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Best Punching Bag Reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Punching bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have no time to waste, but you want to find one of the best punching bags out there, you’re in the right place. Based on the consumer reports, sales figures, and specialized forums and surveys, we have come to the conclusion that the Everlast 70-Pound MMA is the one you should bear in mind. The kit is composed of the actual heavy bag, a pair of heavy bag gloves, and a pair of 108-inch hand wraps which all speak for themselves if you are looking to estimate the value offered by the set. Besides, since the bag has been filled with a combo of synthetic and natural fibers and sifted sand, you’ll never feel like you’re hitting rocks when you’re throwing punches, jabs, and uppercuts at this heavy bag. Should you be unable to get your hands on the Everlast 70-Pound MMA, perhaps you’d benefit from using the second-best alternative, the Century Body Opponent BOB.



Comparison table




Having easily risen from its status as a combat sport, boxing has come to be recognized as a means of getting into shape. Nowadays, nearly every other fitness gym has a collection of punching bags that patrons can use to develop their strength, speed and endurance. So what really makes a product the best punching bag?


The model from the picture is Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag



Why using a punching bag is good exercise


It doesn’t matter if you want to become a professional boxer or just want to work out more in the comfort of your home. The bottom line is that getting a punching bag is easy and using one is highly efficient. Hitting a punching bag can help you lose as much as 400 calories per hour, depending on the amount of experience you’ve accumulated since starting out. If you’re not interested in losing weight, perhaps you might want to know that using a punching bag can increase your core strength, help you become more confident, as well as improve your upper body strength. Furthermore, practicing regularly can help you achieve the amount of power necessary to protect yourself and the ones you love, should a tight spot arise. We all know that the world isn’t the safe place it used to be.



Which punching bag is good for cardio workouts


Strengthening your cardiovascular system is as easy as cake, should you decide to take up heavy bag training. While the benefits of using such a product are next to countless, an organized schedule can help you with toning and strengthening your muscles and even increase your bone density. Some people say that starting to use a punching bag at the beginning of your workout routine may not be the right way to go about things.

However, we’ve seen that people are aware of their limits and can just as easily begin by hitting the heavy bag lightly and then progressing their way towards the desired effect. While exercising, you’re likely to trigger close to all the key muscle groups that are in your body, and that’s the undeniable advantage of using a heavy bag. After all, you should coordinate muscles in your legs, waist, shoulders, and arms to get the most of the entire experience.

Therefore, nothing beats using a punching bag when it comes to the positive impact it can have on speed, power, coordination, balance, as well as timing.





Does a punching bag burn fat?


Working out using a heavy punching bag can help you burn as much as four hundred calories in an hour. This figure depends on whether or not the person is used to working out.

Should you weigh more than 160 pounds and exercise occasionally, you might be tempted to consume more calories on the side, so that you can make up the difference. If, however, you’re resolute on getting back in shape, you should also focus on your daily regimen and gradually start eating healthy.

Since the amount of fat lost during a workout with a punching bag is significant, you’re likely to lose a lot of energy, so we recommend focusing on a diet composed of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy sources of protein such as grilled meat or, should you be a vegetarian, eggs, beans, mushrooms, and other alternative sources.



How does a punching bag build muscle?


Toning muscle with a heavy bag isn’t all that difficult, provided you learn to use it correctly. Punching is generally looked at as resistance cardio because it can have the benefit of burning fat and tone muscles at the same time. The abs, the arms, the legs, the buttocks, and even the shoulders can start looking and feeling great after just a couple of sessions. It seems that the most dynamic type of workout performed with a punching bag is interval training. What this means is that you’ll have to use as much force and energy as possible for ten to twenty seconds and then take a break of ten seconds. Many sources recommend making use of this technique to build muscle as it seems to be even more intense than a couple of hours of running.



Punching Bag Types


A professional boxer can use different styles of bags throughout their career.

The heavy bag is the traditional type of bag you will expect to see in gyms. Hung by a wall-mounted bracket or using a free-standing system, this cylindrical-shaped bag is packed very tightly with fabrics torn up into small pieces, which deliver that satisfyingly realistic impact when struck with blows. A good heavy bag is made of durable leather.

