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Best Muay Thai gloves reviews

Last Updated: 21.05.19


Gloves for Muay Thai – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve gone through your own load of research just to find the best gloves for Muay Thai and found no product to your liking, this short paragraph should provide all you need to know. We have also done plenty of research on our own about the best product on the market by consulting review sites for athletic gear and actual owner feedback. Based on our research, consumers have found the Fairtex Limited Edition to be the best choice because of its ergonomically engineered design demonstrated by its uniquely contoured, tight-enclosure hand sleeve that delivers a snug and secure fit. This pair is constructed of top-quality leather supplemented with the exclusive foam system from Fairtex to provide exceptional protection to the hands and knuckles while ensuring superb shock displacement. Handmade in Thailand, the gloves come in a range of sizes between 8 and 16 ounces to fit every hand size. The immense popularity of the Fairtex Limited Edition can make stocks run out, but there is always the second best option, the Fairtex BGV11 – F Day.



Comparison table




Top features to consider:


Muay Thai gloves and boxing gloves are basically made from the same type of material or fabric. That said, the former allow you to open your hand during combat and when engaging your opponent in the Muay Thai clinch. What do you want to look at in a pair of quality Muay Thai gloves?



The best gloves for Muay Thai reviews give top ratings to products that provide the right size and weight for the purpose they serve


The brand and model of the gloves enable you to determine what glove weight and size you need. Muay Thai gloves are available in three basic sizes: small, medium and large. That said, certain brands categorize bigger gloves to be of larger weight.

Big-handed fighters may not find 8 to 10-ounce gloves to their liking. Most Muay Thai competitions utilize 8 to 12-ounce Muay Thai gloves, but the choice of size will depend much on the fighter’s own body build.

Women and those engaged in light weight fighting use 8 oz gloves. Ladies and those training in lighter weight classes use 10 oz models. Those who train in medium weight classes need 12 oz gloves. Training and/or sparring in lighter weight classes requires 14 oz gloves. A pair of 16 oz gloves is suitable for those who spar and train in medium weight classes.

Those who train or spar in heavyweight classes ought to pull on 18 oz gloves. Large-sized heavyweight boxers should spar using 20 oz gloves.



The type of product you should choose among those featured in the best gloves for martial arts reviews should suit your purpose


All aspects of Muay Thai training including pad work, clinching, bag work and sparring will require the use of training Muay Thai gloves. Sparring with lighter gloves can be dangerous because you might never know how to keep your power in check.

Bigger in size than training gloves, sparring gloves offer greater protection when striking because of their ability to displace shock by absorbing the force, so your sparring partner is protected. Sparring gloves for Muay Thai tend to be on the big-and-bulky side.

While regular boxing gloves are angular and are engineered to support speedy punching, Muay Thai gloves are thicker, have a boxier outline and a square shape.

Competition gloves are used by professional and amateur fighters and have a characteristic small profile. Professional Muay Thai fighters prefer lace-up gloves, which provide an extremely tight fit while being stiffer than normal Muay Thai gloves.

A bag glove is very light and designed for striking the pads or bags. Bag gloves are not intended for dealing a hard bag with heavy punches as they don’t have much padding for knuckle protection. This type of Muay Thai Glove offers no protection that can make it suitable for sparring.

Clinching gloves are quite similar to bag gloves but provide less grip than just naked hands while offering more grip than a standard Muay Thai glove.



The best Muay Thai gloves boast top-quality workmanship


If the Muay Thai gloves are manufactured in countries like Pakistan or China, they are sure to come cheap. Quality is a huge question mark, though. Often, the best Muay Thai gloves are made in Thailand, the home of the sport itself. There are cheap but premium-quality Muay Thai gloves from Thailand thanks to the country’s lower cost of materials and labor.

Those types of gloves cost lower than their North American counterparts, sometimes half the cost on reputable selling sites like Amazon.

Your training environment determines the longevity of your Muay Thai gloves. Training in cooler climes such as in North America will ensure more extended use. What can help prolong the life of your Muay Thai gloves is ensuring they are air dried or put in the sun after training.



Top rated products



There are plenty of options on Muay Thai gloves out there. To help you become an informed consumer, we created the above buying guide. For even more shopping guidance, please look over the products showcased below.



Fairtex Limited Edition


With the same features as the classic BGV1, the Fairtex Limited edition gloves are ergonomically engineered to provide a snug and secure fit on the hands. The gloves boast a unique, contoured design plus a tight-fit hand sleeve that covers the hand literally like a second skin or a glove, as they say.

These gloves are constructed of high-quality leather for dependable durability. They carry a contoured fit to follow the shape of your hand to make a tightly clenched fist poised to strike at the best opportunity. The gloves come with the Fairtex foam system that delivers award-winning hand and knuckle protection as well as effective shock absorption.

This also ensures protection for your opponent or sparring partner, so they will not suffer unnecessarily when you strike hard. The gloves are made of genuine leather for a tough build made to last. These all-purpose gloves also come with a unique, tight-fit design to ensure they won’t come off in the heat of the fight.

