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Best motocross chest protector reviews


Motocross chest protectors – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Chest protectors are essential for preventing any injuries related to the torso area. Especially during a motocross session, you need all the possible safety and protection you can get. So you’ll need to get the best motocross chest protector on the market. According to numerous customer reviews, expert feedback, and sales figures, the EVS Sports RV4 Roost Guard is a great choice. Made of a 3D soft mesh that ensures more than enough comfort and air ventilation, this chest protector provides excellent ankle support. Besides, it features plastic inserts for extra safety. If somehow the EVS Sports Roost Guard is out of stock, go ahead and check the FOX Racing Adult MX Roost Deflector Raptor.


Top features to consider


We all know how vital it is to wear protective gear during motocross activities. Because the torso area is heavily exposed, you need to wear a motocross chest protector so that you can rest assured there’s nothing bad that can happen. Because there are different models available for sale, we’ve thought about lending you a helping hand. So we’ve created this useful buying guide that is showcased below.





Motocross chest protectors are incredibly useful and important when riding the bike. Just like you need helmets and goggles, you need a good chest protector that keeps you safe and allows you to escape any possible injury that might occur if you have a spill.

Generally, chest protectors are built from plastic insertion and foam pads. This way, they enable protection for the chest area. Some advanced models can even keep your shoulders and back intact in if you suffer an accident. If you like to ride the motocross especially on rocky terrains or off-road, you’ll definitely appreciate wearing a chest protector.

According to your personal needs and preferences, you can choose from a variety of products that come in many different forms and styles.

For example, if you’re just learning the basics of motocross, you’ll be more than fine with an essential chest protector. Advanced users, on the other hand, might show interested in items that are outfitted with shoulder pads, back pads, padding for the elbows, and so on. This way they benefit from a full upper body protection.

Don’t choose a chest protector solely for the fact that the color is nice and the design is fantastic. It’s crucial to choose one that fits your style and helps you remain intact after each motocross session.



Full coverage


When looking for the best chest protector for motocross, you need to learn how to distinguish between regular ones and the protectors that provide full coverage of the torso region.

If you want to opt for the latter, you should know that this type offers a comfortable feeling of safety and it’s quite useful in keeping your body cool and dry. Just make sure that you choose a protector that covers your body and is a true fit to your size.



Roost guard


Many motocross riders prefer a roost guard instead of a full covered protector. The roof guard is basically a jersey protector that serves as a deflector. It radically prevents the rocks, debris, and mud from hitting your upper body.

Even though these are not exactly considered protection gear, if you crash your bike it might give your some sort of protection for the ribs and chest. The best part is that they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable in comparison to full coverage chest protectors.



Top rated products



After carefully reading the reviews given by previous customers, we’ve managed to gather some products in this list presented in the following paragraphs.



EVS Sports RV4 Roost Guard


Motocrossing a strenuous physical activity that raises your adrenaline level but also puts your life at risk. Because of this crucial issue, you need to be aware that your protection matters most and you need proper gear that keeps your body intact. So you need to get a great chest protector, just like this model.

This backless chest protector is an under-the-jersey item that is incredibly lightweight. Plus, it has a cool and stylish design that makes you noticeable while riding the motor.

The interior of this protector features a bio-foam that serves as an excellent shock-absorbing barrier against dangerous impacts. Moreover, thanks to the folded polycarbonate front plate you benefit from impact, puncture, and abrasion protection.

In order to be truly comfortable to wear, this chest protector for motocross is specially manufactured to ensure protection for all body sizes. The main aspect is that you can adjust the chest protector using the buckles, so it fits your size.

Due to the soft 3D mesh, the product offers a perfect air ventilation and allows your skin to breathe and remain dry during the entire time you ride.

In order to avoid getting a size that doesn’t fit, you should consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

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FOX Racing Adult MX Roost Deflector Raptor


When riding the bike, especially on rocky terrains, you need to be careful because one simple mistake can lead to serious injuries. If you opt for a chest protector that keeps your body safe, you’ll be able to enjoy your motocross session without any worries.

Having a chest protector like this one is like owning a buffer that works great in emergency cases. Plus, the product ensures complete and unrestricted full body coverage and the neck brace is a genuine fit.

Besides the optimum side coverage that enables thanks to the plastic side plate, this item is totally adjustable so you can customize the protector according to your personal preferences and size.

One aspect worth mentioning is related to the removable shoulder and bicep parts that are CE certified. This means that they provide full safety no matter the accident. Also, the full-wrap body coverage, as well as the side panels, are also CE certified.

Because of the buckle system, you can easily put on and take off the chest protector. In addition, the neck brace is compatible with an adjustable front plate.

The colorful design comes in handy when you’re off the road and you need to be seen from a far distance.

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Leatt Adventure Chest Protector


This chest protector is indeed a great choice for any experienced motocross rider that doesn’t need the arm and the shoulder protection.

This vest is made of high-density polyethylene outer shell that is extremely durable and resistant. Aside from this, the inside is built with a washable 3D foam located in the front-rear.

Since it weighs a little over 2 pounds, this chest protector for motocross is exceptionally lightweight. However, it is specially designed to offer protection and safety for the user.

The high-quality elements and the sturdy construction makes this protector a suitable gear element for any riding session. Not to mention the fact that the item is EC approved for obeying the impact safety standards.

You can adjust the product easily using the two hook-and-loop straps located in the shoulder area. So you can be certain that the vest won’t move during the extreme bike rides.

If you want to take it off, simply use the hook mechanism placed on each side, just below the rib area.

Both front and rear plates are removable so you can add an extra neck brace if you want.

The chest protector is suitable for people that weight from 120 to 240 pounds.

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