The maize bag is a tear-drop shaped heavy bag packed with maize. It’s a terrific piece of gym equipment that develops powerful uppercuts and hooks delivered at short range. A smaller maize bag can’t be hit with the same ferocity as a larger one. However, it provides the option of swinging, which enables good development of your rolling, ducking and slipping abilities. Its shape and the nature of its filling gives the maize bag a special ‘feel’ and response when struck.

The angled heavy bag is a cross between the traditional heavy bag and the maize bag. An angled heavy bag is perfect for practicing your long range punches, as well as hooks and uppercuts, thanks to its unique shape. Packed in the same way as a heavy bag, the angled heavy bag is designed for doing a number of rounds for long periods.

A freestanding heavy bag may not be found in plenty of gyms, but certainly has a place in areas with limited space. Although not built to have the same swing as a conventional heavy bag, this bag can be stored after use. A variation of this system is the free-standing human-shaped target, made from high-density rubber and plastics.





Suspension Methods


Hanging a maize bag, heavy bag or angled heavy bag is achieved through one of two ways. Wall brackets enable hanging to a suitably solid wall. This type of hanging method has to be carefully carried out by checking that the fixings are appropriate for what the wall brackets are supposed to do.

A boxing stand is an alternative to wall-mounted brackets and free-standing bag/boxing dummy. Essentially, the boxing stand is a steel frame that gives the needed stability for hanging a heavy bag.



Size and Weight


Two important factors to think about are the punching bag’s size and weight. These two elements can define the type of fitness you can get from using the item.

For boxers that hit harder and heavier, the bag should be of substantial weight. This also ensures proper boxing practice levels for more experienced boxers.

Beginners or those just venturing into the art of boxing, or individuals who want to gain a level of fitness can use punching bags with lighter weight, then move on to a heavier bag as they progress in their training intensity level.



Most popular punching bags in 2019



Everlast 70-Pound MMA


1.Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag KitThis heavy bag kit (one of the best Everlast products) comes with everything you need to get a complete boxing workout, helping you achieve your goals in the convenience of your personal gym or home. The kit comes with a 70-pound heavy bag stuffed with natural and synthetic fibers combined with sifted sand.

This custom filling gives you a satisfying impact with every blow, strengthening your punches and developing your endurance and strength. The package also ships with heavy bag gloves and wraps, serving to keep your hands and wrists protected against the impact with and abrasion of the bag.

The 108-inch hand wraps ensure protection you can depend on for those critical uppercuts, hooks and straight jabs you practice with. The hanging chain offers customized adjustable height so you can enjoy an optimum level of punching.

The included bungee cord provides a greater resistance to the bag, keeping it secure as it swings with your unleashed punching power.



Inclusive of the heavy bag, a pair of heavy bag gloves, and 108-inch hand wraps, this option gives you genuine value for the money. To round up the package, you also get a handy bungee cord that facilitates mounting.

Thanks to the custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand, this punching bag provides just the right amount of resistance. Therefore, you can punch it repeatedly and not worry that the bag would get deformed or out of shape and hurt the hands and wrists.

Your hands are given more protection from abrasion thanks to the supplied heavy bag gloves and hand wraps.

The adjustable height chain works well with the bungee cord to simplify hanging. This enables you to suspend the bag at the precise level that supports your punching style. The bungee cord also adds resistance to the bag.



This is a good product, but the packaging seems to have caused a bit of dissatisfaction in some buyers.

punching bag


Buy from for ($71.6)




Century Body Opponent BOB


2.Century® Body Opponent Bag-BOBIf you’re in the market for a good punching bag with stand, BOB should be the first on your list of options.

This Body Opponent Bag features an adjustable height, so you can literally stand face to face with an opponent that does not hit back but will definitely test your skills in punching and delivering body blows.

The low profile base can be filled with water or sand, giving you the kind of resistance that you prefer for each session of practice. The unit weighs approximately 270 pounds when filled, giving you stability as you deliver a variety of blows.

