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Best obstacle racing gloves reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Gloves for obstacle racing – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you simply can’t spare the time to read our buying guide and product descriptions below, this short paragraph should give you the essential information easily. We have conducted our own product evaluation by consulting numerous review sites for racing gear and comparing what is there with social media activity for different products. Consumers appear to consider the Fox Dirtpaw their number one choice because of its single-layer Clarino palm with foam padding that delivers superior grip and shock absorption. Your hands are protected from blisters and injury during your negotiation of the racing course against your competitors. The direct-inject rubber logos and graphics don’t interfere with your effective grip and control of obstacle items and enable you to grasp ropes or bars with ease. The fingertip grippers are made of silicone, which protects from abrasion while also reducing the friction due to the constant rubbing against your hands. In case the Fox Dirtpaw runs out of stock because consumers choose it more than others, there’s the second best option on the market, the Zookki Cycling.



Comparison table




Top Features to Consider


If you genuinely enjoy joining obstacle racing, geocaching, and other outdoor racing adventures, your hands need to be encased protectively in quality obstacle racing gloves. Finding a great pair for your needs is not easy if you don’t know what factors to consider in this kind of product.


Consider products in the best gloves for obstacle racing reviews made of premium-quality material


More expensive racing gloves typically have a high-quality leather construction, which can include goatskin and Japanese cowhide. Leather gloves provide good flexibility along with dependable durability. The less pricey but equally protective racing gloves come with partial leather coverage or can be made with a synthetic leather material.

Gloves made of high-quality leather are durable, warm, soft, and flexible. They are naturally waterproof, which is critical for racing. Some products are made of heavy-duty nylon or other synthetic fabric that gives them a lower price, but the quality may not last for years. Look for gloves with Kevlar fabric reinforcement for added durability and strength.

Some high-end products are made with a flame-resistant material similar to nylon. You want rigidity and durability in the gloves and flame, or fire-resistance is a good element to consider here. This may come with a thicker material for greater heat insulation.

Some gloves feature a temperature-sensitive lining that helps keep your hands dry and comfortable, which contributes to safety and control when navigating the obstacle course.



Look for great gloves for sale that offer a dependable construction


Racing gloves should, first and foremost, protect your hands from the elements. Two primary factors contribute to the level of protection, and they are product certifications and the degree of protection you genuinely prefer. Aside from resistance to fire and flame, some gloves also come with additional impact defense that includes knuckle padding for extra protection.

The grip design varies according to different brands and models. The glove shape, grip material, construction material, and stitching design will pretty much influence your ability to keep a solid grip on anything in the obstacle trail. Leather patches provide high durability; other gloves come with a silicon grip treatment while high-end products come with both.

As a rule, you basically get what you pay for in the aspects of comfort and effective protection. An additional thumb grip and thicker padding can go a long way on the obstacle track.



The best obstacle racing gloves offer a premium and comfortable fit


Gloves with wide cuffs are intended to fit over the wrist of your racing suit. Narrow-cuff gloves are meant to be tucked into the suit. Wide-cuff gloves are heavily preferred, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Manufacturers have standardized sizes for their products, and it is up to the customer to ensure that they take measurements correctly for a proper fit. Most gloves feature a Velcro wrist closure system or an elastic band at the wrist section for a snug fit.

Thick, high-end gloves often feature a pre-curved palm and finger design that reduces bunching and offers resistance to abrasion while improving the fit. Others have a pre-curved finger design plus a more basic palm structure. The bottom line is to go for the gloves that suit your preference and racing style more than all others.



Top rated products



Consumers have a large market from which to choose a good pair of gloves for obstacle racing. Let the buying guide provide the essential information you need for making a good choice. Also, we have featured the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Fox Dirtpaw


The Fox Dirtpaw gloves carry a stretch polyester construction that delivers a good level of ventilation along with moisture-wicking properties. The hands stay dry and the airflow stays smooth even when you are wearing the gloves. The single-layer Clarino palm features a foam padding that ensures a superior grip and absorption of the shock from the terrain to keep your hands injury-free.

The gloves also have neoprene padded knuckles and cuffs made flexible to enable easy on and off, with a choke point that ensures that once the hands are inserted into the gloves, they are held inside securely and snugly for protection. The direct-inject rubber logos and graphics provide an extra grip and a great style to the gloves while supporting the need for easy control.

The silicone fingertip grippers provide more control and grip on the handlebars to allow you to conquer the race trail. These moto-inspired, heavy-duty racing gloves help you overwhelm your opponents regardless whether you are on the downhill, freeride, or singletrack racing route. You get a tactile feel of the handlebars for more control.

The lightly-padded gloves soak up the shock from the rough terrain to prevent the onset of fatigue and pain on your hands. The stretch mesh finger gussets provide increased dexterity and mobility. The TPR hook-and-loop wrist closure provides a strong and secure fit in hand to ensure safety on the race track.



