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Best mountain bike winter jacket reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Mountain bike winter jackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Mountain biking is a great sports activity that requires top notch gear. If you plan on buying a winter jacket equipment and you’re clueless about which products work best then trust our team of researchers that did the job for you. After thoroughly reading all sorts of customers reviews, professional feedbacks, and some public available testing, the final selection is Strgao Men’s Pro Garmin Sharp. The reason this jacket made such an impression is that it is made from a breathable jersey material, it offers wind security, and it features a silicon gripper lined waistline that keeps it in place. In case this product is not available, go ahead and pick Strgao Men’s Pro Cervelo.


Top features to consider:


Because purchasing winter jackets for mountain bike activities is not an easy chore, therefore, we have looked for useful features that best mountain bike winter jacket reviews claim to be the most important. So, below can read everything you need to know about in order to make the perfect product choice.  



Where do you plan to use the jacket?


One major aspect that you must keep in mind is where do you need to wear the jacket, more precisely in what weather conditions.

Winter jackets are usually designed as waterproof or windproof. While the waterproof jacket has a hard shell yo keep you dry, the windproof one has a soft shell that provides warmth and breathability.

If you don’t plan to go riding in the ride, you should definitely opt for a windproof jacket on sale. This is a good option because it is made from a light fabric that allows much more ventilation than the waterproof items. Plus, the best winter mountain bike jacket is designed to provide a little water resistance in case of light showers.

This makes windproof jackets quite a good option for those that enjoy a nice pedaling session and need protection and comfort on the road.



Pay attention to the features of the winter jacket


A good bike winter jacket is the one that has as many useful features as possible. They can notably improve the cycling performance because they offer much more than a simple coat to put on your shoulders.

Among the must-have features that the best cold weather mountain bike jacket must possess are the well-designed pockets, the more, the merrier. If you prefer more versatility, three rear pockets, chest pockets or side pockets will do the trick for you. This way, you can carry with you things such as keys, phones or simply keep your hands warm when off the bike.

Another feature that is worth the attention is the front-zip which should be made at a decent full length and with a good quality puller that you can use even with thicker gloves on.

Also, a dropped tail on the winter jacket is preferred because if the rear section is lower than the front when leaning on the bike, your back is fully covered, keeping you extra warm in the sensitive areas.



Fit matters most


Just like any other garment, a mountain bike winter jacket must fit perfectly on your body. Pay extra attention to the arms because you need a jacket that will cover your wrists when you reach to grab the handlebars.

Looser jackets are suitable for spending leisure time pedaling while the snug fit ones are considered to be a better option for performance experienced cyclists. Just keep in mind that layering is the best way to cope with lower winter temperatures, therefore, choose a jacket that allows a little bit of space for another piece of clothing underneath.



Top rated products



Now that you’ve been enlightened in regards to how a good practical mountain bike winter jacket should look like we have taken a step further and made some product suggestions that we think you’ll really enjoy.



Strgao Men’s Pro Garmin Sharp


This winter jacket from Strgao is a wonderful choice for mountain bike sports gear and any other outdoor activity done in low temperatures.

Although the product is waterproof, it still provides protection against light shower drops and the fact that it is soft means that it is light and easy to wear.

Made from a polyester fabric that dries quite fast, this winter jacket enhances the cooling needs and keeps the body dry even after long bike rides.

The ventilation system offers excellent skin comfort and protection against moisture and body sweat. The level of breathability doesn’t compare to other winter jackets available on the market which makes this item ideal for long walks in nature or off road cycling.

Also, the jacket features a full-length YKK zipper that assures the body heat stays at the same level and the fact that it has three elasticated rear pockets where you can store the essentials while riding the bike, makes this item a must-have for the winter season.

With mesh side panels added for ventilation, this product is quite comfortable to wear, and the soft jersey fabric gives a pleasant feeling.  

The risk of having the jacket rise up during cycling is totally removed with the addition of the silicone gripper elastic placed at the waist and around the cuffs.



