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Best Pilates magic circle reviews

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Pilates Magic Circles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve heard a lot about the best Pilates magic circles and you are in the market for one but have little time on your hands, it’s a good thing you are reading this guide. We’ve decided to give you a hand and go through numerous expert reviews and market data to find the answer you are looking for. The magic circle you want to take into consideration is the ProBody Pilates Ring, as it comes with many features that make it an excellent choice. With its help, you can tone your thighs, abs, and legs. If you practice regularly, you can also improve your posture and muscle tone. The durable construction includes composite material and a soft foam cover and is sturdy enough for an extended use without snapping or losing its spring. In case the ProBody Pilates Ring is not available, the next option you might want to consider is Stamina’s Pilates Circle.


Top features to consider


When it comes to finding the right Pilates ring, things are not very complicated, but they are not as easy as it might seem at first. In the end, this is a product that you will want to use and rely on for a long time, so there are some things you should keep in mind before making your choice.

If you’ve been looking for other additional accessories such as Pilates grip socks, then you surely know that there are many alternatives available on the market, so take a look at our guide to understand the main aspects you should take into consideration in order to choose the right ring according to your preferences and needs.





When it comes to the necessary resistance that the magic circle should have, it all depends on what your goal is. Flexible metal is the most common material these items are made of, but there are also some models made of rubber that are, evidently, softer.

If you are a stronger person and would like to have a real challenge when working out, then you should go for a model that is made of a sturdier metal. However, if you are looking for mild resistance as you work out and for a more body-oriented, lighter approach, then a softer alternative could be the right one.



Pads on both sides


Some Pilates rings have pads only on the outside of the circle. However, for more versatility, you should go for a model that has pads on the inside of the ring as well. This way you can perform more exercises without running the risk of not having the necessary grip.

An example of an exercise where you would use the inside pads is the “rainbow”, where you need to stabilize the ring with pressure on the inside, which means that having that second pair of pads makes things a lot easier.





Pilates rings can be perfect for traveling, as some models are lightweight, lay flat, and take up little space in your luggage. If you know that you travel often, then you should go for such a model, instead of a heavier regular one made out of sturdy metal.

This way, you’ll be able to perform your exercises wherever you are and maintain your overall fitness routine, or follow your program if you have a goal that you want to attain in a certain amount of time.



Top rated products



If you find yourself going through Pilates magic circle reviews without being sure which one to choose, as there are so many options available for sale, take a look at the selection we’ve made below which includes our favorite top-rated products, and pick the one that’s according to your preferences.



ProBody Pilates Ring


Are you looking for a good Pilates magic circle? Then you should take a look at ProBody Pilates’ Ring which allows you to tone your thighs, abs, and legs, focusing especially on the stubborn areas, specifically your inner and outer thighs. We all know that keeping in shape is important, so don’t hesitate to give this one a try.

If you practice regularly, you can improve your muscle tone and overall fitness. Besides this, you can also improve your posture and endurance, by developing the necessary muscular strength. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can take the circle with you anywhere, since it’s lightweight, portable and comes with a carrying pouch.

Sized at 14”, the ProBody Pilates Ring is made of composite material protected by a soft foam cover. Its construction ensures that it will not snap or lose its spring, even when used extensively, so that’s one thing you should not worry about.

The design also includes moisture resistant padded grips on both the inside and outside, which enable you to explore various exercises and workouts that might otherwise be a bit more difficult to execute in the correct way.

Plus, the form-molded grips that include professional-grade padding fit comfortably against your body for excellent results.

Buy from for ($39.95)




Stamina Circle


When it comes to finding a cheap Pilates magic circle that is also very effective, Stamina’s alternative will probably tempt you, and you would not be wrong. Sized 14.75” in diameter, this ring comes with professional grade, non-porous, molded padding that adapts to your body’s shape, allowing you to exercise as you want and get the desired results.

This ring was created by Joseph Pilates specifically to be used as a versatile accessory that can be used anywhere. With its help, you can work for a more targeted toning and improved muscle strength throughout the body, this way enjoying better health and posture.

This is also a great alternative if you want to improve your muscle tone and get those defined inner and outer thighs and arms we are all aiming for. Being in shape is just a matter of exercising regularly, and even if the first step might be the hardest, once you get the hang of it, things will be fun.

And Stamina’s Pilates Magic Circle can prove to be a reliable partner for this, as it features a steel core ring and foam molded padded grips that wrap around your arms and legs for fast results.

Buy from for ($25.99)




ProSource Resistance


If you are looking for a device that will help you do a wide range of exercises and tone your entire body, then ProSource’s Resistance Ring can be of help, as it was designed to create gentle resistance and work your arms, legs, and core.

Pilates has the type of movements and exercises that improve your balance and overall posture while strengthening the muscles and increasing your flexibility.

If you have not been a very active person up until now and fear that you might not be able to work out very much, this circle is the right tool to get you started in a mild and safe but reliable way, for you to slowly and surely build strength.

In terms of how it’s made, the durable design includes a steel construction that is covered by high-quality rubber ensuring a firm grip on any point on the ring, while the frame itself measures 14” in diameter and withstands a lot of pressure, being built for extended use.

Moreover, the design also includes soft foam padded handles on both the inside and outside of the ring for a comfortable and firm grip, therefore allowing you to enjoy a wide range of exercises.

Buy from for ($13.99)




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