This punching bag makes good practice gear every time, enabling you to raise it as high or as low as you want, from 60 to 78 inches..

It comes with a one-year limited warranty, your assurance of reliable quality and craftsmanship that only a genuine US-made product like this can offer to customers. Taking up less space than the original BOB, this product has “skin” constructed of high-strength plastisol, for years of use.



Supporting the need to unleash the alpha fighter in you, this special punching bag comes with an adjustable height to accommodate various sizes of users. This makes the bag a good option for use in school gyms, training, and the home.

You can fill the low-profile base with water or sand to suit what is most convenient for you. Weighing in at around 270 pounds when filled, this piece of gear can be rolled away easily because of its round base.

Made in the USA, this product assures you of quality components and craftsmanship. You will surely enjoy plenty of training sessions with it.

The human likeness of the bag enables you to practice intensively using the right punching or striking techniques that can inflict damage to a real human opponent. The image allows you to work on your punches with precision.

Its seven height adjustments enable you to choose any level between 60 and 78 inches to customize the unit to your own height so you can practice optimal striking.  



Lightweight yet stable, this body opponent punching bag features a mannequin that can be hard for just one person to affix to the stem.

punching bag


Buy from for ($289.99)




Century VS.1 Versys Fight Simulator


3.Century VS.1 Versys Fight Simulator Standing Bag with BaseIncorporating all the best features of a standard free standing punching bag, the Century VS.1 Versys Fight Simulator is the most versatile system on the market.

Made for both stand-up and ground training, the product integrates the benefits of using a standard freestanding heavy bag system with those of a grappling dummy. This innovative product needs no installation, enabling you to start training in a novel way. You can practice a full range of strikes with this bag.

The VS.1 offers the versatility you need for whole body workout. Adhering to Century LLC’s core belief that martial arts can have a deep impact on your life, this punching bag is perfect for a wide range of training techniques that hone your endurance, technique and speed; along with aerobic conditioning.

Tested by professional trainers, coaches, and instructors, the VS.1 offers more striking surface than a standard heavy bag and boasts a heavy-duty vinyl construction.



Easily providing a versatile system to practice your boxing techniques on, this option is suitable for both ground and stand-up training. No need to buy two separate pieces of training equipment to practice with.

Blending the uses of a regular freestanding bag and those of a grappling dummy, this model requires no complicated installation. You can start training when it gets to your doorstep.

Practice a wide variety of strikes using this multi-purpose bag. You can enjoy a whole-body workout that will help you develop your punching and kicking techniques.

Work on your endurance, speed, footwork, and punching power along with aerobic conditioning, as this training equipment accommodates your needs adequately.

With more striking surface compared to a regular heavy bag, this model comes with a heavy-duty vinyl construction to deliver lasting use.



Some users have noted that the unit tends to bounce around or even fall when it is hit too hard.

punching bag


Buy from for ($249.99)




Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs


4.Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy BagThe 100-pound Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag makes a great piece of gear for boxing and MMA practice.

Use it for fitness as well as martial arts training. The bag is 55 inches long and has an extra half-foot length with the included straps, ensuring secure attachment so you won’t end up shame-faced with a heavy bag on top of you. The product ships in a heavy-duty reusable vinyl cover, so you can store it when you want to. The Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag is a US-made product, ensuring you of superb craftsmanship and quality.

When shipped to you, the bag weighs around 100 pounds, but you can add extra weight to it. The material capacity is 300 pounds, which gives you the option to fill it to your most comfortable weight.

This heavy bag ships with a 10-year warranty certificate, so you are assured of total quality and performance. You won’t need chains to hang the bag, as it comes with heavy-duty straps.



When shipped, this option weighs in at approximately 100 pounds but you can add extra weight based on your needs. Its material capacity is 300 pounds to accommodate that.

Proudly made in the USA, this product has a diameter of around 14 inches to give you more than enough space to strike.