This mountain bike winter jacket from Stragao is high-top quality, and the graphics are bright and therefore, more visible in contrast to the white background.

One major plus is the fact that the product offers excellent ventilation because of the breathable jersey material that ensures moisture permeability in every occasion.

Also, all panels are specially cut in order to provide an anatomic feeling and a great degree of comfort.

Because the fabric is a specially selected polyester, the cooling process is more enhanced, and the body is kept swear free even on long cycling rides.

The jacket features three elasticated rear pockets that are useful for storing essential elements while riding the bike.



Despite the fact that the product is an excellent choice for winter biking, some customers believe that ordering a size bigger than your usual wear may be better. Apparently, sizes don’t match perfectly.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Strgao Men’s Pro Cervelo


This winter jacket from Strgao can be worn in low temperatures thanks to its breathable jersey material and the inside padding made from a soft fleece fabric.

Even though the jacket is not labeled as waterproof, you can still use it without any risks in a condition of light rain or showers.

The mesh material featured inside this jacket offers extra ventilation in case of body sweat and provides a great level of breathability. This is the main reason why this winter jacket is perfect for sports outdoor activities that require proper gear.

Also, the polyester fabric makes the drying process really fast, therefore, the body stays in a cool phase no matter the outside temperature.

There’s no need to worry about the jacket failing to stay in place. The silicone gripper that is elastic around the waist and the cuffs prevent it from rising during bike rides.

In addition to the full-length YKK zipper that is meant to sustain a proper body heat the entire time you are outdoor, this winter jacket features three rear pockets where you can store a variety of things, important enough to carry along.



This first-class cycling winter jacket is designed with bright colors that look excellent in contrast to the black shade background, therefore, increasing the level of visibility.

The cooling feeling is increased due to the special fabric made from a selected jersey polyester that keeps the body sweat free for a long period of time.

Also, this winter jacket features three rear pockets that have an elastic fabric where essential items can be stored during the race.

On the plus side, this product provides a great deal of breathability thanks to its material that offers moisture absorption no matter the situation.

The jacket is quite comfortable to wear because of the inside padding made from a soft, fleece fabric.



Even though this product is indeed a wonderful choice for outdoor mountain cycling, some buyers pointed out the fact that sizes don’t fit. This issue can be put aside with a simple look at the size chart available for public viewing.

Buy from for ($34.99)




DuShow Men Windproof Jacket


This winter jacket from Du Show is an excellent choice for mountain cycling fans that want to wear a comfortable and soft sports gear that provides great ventilation and breathability.

The fabric is a composition of three high-quality level fleece material that ensures the body stays dry at all times and that the jacket is a good soft shell option for many outdoor sports such as biking, cycling, walking, running or mountain climbing.  

Also, the product features three extra pockets where you can put your phone or your keys or a cereal bar and an independent small pocket with a zipper that provides storage for essential items that you may wish to carry with you on your ride session.

Plus, because the jacket has smooth lines it is comfort fit and can provide enough room for layering the clothes, an important aspect for those who like to adventure outside in low temperatures.

The risk of slipping is totally removed due to the jersey hem that keeps the jacket in place and the fact that the item is longer in the front compared to the back when leaning towards the bike handles, there’s no risk of skin exposure.



The jacket is made from a three- layer composite fabric of fleece that ensures a fantastic protection against wind and provides warmth during the cycling session.

Designed with a non-slip jersey hem, this windproof winter jacket features three pockets where essential items can be stored and an independent small pocket that closes with a secure zipper.

Plus, because the front side is shorter than the back, in the case of bending towards the bike handles the jacket won’t rise, therefore, it provides a suitable body temperature no matter the movement type.

This product can be worn in a variety of outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or mountain climbing.



According to other customer’s reviews, because the sizes don’t fit the normal standards it is advisable to pay extra attention to the body measurements and the sizing chart provided by the sports gear supplier.

Buy from for ($28.99)


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