as flexible as you are. This great feature does not affect the weight as this option is extremely lightweight, which means that it is also comfortable to wear. Your skin will be able to breathe easily so that sweat does not accumulate.

To improve your mobility, the Hayabusa Kasumi-S KSSFS-B36 uses a unique mid-thigh architecture with a side-split design. What this does is allowing you to move your legs in any direction and at any angle without your shorts hindering your flexibility.

We also need to talk a bit about the look that this alternative has. Customers love it because it’s simple and works perfectly with any other item that you might be wearing. You also won’t need to worry about the models and graphics washing away as they are guaranteed to last.

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Venum Amazonia 


If you want a cool looking product that has more than looks going for it, then the Venum Amazonia 1049-XS is the right pick for you. The first thing that you will notice is the striking red color and the cool looking graphics that this option uses and that will undoubtedly make you stand out when wearing it.

It features a V-shaped mesh cut that will improve your mobility so that you can improve your performance when practicing your favorite sport. The vault 3-way innovative closure system will make it so that the Venum Amazonia 1049-XS fits perfectly and remains right in place even when you’re running and rolling on the mat.

The speed grips allow you to easily adjust your shorts when you need to either loosen or tighten their hold. Another thing that will improve your range of movement is the pro-engineering flex-system that is placed in the crotch area, and that makes this product extremely flexible.

Because durability is important and you want your purchase to last very long, this alternative utilizes a sublimated hard-wearing microfiber. What this microfiber does is enhancing the durability of your shorts considerably by making them able to withstand great pulls without showing any signs of damage.

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