The heavy-duty straps are sewn directly onto the punching bag to eliminate the need for chains. The bag can be used for MMA and boxing.

You can opt to use a D-ring on the bottom of the heavy bag. You can also choose to secure the bag to a sandbag or the floor.

At 55 inches high and with an additional 10 inches with the straps, this punching bag also ships in a reusable, heavy-duty, vinyl cover. The component can be used for storage or transport to keep the product looking like new.



One customer notes that the bag started to stain from the cloth used as a filling for the unit.

punching bag


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Century Kid Kick Wavemaster


5.Century Kid Kick WavemasterUndoubtedly one of the best punching bags for kids, the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster will surely make a nice present for your budding Karate Kid. This US-made product carries the assurance of premium quality and craftsmanship.

It is perfect for introducing children to the art of kickboxing, boxing, karate and other forms of martial arts. The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster has a durable nylon cover that houses high impact foam, so it can take a little kid’s strongest punches, kicks and blows and still remain resilient and strong.

The low profile base can be filled with water or sand, giving children the right amount of resistance to every blow and every level of training.

The bag has four height adjustments that let children of different shapes and sizes use it optimally for martial arts skills training. It comes with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, so children can use it for years till they grow old and big enough to use an adult-sized bag.



Ideal for getting children started on boxing, kickboxing, karate, and other martial arts; this model is made out of durable nylon that covers the high-impact foam. This ensures lasting use.

The low-profile base can be filled with either water or sand at your option. When filled, the bag weighs around 170 pounds more or less, so kids have a hefty bag to strike and practice their techniques on.

The four height adjustments enable the easy selection of just the right level to have the bag on, it will ensure optimal use for children.

Because this bag is made in the USA, you can be sure it comes with superb quality and craftsmanship.

Thanks to the screened Kid Kick logo on the front, students have a target for practicing punches and kicks on.



When used on uncarpeted hard floors, the bag tends to make a loud noise, especially when kicked hard by a strong kid.

punching bag


Buy from for ($123.99)




Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding


6.Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training BagYou can practice kicks and punches on this exceptional Wavemaster punching bag that provides rapid rebound and optimal resistance.

This freestanding training bag has a base that you can fill with sand or water, giving you the stability you need to train properly and without worrying about the unit toppling over. The round base allows effortless roll away, so you can position the training bag anywhere in the room or inside and outside the house.

This product has seven height adjustments so you can raise it from a low of 47 inches to a high of 68 inches, in 3-inch increments.

The bag weighs in at around 250 pounds when filled, giving you the right resistance training plus speed and endurance building. The Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag is available in black, red and blue, so you can have the right color to fit your personality or preference.



This free standing training bag allows you to practice punches and kicks easily so you can hone your techniques. You can practice your strikes to make them more deadly to any opponent. It also provides a useful means to get a satisfying cardio workout.

By providing rapid rebound and optimal resistance, the bag enables you to develop the strength of your punches as well as the needed footwork.

You can fill the base with sand or water, depending on which is more convenient for you. The filled base provides a sturdy and stable platform that ensures optimal use.

Thanks to the round base, you can easily roll the bag away for storage when not in use. It also enables easy placement on the right spot for practice.

Weighing in at approximately 250 pounds when filled, this punching bag allows you to practice punches and kicks so you can make the most of every training session.



This doesn’t make a good option for users who live in upper floors or multi-level dwellings as it tends to generate plenty of noise during sessions.

punching bag


Buy from for ($139.99)




Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam


7.Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy BagThis exceptional 100-pound professional training bag boasts revolutionary closed cell foam technology that ensures proper contouring to conform to your delivered punches, giving you the satisfaction of knowing how strong your punches are and how intense their impact is.

The poly-canvas shell is designed to give the heavy bag excellent durability, ensuring product integrity that you can depend on through years of training. The natural and synthetic fiber filling is blended with sifted sand to provide a homogenous and uniform feel.

The contoured closed cell foam technology used in this training gear is designed to also provide better cushioning and force dispersion, ensuring that the bag retains it shape even after prolonged periods of punching.

