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Best mountain bike shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Mountain bike shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best mountain bike shin guards, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online by looking at user reviews, sales figures and a lot of other expert review sites. In the end, we’ve reached the conclusion that the POC Bone VPD is the best option as it offers the right amount of protection and ventilation and doesn’t sacrifice a single thing in terms of comfort. What’s more, the unit comes with a pad that ties into the elastic straps and covers the calf as well as most of the user’s Achilles. Should it be too hot, you can always remove this part and benefit from all the ventilation you may need.  If the POC Bone VPD is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Fox Racing 29034 as it’s almost just as good.



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Getting a good pair of mountain biking shin guards these days can turn into a daunting task, what with the wide variety of products that are now available in the market. That’s why we’ve decided to give you a hand and put together a comprehensive buying guide that can allow you to make up your mind both quickly and easily. Just don’t forget to assess your needs and correlate them with the features of the unit you want to purchase.

A.1 Best mountain bike shin guards


Top features to consider:





There are two major kinds of mountain bike knee shin pads out there. Some of them are hard-shell and others are soft-shell. Hard-shell alternatives have ABS or various other hard plastic shells on the front of the knee area and are usually considered to be the most effective concerning protection. Their soft-shell counterparts feature an abrasion-resistant panel in the same knee area, are lightweight and small-sized, but may fail to offer the same amount of protection as many hard-shell options. The trick in this case is to realize what sort of mountain biking you do and just how aggressive it is.



Pads vs guards vs knee and shin guards


What type of routes are you most prone to take with your mountain bike? Do you plan to do some cross-country riding once in awhile or prefer the roughness of fire roads and the likes? Knee/shin guards are the best when it comes to safety. However, many manufacturers will give a hand to the end-user by allowing him or her to remove the shin pad and keep the knee guard, depending on the circumstance.





Part of the ease of use and comfort offered by certain models is due to how you’re able to put them on. From this point of view, most products in the line are either butterfly or slip-on. As their name suggests, the latter can be put on by sliding them up the leg. If you’d like to take your pads or guards off without having to take off your shoes, you’d better off with a model that has a butterfly closure. This kind of option lets people strap the guards onto the leg or knee using the provided Velcro straps.





This factor should be considered by those people who live in areas with temperate climates, where they can bike either when it’s chilly or when it’s very hot outside. Getting the same product for these two kinds of extremes is possible but you have to pay attention to details regarding the ventilation. As such, see whether the caps have any vents at all or if there is an opening in the strap.



Top rated products



This guide should allow you to find the shin guards for your needs, depending on what you have in mind. To save you some time and effort which would otherwise have been spent on researching all the models that are the top favorite ones of bikers these days, we’ve compiled a short selection of the most critically acclaimed units. Check it out below.





1.POC Bone VPDIf you want to take your mountain biking to a whole new level by going up and down the roughest trails you might encounter, perhaps you’d enjoy giving a chance to the best MTB shin guards money can buy. The POC Bone POC-12 is a hard-shell knee and shin guard that gives buyers the opportunity to practice as long as they want and feel safe while they cycle through the forest.

The shell of the product has been constructed using polypropylene, and that definitely has a say when it comes to the overall durability, resistance to abrasion and penetration, as well as the amount of protection this model offers to its owner.

As for the shields, they’re neatly padded with EPP foam liners, while the knee is covered by a dough of VPD visco-elastic polymer. Just like other high-end units we’ve come across during this research, this one is remarkably convenient as it features Velcro straps and thus allows the user to remove the guards without taking his or her shoes off.



This knee/shin guard features a silicone gripper behind the knee that keeps the pad in place so it does not ride up or down the leg when attached and locked into position.

This protective equipment is made out of perforated neoprene that not only guarantees durability but also lets the air flow freely to keep the leg from getting overheated.

The shin guard also boasts a pre-curved, ergonomic fit to follow the shape of the leg well without any awkward spots when locked in place.

The guard also comes with an elastic strapping at the top and bottom to keep it in place while preventing it from moving around the leg during the game.

This comes as a full-coverage version compared to the brand’s Launch Knee model and it comes with a hard shell knee protection supplemented with a soft-shell fit.



Some users recommend that the product be made available in a greater variety of sizes to give consumers a more flexible option.

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Fox Racing Launch Pro


2.Fox Racing LaunchIt’s often times difficult to get the right product for a reasonable price, particularly when buying shin guards online. If you want to feel reassured that you won’t suffer any harm in the knee and shin area while doing your biking, perhaps you’d want to go through the specs of the Fox Racing Launch Pro.

For one, it’s reasonably priced but offers excellent value. Secondly, the unit has anything from a hard shell knee protection to a superbly soft shell fit.

The knee cup is flexible and can be adjusted in accordance with the physical features of the person wearing the guard. Furthermore, the breathable material that covers all the parts in the limbs makes it possible for the biker never to become overheated.

Over fifty individuals took the time to review this product and chose a 5-star rating. Some say the shin guards are worth every penny as they add to the safety and protect the health of the person wearing them.