These gloves have Velcro straps to enable you to train alone and without any assistance to help you put them on your hands. They are handmade in Thailand, the country of origin of the Muay Thai sport. Therefore, the features and qualities of the gloves are of authentic Muay Thai fighting caliber.



Claimed to be all-purpose training gloves, these are suitable for pad and bag work and are also ideal for Muay Thai training and use.

Undoubtedly, the gloves deliver a good fit as well as a blend of comfort and control thanks to the wraparound hook and loop wristband.

The hook and loop wristband also enables you to wear the gloves and take them off without the need for assistance because you can do them by yourself.

With the evenly distributed padding, the gloves protect the entire hand. They also deliver a tight and compact design, so they are not overly heavy or bulky.

The high-density foam core provides a dependable shock absorbing capability that enables you to do workouts without feeling hand fatigue easily. The gloves absorb the force from using gym equipment.



According to one customer, the gloves tend to pinch the tips of their thumbs on contact with bags or pads.

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Fairtex BGV11 – F day


Straight from the country that brought to the martial arts world the exciting sport of Muay Thai come the Fairtex BGV11 – F Day gloves. Carrying a brand-new design, these gloves come with an upgraded pattern and padding to ensure extreme consistency and correctness in construction.

The gloves are constructed of microfiber, which is of the same material utilized in the Fairtex Maddox grappling dummy. The material is odorless, so you and your opponent are safe from any toxic effects due to harmful chemicals. Expect a high level of durability from this pair of gloves.

You will also love how the gloves are made to be flexible, so your encased hands are not restricted in movement. Despite the tough construction of these gloves, they still exhibit a soft and smooth touch that makes them suitable for the high-contact sport of Muay Thai.

The gloves are manufactured in Thailand, where the Muay Thai sport originated. This means they exhibit authentic Thai fighting qualities that make them suitable for the martial arts they are used in. The gloves also come with a letter and dog-tag chain for easy identification of ownership and as a sign of authenticity as well.

The gloves are made with comfortable and natural weight distribution, so they don’t feel too heavy on the hands. The padding makes them comfortable by absorbing the force of impact when your strikes make contact with your opponent or a training bag. There is also just the slightest shock transference to your knuckles.



Their revolutionary design and padding make these gloves a good investment. They have a consistent weight and carry an anatomically correct design to provide a good fit on the hands.

The microfiber material makes the gloves flexible, soft, and smooth to the touch. The material is also odorless to ensure trouble-free functionality and also to protect your opponent from any toxic effects.

Handmade in Thailand, the gloves even come with a letter and dog-tag chain for personalization. You can easily tell they are yours because of their unique, upgraded design and the additional components.

Enjoy a high level of durability from this pair of flexible hand protection gear, which also does not restrict your movement in any way.

The gloves demonstrate a natural distribution of weight, so they stay comfortable on the hands, and they do not feel heavy at all. Any transference of shock to the knuckles is minimal, so you don’t get hand fatigue too easily and quickly.

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Everlast Pro 7012


The Everlast Pro 7012 gloves carry that distinctive Muay Thai design that unmistakably identifies this type of gear for their exclusive use in the martial art. The gloves offer the support, durability, and comfort that befits any pair of authentic Muay Thai gloves. If you love the sport, you won’t regret investing in this fine pair of gloves.

The authentic Muay Thai design is supplemented with an innovative support panel that delivers superbly dependable wrist protection, so your wrist joint is amply protected from fracture when you hit too hard or make contact with your opponent during a fight. The gloves ensure that you can deliver a destructive force with every strike to make the score cards tilt in your favor.

You’ll also love the closed-cell foam technology in the padding. This structure makes the gloves strong and greatly resistant to the leakage of air. Since the bubbles or cells of the foam are unbroken, they are piled as a unit into a compact configuration, making the gloves rigid or strong since the bubbles are made resilient enough to withstand plenty of pressure.

Your hands are kept safe from getting broken. The gloves boast an 80 percent polyurethane and 20 percent polyester construction, which ensures dependable striking performance at just the right level you want. The full wrist wrap strap provides the needed support while delivering a personalized fit.



Made out of 80 percent Polyurethane combined with 20 percent Polyester, these gloves offer flexibility and easy cleaning without compromising durability.

Thanks to the full wrist wrap strap, the gloves deliver exceptional support to the wrists to prevent fractures when you punch.

Aside from providing wrist support, the wrist strap also enables you to adjust the gloves so you can get a good fit every time.

The gloves feature a synthetic leather construction for lasting use. They are also easy to maintain so you can enjoy reliable functionality.

The closed cell foam technology ensures the gloves are comfortable. The unique construction ensures breathability, so your hands do not get overheated even during extended workouts. This also prevents heavy sweating when the action gets intense.



It is best to ascertain the exact size of one’s hands before buying these gloves. It is not uncommon to find them too big primarily when one chooses the incorrect size for their needs.

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