The durable webbing system is complemented with heavy-duty nylon straps and durable end loops to ensure secure hanging and genuinely worry-free stability. This 100-pound bag is an indispensable piece of training gear that will last, giving you years of optimum use and quality.



Designed and built to provide effective professional-level training, this punching bag offers dependable functionality to athletes. It is ideal for those who want to box for fitness or boxers who just need a good workout.

Thanks to the contoured closed cell (C3) foam technology used in its construction, this punching bag provides support, increased cushioning, and most importantly, force dispersion. Those who need some serious hitting can optimize all those during workouts.

Because the high-density foam comes with closed cells, moisture transfer to the foam padding is prevented effectively. This keeps your boxing gloves light and dry during use.

The custom filling is made from natural and synthetic fibers combined with sifted sand. The result is a homogenous feel along with a robust shock absorption, so the bag doesn’t get deformed because of continuous use.

Since the bag also comes with a durable poly canvas shell, it is built to last.



The straps seem to be the first to go bad in this heavy bag, based on the reviews of some buyers.

punching bag


Buy from for ($149.61)




Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound


8.Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound BagThe Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag is designed with a unique C3 foam-wrapped bottom panel that allows you to practice and strengthen your low kicking abilities, along with your pounding and grounding prowess.

This product offers revolutionary heavy bag workout. Lightweight yet strong, the heavy bag weighs in at just 80 pounds, making it easy to transport or move to any location for hanging. Great for beginners and those just starting to see the benefits of engaging in the sport, this heavy bag has knee strike handles that simulate the Thai clinch while training..

This special heavy bag will help you develop a powerful clinch that will have you feared by your opponents and admired by your peers, aside from having women admire you for your fighting skills.

This 36-inch long bag can withstand the beating that a very powerful man can deliver, being constructed of top quality synthetic leather and with exceptional manufacture to provide lasting functionality and durability.



The bottom panel of this 80-pound bag features a specially contoured closed-cell (C3) foam-wrapped structure that enables you to practice your low kicking ability to make it stronger and more impactful.

Offering an optimal heavy bag workout, this option is made strong yet lightweight. Weighing in at just 80 pounds, the bag is quite easy to move and transport.

It makes a good option for beginners who are exploring what they can do and achieve in the sport. The bag features knee strike handles that enable you to practice the Thai clinch when you hit it.

At 36 inches long, this option has enough striking surface to enable you to hit it with powerful blows. You can also practice your kicks and footwork.

Made out of quality synthetic leather, the punching bag ensures lasting functionality and can surely take a beating.



The bag has a solid feel due to the gel that absorbs the impact. However, one customer says it feels like hitting a wall, which is still good if you want to strike with greater power.

punching bag


Buy from for ($89.99)




Big Time Toys Socker Bopper


9.Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power BagYou bop it and the Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag bounces back fast. This bag provides hours of bop it fun. It offers the world’s fastest bounce-back action, offering loads of enjoyment for the entire family.

The product is air inflated to ensure safe and soft fun. It makes boxing a really great sport to just enjoy doing on family time. Your children and you will surely love having friendly competitions on who hits the bag the hardest and makes it bounce back the fastest.

The vinyl cylindrical inflatable punching bag is made wide at the bottom and features a slight tapering toward the top, to ensure stability while everyone unleashes their punching power to make the product move back and forth.

The user just punches the bop bag, then it tips over and pops back up again. For even more stability, the valve opens at the bottom so you can fill that part with water to keep it weighted.



Designed for a completely safe use for kids, this product has a weighted bottom that provides a stable base. It can take all the kicks and punches of a child without fully toppling over and staying down. It bounces back to give your child hours of punching enjoyment.

Able to bounce back quickly, the bop toy offers a robust construction using heavy-duty vinyl. To simplify set up, it fills with air.

You will love how this unit offers an efficient way of training your child about self-defense. You can also get them oriented on the sport of boxing or even martial arts. It enables your child to learn early how to protect themselves from evildoers.