This pair of gloves is made with a single-layer Clarino palm with foam padding to ensure superior shock absorption and a great grip for easy control on the trail.

The neoprene padded knuckles and cuff are designed with flexibility and protection, so your movement stays unhampered, and any impact is effectively distributed so as not to cause injury to your hands.

The rubber logos and graphics are processed through direct injection to ensure they do not come off while being able to provide extra protection to your hands.

You enjoy a high level of control thanks to the silicone fingertip grippers that are on these moto-inspired, heavy-duty gloves that enable the easy conquering of the downhill, freeride, and single-track scenes.

The gloves feature a stretch, polyester construction that provides moisture-wicking and ventilation properties.



According to one customer, the gloves feature a choke point that makes them difficult to pull on at the beginning but once the hands go past that section, the gloves provide a nice fit.

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Zookki Cycling


The Zookki Cycling gloves feature a surface made of lycra fabric, terry cloth, and mesh, which combine to deliver that needed level of elasticity and breathability you wouldn’t expect from this kind of product. The gloves ensure comfort while worn even during hot racing seasons, with a good fit that is not overly tight or too loose to endanger you from losing your grip on the handlebar.

The gloves have a terry cloth section around the thumb, which can be used to wipe the sweat off quickly, so you won’t end up with your face dripping wet during the race. The gloves can be carried in the provided soft zippered bag, so they are kept clean after washing. The optimized gel padding absorbs the shock from the race terrain and effectively keeps hand pain and fatigue away.

The gel contributes to your gripping power on the handlebars, so you won’t lose control of the bike or develop blisters on the palm of your hand due to the friction or heat with the constant contact of your hands with the handlebars.

The two fabric loops at the end of the gloves enable you to pull the gloves on and off easily without worrying that they might come off when you use excessive force on the handlebars of your bike.The fingerless design guarantees a free flow of air throughout the hands, so they do not sweat too much when the going gets tough on the race track.



With a surface made of lycra fabric, mesh, and terry cloth, these gloves offer fantastic elasticity combined innovatively with breathability.

The gloves feature an optimized gel padding that protects your hands as you enjoy the fun and not worry about your moments of clumsiness on the race track.

The two fabric loops at the end of the gloves enable you to pull on and take off the gloves effortlessly every time.

These gloves have been expertly designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use despite their stylish design and unique looks.

The gloves boast five-dimensional tailoring to enable them to stay tough and strong against the elements of the race terrain.



It is best to be measured for the right size gloves prior to ordering to ensure there will be no issues, as some aspects of the gloves might feel right, but there may be some that don’t offer a perfect fit to the last millimeter.

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RaceQuip 355 Series 355025


Designed to exceed the SFI 3.3/5 rating, the RaceQuip 355025 355 Series 355025 gloves are designed to meet the rigors of competing in the racetrack. The gloves are soft, supple, and comfortable to help you navigate the race course with power and confidence. The two-layer Nomex knit construction provides a tough shell that remains in one piece.

The hook-and-loop adjustment strap delivers a snug and secure fit to keep the gloves on your hands at all times without coming loose or being overly tight. The high-grip, gray suede, leather-reinforced palm provides the exact layer of padding to protect the surface of your palm from friction and abrasion for being in constant contact with the steering wheel or the handlebars.

The gloves have a unique look and feel from similar gloves in its class. Greater flexibility is ensured thanks to the knuckle pad and palm reinforcements that attach to the Nomex material for the increased mobility of the fingers and hands. Between the index finger and the end of the thumb, there is extra leather added to prevent quick wear and tear of the gloves.

These gloves come with a standard-length gauntlet that covers and protects the delicate area of the wrists without causing abrasion or blisters. These gloves are available from small to large sizes so you can find the right fit.



These racing gloves are designed to exceed the SFI 3.3/5 rating, which means it has surpassed the standards for specialty performance and racing equipment set by the SFI Foundation that administers and develops various certifications, standards, and testing criteria for use in motorsports.

The gloves feature a dual-layer exclusive Nomex knit construction that ensures a sufficient toughness for the gloves to withstand the elements of racing.

The high-grip, gray suede leather material that reinforces the palm provides a soft yet durable surface to keep friction and heat away from the hand even during extended periods on the race track.

The soft and supple gloves are equipped with a hook-and-loop adjustment strap that provides a solid, firm, and secure fit on the hands so they remain protected well and there’s no possibility of the gloves coming loose inadvertently.

The standard-length gauntlet covers the skin of the wrist and prevents the closure system and the wrist of the gloves from rubbing painfully against the sensitive skin of that part of the hand.



One racecar driver found the inside stitching of the gloves to dig a little into the skin of the hand despite the fact that the component keeps the unit in one piece.

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