This pair of shin guards provides good value for the money for consumers who want quality protective gear for their outdoor activities that involve a heavy use of the legs.

The shin guards feature protective shields constructed of strong and rigid polypropylene that provides a sturdy protection from external forces that could cause irreparable damage to the lower legs during field activities.

The highly ventilated comfort lining provides the free flow of air so the legs do not feel overheated even when the action gets rough during play.

The polypropylene material is further reinforced with a visco-elastic polymer dough to further expand the protected zone so you can play longer and with peace of mind.

Engineered for a hard type of protection while being constructed with a normal cut, these shin guards provide a good balance of support and comfort so nothing is left to chance during your field activity.



The pedaling action when the shin guards are used in biking tends to cause them to move around, most likely because of the shifting of the user’s calf muscles from behind.

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POC Joint VPD 2.0


These shin guards are made of a visco-elastic polymer dough (VPD) compound that delivers exceptional shock absorption, providing a refreshingly novel approach in athletic body armor. VPD is a highly impact-absorbent material that handles the possible hard knocks you might get when traversing the mountain biking trails.

The material is designed to transition from soft to hard when struck, enabling you not to choose between flexibility and safety because you enjoy both. It retains the same extreme level of absorption because your legs will be subjected to not just one but several impacts when you fall. The shin pads are designed for the effective dissipation of forces from a downhill path.

The shin pads carry an anatomical and ergonomic fit as they conform to the contours of your legs easily. They allow your complete freedom of movement so you can pedal efficiently. The superbly efficient ventilation technology goes well with the convenient hook-and-loop closure system to provide comfortable protection along with an easy and snug fit.

These shin guards keep your shins protected from the frame and pedals of the bike They come with an exclusive Polygiene anti-odor treatment to prevent nasty smells due to the bacterial growth that results from the accumulation of sweat and grime.



The exclusive Polygiene anti-odor treatment ensures that the shin guards remain protected from nasty odors that result from bacterial growth when sweat and grime accumulate. The shin guard padding wicks sweat away without supporting the proliferation of bacteria that cause terrible smells.

The ergonomic and anatomical fit guarantees that the shin guards stay put on and follow the contours of the legs. This reduces the worries on getting a proper fit. When the correct size is chosen from small to medium to large, the biker enjoys a nice fit.

You enjoy total freedom of mobility because of the anatomical fit. The shin guards are designed to hug the legs without constricting the blood flow. You can pedal effortlessly and move your legs freely because the shin guards won’t feel heavy at all.

The shin guards have a convenient hook-and-loop closure that provides an easy on-and-off every time.



One user considers the shin guards to be overly long to accommodate their use with knee pads.

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THE Industries F2-Storm


If you need premium-quality shin protection while engaging in the sport of mountain biking, you will want your legs to be encased in protective gear like the THE Industries F2-Storm. These shin pads keep your shins protected from the impact when struck by the frame and pedals during the execution of bike stunts.

The shin pads carry a classic design with new protective features. They come with a knee brace-style sock fit that requires an effortless pull to wear them on your legs. The hard shell delivers the much-needed protection from impact as that could cause fractures. The hard shell also keeps the shin guards solid and strong.

The shin guards are engineered to be compliant with USA BMX regulations, which serves as your assurance of dependable quality and performance on the biking track. The pads boast a quality construction from tough materials. They deliver the durability you seek for lasting use. With normal mountain biking use, the shin guards will not get damaged or broken easily.

The shin pads stay on securely and snugly thanks to their closure straps. The closure straps keep the shin guards positioned optimally on the legs without the need to do readjustments constantly. You’ll love how comfortable the pads are and how they stay in place.



For reliable shin protection, these shin guards deliver as designed. They shield your delicate shins from impact when you fall on the biking trail. Such falls could easily lead to fractures and bruises and even permanent injuries.

These shin guards comply with the regulations of the USA BMX, which demonstrates their dedication to total quality craftsmanship. They have been made to conform to the strict standards for protective gear for mountain biking.

The shin guards have innovative closure straps that enable an easy on-and-off every time. The closure straps are a better alternative to lace-up closure systems that take some time to fasten. Simply loosen the straps, pull the pads on, and pull tight, it’s that simple!

The shin guards offer an easy and secure fit on your legs so you won’t have to constantly adjust them even when you pedal vigorously.on the trail and downhill.



Some users who might prefer an inordinate amount of padding in their shin guards may not like how these shin pads do not come with too much foam.

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Unavailable products


O’Neal Blue Park


3.ONeal Blue Park FRIf you only do the occasional mountain biking and haven’t yet made up your mind on a pair of knee and shin guards, maybe you’d like to check this one out. First and foremost, it has been manufactured by one of the top brands in the industry.

O’Neal is a reputable company that has a long history of producing some of the best accessories and clothing pieces in the area of outdoor recreation. Aside from an eye-catching design, this model has some of the best basic protection features.

It covers the front of the knee area and the front of the shin but leaves enough room for ventilation in the back of the limb.

While some may say that these aren’t the most efficient shin guards in the world, we’d recommend them for occasional bikers who don’t want to break the bank in order to get an overly complicated, expensive alternative.




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