Truly a nice toy for releasing pent-up tension, this product offers a means to channel aggressive behavior without causing harm directly to others. It offers an innocent yet comfortable tool that can support the development of healthy emotions and psychological preparedness.



According to a customer, the bottom part holding the filling popped from the inside, and this rendered the unit irreparable. However, that was after the powerful beating it got from a 9-year-old.

punching bag


Buy from for ($14.55)




The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop


10.The Original 46 Bozo 3-D Bop BagBozo the Bop Bag Clown offers a refreshing and risk-free way of taking out your frustrations on something that won’t hit you back. Unleash your stress after a long day with Bozo, which just takes your punches and keeps bouncing back so you can let it all out. This inflatable piece of gear stands at a height of 46 inches.

That’s nearly four feet of boxing surface area that lets you hit it anywhere, so you can vent your frustrations on it in a more constructive way. And you can be sure Bozo the Bop Bag Clown won’t feel bad about getting punched!

Offering a much better way of helping you unwind, Bozo the Bop Bag clown is a whole new way of enjoying boxing without having to shell out a lot of cash for a conventional heavy bag.

It works like a speed ball with its bounce-back action, while letting you do your punching practice on its soft and safe surface.



Providing a healthy way for kids to release emotions and aggressive behavior, this bop toy is a risk-free way to take out frustrations on a device that will not hit back like a person.

Because it bounces back, this bop toy enables a child to practice dodging and footwork like a real life boxer. It provides hours of boxing fun for you and your kid.

This bop toy can serve for entertainment. It lets you and your child have competitions on who can hit it the hardest to make it go down lower and bounce back quicker.

Standing at the height of 46 inches, this toy provides almost four feet of boxing surface that can be hit anywhere without hitting back. There’s enough space to target on this toy.

Working much like a speedball, the bag’s bounce-back action helps develop hand-eye coordination. It will also help kids who have a fear of clowns to overcome that naturally.



According to a customer, when the bop toy falls over too far, the sand tends to shift inside the base.

punching bag


Buy from for ($18.99)





Size and weight of the punching bag


Two of the most important factors to base your decision on when prospecting the market for a punching bag are the size and weight. Depending on these details, you’ll be able to define the type of fitness you’re looking to achieve using the item. Beginners and advanced users require different heavy bags and let’s see why some models are different from others on these accounts.




What punching bag size should I get?


Not many models differ when it comes to their size. Some are more compact and sometimes, more lightweight than others, but that’s mostly because they are destined for individuals living in small apartments or who just don’t have enough space in which they can leave the bag hanging all the time.

If you’re feeling unsure about your abilities and have little to no experience in the matter, perhaps you might want to look at some of the best speed bags because a somewhat large one can allow you to make the transition to a heavy bag gradually. In fact, punching bag sizes often times refer to their weight because it looks as though there’s little to no concern when it comes to the actual space the product will occupy per se. A heavy bag, a maize bag, and an angled heavy bag can be found in a wide range of sizes and colors, depending on the needs and personal preferences of the person interested in purchasing one.

If you have very little resistance and tend to be disappointed if you can’t see results quickly, we recommend shifting from a speed bag to a maize bag and only then to a full-size heavy bag. This progression can make you build your strength over time because you won’t be tempted to quit your workout routine on account of the bag being too large or heavy.



What punching bag weight should I get?


If you want to choose the right product for your expectations, what you ought to consider is your weight. Should you weigh less than 140 pounds, it’s a safe bet that you can get the most out of using a 60-pound alternative. If your body weight is somewhere between 140 and 170 pounds, the correct option is a bag weighing in between 70 and 90 pounds. Any prospective buyer whose weight is over 170 pounds can safely utilize a 100-pound alternative.

Aside from how many pounds you weigh, you should take into account your punching power and resistance. In this case, what you have to ask yourself is how much experience you have accumulated by now. Even if you weigh less than 170 pounds but have a lot of experience and hit bags very hard thanks to months and months of practice, you can try to get the most of a 100-pound option. At 150 pounds, the general rule is to analyze your options starting with 70 to 90-pound bags, but users are different from one another, and it’s up to you to estimate your core strength level.



