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Best Pilates machines reviews


Pilates machines – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Pilates machines are also known as reformers. Looking into the history of Pilates, it can be seen that this name was used to show the machine’s ability to totally reshape the body. Finding a good reformer can be hard when looking at all the Pilates machine reviews. That’s why, based on specialized forums and surveys, reports and sales figures, we created this guide, complete with our top three picks in this category. We believe that the Weider Ultimate Body is the machine that you should look for. It is quite versatile, it can add up to 50 pounds of additional weight for increased difficulty, and it is very reliable. If you are unable to get this model, then you should look for the Stamina AeroPilates Pro, that comes with almost the same features and an included rebounder.



Top features to consider


Analyzing your most important needs will help you find the best Pilates machine. You may first ask yourself if the investment is worth it or if you have enough room for a reformer, but keep in mind that exercises with such a machine always bring results.



Get a Pilates machine designed for homes


Although they are very similar to studio reformers, the ones that you can use at home are more compact and easier to transport. You can set up the home models in seconds, and you can store them under a bed, if you have the space, or upright in a closet. These models still give you the professional features that you can find in the body reformers at studios.

Some Pilates machines are designed to be extended or contracted, for saving space. The small wheels that these machines have will help you move them around.



Durable and adjustable parts


One important feature of Pilates machines is the footbar. Pushing off the footbar creates tension in the machine’s spring and thus resistance is added. This helps when you do your exercises, but to execute them properly, you need to adjust the footbar in the best position for you. The better it can adjust vertically and horizontally, the better it will suit your body’s motions and ranges.

The carriage is the machine’s element on which you lie, kneel, or stand. This element moves when you push against the footbar or rebounder, and when you pull on the ropes. That’s why it should move quietly, smoothly and comfortably. You can get cheap Pilates machines with good carriages but you need to do a thorough research to find them.

Ropes are used for both hand and leg exercises. They are attached to the end of the reformer and any change in their placement can alter the angle of resistance and will allow the execution of different routines. These ropes should be resistant, not too elastic, and they should definitely feel safe and comfortable when pulling them.





Most people want to get more from their Pilates machine, so they look for something that comes with a little extra or that can accommodate more accessories. One such optional part that you can find for sale is the sitting box, and when that is placed on the machine it improves its versatility.

Another accessory is the jumpboard. It fits at the end of the machine and, as the name suggests, it helps the user perform jumping exercises, albeit horizontally. But an evolution to the jumpboard is represented by the rebounder. This device functions mostly similarly, but it is built like a small trampoline and it has a softer impact on your legs.



Top rated products



We took into account the versatility, the quality and the reputation of different models and we concluded that these are the Pilates machines that you should definitely consider.



Weider Ultimate Body


This versatile bench allows you to perform a staggering number of 50 different exercises. It is a machine that can help you strengthen and define all your muscle groups. You can adjust the bench’s position in different ways for an array of workouts and you can use the included accessories for even more benefits.

This bench has 4 adjustable power bands that can add up to 50 pounds of weight. This will help you target the muscles on your legs, arms, back and core. You won’t have to worry about storage — this device can be folded and packed when not in use so you will save up a lot of space.

A device that can do so many things comes with a comprehensive workout guide. In this guide you will find which exercises to focus on for the development of certain muscle groups and how to execute those specific exercises.

A real advantage to this machine is that it uses your body’s weight as natural resistance for a lot of exercises. For even more movements you should work with the cable and pulling system incorporated. This machine is built of durable steel tubing and is made to last for years.

Buy from for ($118.63)




Stamina AeroPilates Pro


Using this bench can be one of the safest and most effective ways of performing Pilates exercises without the help of an instructor. You can watch and learn from the included videos and perform the workouts as instructed. Get your body in the best shape and improve your cardiovascular fitness with this home Pilates reformer.

In addition to keeping you in good health, this machine will help you lose weight, tone your hips and thighs and strengthen your abdominal muscles. This bench is eight inches longer than standard ones, so it can be used by taller people.

The device’s frame is durable and the oak finishing will make it look better than the competition. Many parts are adjustable: the ropes, straps, foot rests and hand grips, and they are all made to fit any user. The sturdy wheels ensure smooth transportation.

A rebounder is fitted to the bench and it can be removed at any time. The rebounder works as a trampoline, allowing you to push off it. It’s elasticity reduces the impact on your feet and legs, thus protecting the joints and soft tissues, but at the same time it allows you to do cardio exercises freely. If you use some yoga socks, this rebounder feels even better.

Buy from for ($999)




Stamina AeroPilates Reformer


Including everything you need to help you make the most of Pilates workouts, this reformer has a wider, trapezoidal platform. It also features a large platform that makes getting on and off easier and it also allows you to perform more routines. The footbar is also wider and it can be comfortably used in exercises for legs and arms as well.

The cardio rebounder can be removed if not needed. Being taller than other similar devices, this rebounder allows for a wider range of exercises. It will offer the benefits of running without damaging your legs.

Comfort comes as a result of the improved head and neck pillows and with the fact that the head rest can be set to one of three positions. If you are using your arms and legs a lot in exercises, you will have the comfort ensured by the furry hand and foot straps.

The height of the ropes can be adjusted to four options to prevent them rubbing against the body and to let you accomplish different routines. This is a machine that is very easy to be used by a beginner; it comes with an instruction chart and it can be installed with no hassle.

Buy from for ($499)




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