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Best pilates grip socks


Pilates grip socks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re browsing for the best Pilates grip socks, this helpful guide will make sure you invest your money wisely. We’ve created it after we took the time to analyze this ever-growing market. The first criteria that helped us find only quality products were the many user reviews we’ve read. We also considered expert opinions and the market’s trends, all so you can have access to buying options that will last you a long time and which won’t disappoint. One product that stood out, in particular, is the Gaiam Grippy Toeless. The pair is comfortable and has a soft texture that will be kind to your feet’s skin as you are exercising. The socks also provide a good grip and a snug fit. Moreover, they can be machine-washed and air-dried. If you need an alternative, the Crescent Moon ExerSocks could be just as efficient in keeping you safe on slippery floors.


Top features to consider


It may seem simple, but buying high-quality and good Pilates grip socks is actually hard work. These socks are supposed to be a barrier between your feet and the floor or mat, and to be hygienic. The best pair on the market will even prevent fungal infections. That’s why, to help you out, we’ve detailed each aspect that you should consider in the guide below.



Grip and comfort


The most important feature to think about before buying cheap Pilates grip socks is how comfortable and effective the grip is. Is the pair adherent enough to prevent slips as you’re practicing? Is it great to use on a hardwood floor, tile and vinyl? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before clicking that “buy” button. The answer needs to be yes each time.

Because these grip socks are made to be used when working out and moving your body, they will have to be comfortable. Many determinants come into play when it comes to comfort levels, including the materials used. The most popular choices are cotton and spandex, while things like nylon can be just as great, Pilates grip socks reviews tell us.

Design matters too, but here you’ll have to choose the style that fits you the best- either a low cut around the ankle or a higher crew cut. Also, you should choose between a snug fit or compression. You’ll also want the socks for sale to be breathable so that sweat doesn’t build up.





Just because socks are mostly hidden and supposed to be useful, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Some newer Pilates principles even state that you should be calm while practicing it, and you can’t do that if you’re stressed about your socks.

It is essential to go for the pair that attracts you the most because you will be able to practice Pilates more confidently. However, you should avoid neon colors, as those can be quite distracting. You can learn more about the fascinating history of Pilates online, if you’re curious how these socks ended up having their actual shape.



Other concerns


For starters, go for a product that can be washed with the help of your washing machine. Many alternatives are not recommended by the manufacturers to be put in the dryer, so make sure you air-dry them. The efficiency of the grip could fade in time if you don’t respect this requirement.

Pilates grip socks come in either a design that covers the toes completely, that is toeless or with five toes. Each of the models has its pros and cons, of course. However, the truth being said, it all depends on the consumer’s preference and personality.



Top rated products



Grip socks are hot right now. But finding the pair that genuinely speaks to you and your aesthetics is difficult. To make this mission a lot easier, we’ve selected the top products the market has to offer right now. All the socks are high-quality and durable.



Gaiam Grippy Toeless


The socks will allow you to practice Pilates wherever you find yourself. They provide a non-slip grip on any surface, while their open design allows your toes to spread naturally, which will enhance your balance as you are exercising. Moreover, the socks can even be used with a Yoga mat for added grip.

The pair also comes with targeted traction zones and in a universal size that can fit most people. Plus, it is washing machine friendly, and the materials the socks are made of will allow your feet to breathe so odor will not accumulate. Speaking of materials, they are made of a unique blend of cotton, nylon, and rubber, which will offer flexibility and durability.

The remarkably comfortable socks also reduce exposure to foot fungus, which is a bonus that will appeal to many. They have an ankle cut, so putting them on and taking them off will be a breeze, and the texture will feel lovely against your skin.

Lastly, keep in mind the model comes in multiple colors so that you can choose the one that fits your personality and mood the most. Furthermore, you can use them for many tasks and not just for Pilates as they are sturdy and versatile.

Buy from for ($7.99)




Crescent Moon ExerSocks


The first thing customers notice about this pair is just how great it looks. It is made mostly from cotton, but nylon and spandex were added to the mix to enhance its elasticity. This way, the universal size it comes in will fit all foot shapes and sizes, which is awesome.

The socks are not plain, as they feature a black non-slip grip logo on the sole and also an embroidered detail on the ankle. Another excellent thing about them is that they provide antibacterial protection and that they will make sure you won’t slip as you’re exercising on shiny surfaces.

A cushioned reinforced sole with the brand’s innovative StretchBand was added as well for comfort and a snug fit. They are multipurpose socks – meaning you can use them for Pilates, Yoga and even for going to the gym. Furthermore, since the material lets your skin breathe, you won’t sweat too much.

To clean them is a simple mission, as you can just toss them in the washing machine. The black dye is persistent and it won’t wash out, and the non-slip details won’t fade away in time, so you can keep using the pair for many years from now on.

Buy from for ($24.99)




DG Sports Mary


The DG Sports Pilates socks will improve your feet’s circulation, your balance, and even flexibility. The non-slip surface will allow you to try new things without fearing you will hurt yourself, and more importantly, the sock will keep you warm even in the middle of the winter.

When it comes to materials, the manufacturer chose to make them out of cotton, a natural fabric that won’t lead to allergies. Besides that, they also used spandex and rubber, so the socks will be able to mold to your feet’s muscles while you are exercising.

Consequently, the blend will keep moisture off, reducing your risk of foot fungus. The pair is thin and lightweight, and it has a price that will appeal to anyone from dancers to trainers. The fact that they allow you to exercise without a mat or shoes is another thing that makes the pair worthy of your attention.

It’s designed to be like gloves for the feet and to fit the curvatures of your foot shape without feeling loose and without interrupting the blood flow to the tip of the fingers. These socks are versatile, breathable, and come in quite of few colors that you can match to your Pilates attire.

Buy from for ($7.68)




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