What kind of gloves should you use when working out with a punching bag?


Using a punching bag without any gloves is downright risky, particularly if you have little to no experience. Many people don’t have enough strength in their hands and aren’t aware of how to punch a heavy bag when they’re not wearing gloves. The position of the hands is different when being inside gloves than what it would be when being bareknuckle. There is a fine line between abusing one’s hands and conditioning them, so if you don’t feel prepared to do any boxing without gloves, you should take it step by step to see if you even feel comfortable when hitting the bag with a bare hand. If you’re an advanced boxer, you may want to warm up with your gloves on, then with your hands wrapped. A lot of accidents can be prevented by learning the proper way of making a fist.


Purchasing the right pair of gloves largely depends on what you have in mind. If you want to get in the ring, it might be a good idea to go for a lighter glove so that its impact on the bag imitates hitting another boxer. The same light alternative seems to be the top recommended choice when hitting double end bags and speed bags. Both heavy bags and mitts require a thicker padding on the glove, as well as protection on the front end of the product. When getting the right type of glove, you should think about the size and weight. To make the most of your buying journey, it’s safe to say that trying out some sizes and models before going for the final product is a good idea. When testing a glove, always use hand wraps because you won’t be able to fit it on your hand later on unless you do so at the beginning.

The price difference between the many options that can be found on the market today consists of the material. Gloves can be either made of vinyl or leather. Some vinyl alternatives are high-quality enough to almost imitate leather, and these units are less expensive compared to their leather counterparts. Lace up gloves allow for a tighter fit than hook and loop models.



Buying a punching bag stand – why you should consider it


Not everyone can build his or her own heavy bag stand. Creating the base, attaching all the pipes, welding the rings and tightening down the stand is not a piece of cake for everyone. This type of DIY activity is destined for experienced boxers who are aware of the weight and safety considerations they have to take into account. If you want to save time and effort, you may want to purchase a separate stand.

To get just the product for your needs, you’ll have to look at the amount of space you have available and the core weight of the stand. The heavier, the better because it will be stable enough. Plus, with added weight, you’ll be able to go from a mid-size to a heavy bag without needing to perform any modifications on the stand or having to replace it altogether.


How to install a punching bag in an apartment?


If you live in an apartment, there are three main ways of installing a punching bag. While the conventional means seem to be hanging it from the ceiling, there are other two methods you may use  to get as much free space as possible. After going through thousands of sources on the topic, we’ve come to the conclusion that using a wall mount or a free stand may be a better choice for individuals living in apartment buildings.

After all, hanging the unit from the ceiling is a far more complicated endeavor than making use a wall mount. The vast majority of athletic stores also sell wall mounts of which the packages include all the hardware you may need to attach it to the wall. One detail that’s worth noting, in this case, is that wall mounts can only be used with masonry walls. Nobody wants to damage his or her house, so be sure that you have such a wall before purchasing a wall mount.

There doesn’t seem to be any inconvenience when using this technique because the user does not require a high degree of technical experience. What’s more, the bracket of the wall mount is set up somewhere close to the ceiling so you can enjoy almost the same height that you’d use when installing a heavy bag from the ceiling.

The second option you may be interested in is using a free stand. This alternative is probably the most convenient one when it comes to moving and storing the heavy bag around the apartment. Many stands even come with wheels but you will need to consider the core weight of the stand in order to prevent any movement during use. For example, a stand has to weigh in at around three hundred pounds for a heavy bag to be stable enough, whereas a light bag requires a stand of which the weight is around one hundred pounds.



How to hang a punching bag from a ceiling?


After figuring out the location you want to set up your punching bag in, you should pay attention to the amount of space you have at your disposal. The general rule is to pick a spot at least twenty-four inches from a wall. You’ll need to drill a hole either into the ceiling stud or into the beam to be able to insert the eyebolt screw. Turn the screw as much as possible either by hand or by using pliers and then proceed to hang the bag by attaching the chains of the item into a swivel hook and then into an S-hook.



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