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Best motorcycle shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Shin pads for motorcycles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best motorcycle shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, by going through the user reviews, sales figures, and value of many products in the line. Ultimately, we have found that the Shift Racing Enforcer is the best alternative because it offers all the protection one might require in the shin area and is relatively easy to setup thanks to its dual elastic straps. Moreover, this is one of the most comfortable units we’ve discovered as it features a ventilated foam padded backing and makes it possible for users never to feel any pressure in the area protected. If the Shift model is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 as it is almost just as good.


A.1 Best motorcycle shin guards


Top features to consider:



Buying dirt bike shin guards these days can be quite an adventure. After all, the market is overflowing with products and new ones are coming out every year. If you want to make the best call, have a look at the following guide we’ve put together for your consideration. Don’t forget to read as much info as you can possibly stumble upon so that you can eventually make an informed decision.



Type of protection


Shin guards destined for serious bikers don’t have the looks or design of the ones that are now being used in various sports such as soccer. By contrast, they feature a heavier build and sometimes are made of high-impact materials that can withstand the collision with the ground in the event of an accident. The best motorcycle shin guards can be split up into two categories: knee guards and knee braces. During your buying journey, you’ll see that although it’s called ‘knee’ protection, the product is long enough also to cover your shin.

Guards are full-cover products, in that they do an excellent job of protecting the entire area that might get hurt. The single drawback of choosing this kind is that they may keep the user’s knee and shin area a bit too warm. Knee braces are mostly focused on keeping the knee in the right position so that the patella doesn’t shift because of a ligament rupture or anything else that might occur during an accident. It’s up to you to pick the right one, but for safety reasons, we recommend the full-cover alternative.





Just like we mentioned above, some products can be safer than others. Knee guards are simply better than their braces counterparts because they can protect the entire area, including the user’s skin. If you’re having trouble understanding whether the product you want to buy is safe enough to use, simply sift through some of the best motorcycle shin guards reviews and find out the opinions of other buyers.



Ease of use and comfort


It goes without saying that the guards you will end up choosing ought to be convenient and comfortable to wear. Some feature breathable foam, whereas others are made with artificial materials. In addition, the straps used to keep the units in place should be efficient and customizable so that they don’t put too much pressure on the shin area and thus damage the local circulation.



Top rated products



This guide should allow you to find the shin guards for your needs. If you don’t have the time to check for some of the most critically acclaimed options you might have on your hands nowadays, we’ve taken a chance to select them for you. The next shin guards have received an immense degree of appreciation on the part of American and Canadian customers, so it wouldn’t hurt if you considered them during your research.



Shift Racing Enforcer


1.Shift Racing EnforcerEver since it was released back in 2012, this model has been on the lips of motorbikers all over the world. The product takes the cake when it comes to safety considering that it has been constructed out of a high-impact plastic shell.

Besides, it comes with all the features one might ever ask for in a motorcycle shin guard. From ventilated foam padded backing to a two-piece pivoting design that manages to conform to the rider’s movement, you name it; the Shift Racing Enforcer has it.

Additionally, the dual elastic adjustment straps make it a breeze for users to comfortably customize the products in accordance with their physical features.

Over one hundred and forty individuals took the time to write positive Amazon reviews in regards to the quality and convenience of this alternative. It seems to be well-regarded for the value it offers for the price.



These shin guards provide a secure fit thanks to their dual elastic adjustment straps that work to keep a tight hold around the legs so the gear does not ride up and down.

These black shin pads also feature hook-and-loop closures that make them easy to slip on and off so you miss none of the action on the field during game time.

This is a unique product with a special one-size-fits-all design to eliminate the guesswork on determining which dimensions are best to select for you.

The innovative two-piece pivoting design allows the shin guards to be flexible enough to conform to the movement of the wearer and to prevent any shifting around the legs once locked down securely.

The ventilated foam that forms the padded backing ensures comfort so the protective shell does not dig into the skin of the legs to cause pain or abrasiveness of any sort.

The padded backing also features an abrasion-resistant binding to keep the shin pads in place without causing irritation or chafing on the legs.while delivering optimum protection.



According to one user, this product could have been better if it had come with a strap at the top, used for tightening on the knee area.

Buy from for ($24.95)




Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450


2.Troy Lee Designs KGLThe Shift Racing Enforcer and the Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 differ on many levels. This second best option might be a little tricky to choose considering that it isn’t a universal shin guard and requires some precise measuring on the part of the person who intends to wear it.

As of today, the unit can be bought in sizes ranging from extra-small to large. Aside from the lack of the convenience that comes with the sizing process, the model has a lot of undeniable perks.

For instance, the KGL 5450 is remarkably comfortable to wear and relatively easy to put on. As for safety, while there may be better choices out there, the KGL 5450 still does a good job on this account.

The model features a strata foam that is capable of articulating with the body zones that require the highest amount of protection. Reviewers characterize the product as being comfortable and incredibly light.



Suitable for motorcycle riders, these shin guards help the biker ride confidently without worrying that a sudden tumble on the trail will result in broken shin bones due to unexpected occurrences when riding.

Great for stunt riders, the shin guards are equipped with the proprietary Shock Doctor Technology that protects the lower legs from pain and injury during any unexpected occurrence while riding.

Thanks to the legendary X-Fit technology, the shin guards feature a wraparound supporter combined with an elastic mesh sleeve to deliver reliable comfort and fit without needing to use bothersome, bulky straps.

Built with a Strata foam, the shin guards articulate with the body’s complex zones so as not to limit leg mobility while guaranteeing a dependable impact protection.

The shin pads also have the integrated Vent-trak system that propels the air through revolutionary flexible channels to make the skin surface breathe and ensure a cool feeling.



Care needs to be taken so as not to have the threading unravel when the shin guards are washed.

Buy from for ($75)




Shift Racing Enforcer Motocross


3.Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee-Shin GuardAs is the case with the other Shift Racing option we’ve showcased earlier on, this one comes with all the perks of a high-end product.

For one, it makes it easier for motorbikers to tend to their activity without worrying about the quality of their protection. Secondly, it’s easy to put on and comfortable enough so that it does not interfere with the entire experience and doesn’t diminish the amount of fun felt by the user while riding his or her motorbike. Just like the previously mentioned model manufactured by the same brand, this one features a backing that has abrasion-resistant binding.

When it comes to the amount of critical acclaim gathered by this unit, it might be worth noting that it doesn’t even come near the appreciation collected by the 10010533. While it might not have the same excellent features, this model does the trick, gets the job done, and is sturdy and comfortable enough to have many people raving about it.



Since motorcycle riding and racing can be fraught with a variety of dangers and accidental tumbles, these shin guards help the biking enthusiast be better prepared for any eventuality on the riding trail.

These shin guards form an exciting part of your motorbiking getup because they provide a solid testament to your dedication to protecting every part of your body from harm or injury while enjoying the ride, whether for recreation or competition.

The high-impact plastic shell provides a high level of protection by dissipating impact forces that are in play during tough riding action or from the inconsistencies on the biking terrain such flying pebbles or solid masses of gravel.

With the innovative two-piece pivoting design, the free movement of the legs is not hindered so you can work your bike and control it with ease.

Considering how the ventilated foam-padded backing features abrasion-resistant binding, you can be sure the shell won’t bite into the skin of the legs and cause pain, bruising, or cuts.



So as not to cause the straps to dig into the upper calf, care must be taken to tighten them sufficiently but not extremely tightly.

Buy from for ($14.95)




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