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Best rugby mouth guard reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Mouth guards for rugby – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


You must be in a hurry, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the best mouth guard for rugby. If you don’t feel like going through the advice and reviews prepared by our research team, you can still find out exactly what you need. The consumer reports, forums and surveys led us to one conclusion, namely that the SISU Aero NextGen is the best product you can buy. It is specially designed for the protection of professional athletes, having their precise needs in mind. The material used for the manufacture is twice as thin, one-third stronger and with better impact resistance than standard materials on the market. With better moldability and ensuring good comfort and breathing, this is a terrific choice. If you just can’t get your hands on the SISU Aero NextGen, you could invest in the second-best alternative, the RDX Mouthguard, which has similar features that you would benefit from.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Like many other contact sports, rugby requires minimal equipment to keep the players safe from possible injuries. But since the offer is generous, there’s always the question what is the best mouth guard for rugby? Some features that should be on your list are mentioned in the following paragraphs.



Impact response


Since the main reason you should be wearing the mouth guard is to keep you safe from powerful strikes or accidental hits, you must ask yourself how much protection you receive.

The material used in the construction must be capable of withstanding tough impact. But it’s also important that the gel or plastic cushions your teeth and gums. If the force of the hit is dispersed or absorbed, your jaw should be fine and your teeth unshaken.

The shape and snug fit of this protective equipment is just as important as they can prevent unfortunate accidents and weaken the impact on the bone structure or dentition.





The quality of the material has to be doubled by the thickness of your mouthguard. It’s only natural that thinner gear will put up less successfully with damaging strikes.

Keep in mind, though, not to pick the items that show impressive size, because the thicker and bigger they get, the harder it will be for you to deal with them while you’re fast moving on the field or talk to your team mates.



Comfortable wear


Mouth guards that provide the best fit and are great for wearing them all through the game should be comfortable enough to allow regular, unobstructed breathing and some degree of verbal communication.

If you’re using a mouth guard that you molded yourself, it should be fit on your dentition. If it falls out during the game, it’s not the best rugby mouth guard. It’s recommendable to own a gear piece that molds to your teeth without bloating your lips.





There’s one type of mouth guard that you can find for sale at reasonable prices, the so called boil and bite. Made of thermoplastic, it is cheap enough to change it from time to time, and it allows you to make your own mold.

Custom mouth guards are more expensive and require the assistance of a dental technician. The best mouth guard for rugby reviews will probably point to such an investment, but if you’re a beginner and don’t intend to take this to the next level, then perhaps it’s better to stick to cheaper ones for a while.  



Top rated products



We’ve made our own evaluation, and we’re now ready to share it with you. Since the market is filled with protection equipment from various brands and there are plenty of models that look very similar, the top choices are showcased below for a quick selection.



SISU Aero NextGen


This is one of the products in the industry that’s representative of the latest evolutions in mouthguard engineering. The brand itself placed this piece at the top of their achievements, for both its quality and functionality.

Designed while bearing in mind the needs of professional and amateur athletes, it provides excellent protection and comfort.

The construction material that has been used to develop this model is a high-tech thermoplastic material. The advantages presented by this new generation substance are obvious and measurable. Compared to those used by conventional mouth guards, this one is 30% stronger and has 8 x more tensile strength, giving your teeth superhero resistance.

The other revolutionary change is the extreme decrease in thickness. The SISU Aero NextGen has a super-slim design, 50% thinner than standard mouth guards. In other words, it’s at least twice as comfortable. You won’t feel hindered by it; instead, you’ll be able to breathe, talk and drink while wearing it.

Compared to the original design, the NextGen has better moldability, and it’s more comfortable thanks to the wider bite pad and rounded edges.   

On top of all these characteristics, the possibility to mold it multiple times is really great, since many of the players often discover they need more comfort or a tighter mold in some areas.



This is a very thin, low profile piece of gear. Measuring only 1.6 mm, this is probably what you should be wearing on the playground as long as you need to hydrate, talk to the team or simply breathe without restrictions.

The SISU Aero NextGen may feel thin, but it’s one of the top impact resistant protective gears at the moment. It uses the Diffusix technology, adapted from suspension bridge technology, in order to absorb and dissipate shocks.

Wearing this mouth guard will provide you with excellent fit and good comfort. It has rounded edges and a bigger bite pad, so you’ll get a good fit for your teeth and prevent gum inflammations.

This product is great for a variety of sports. Use it for rugby, hockey, soccer or basketball.



This mouth guard doesn’t come with a special case.

It provides no cushioning, so it’s better not to use it for high-impact sports.

Buy from for ($24.99)




RDX Mouthguard


If you’re looking for a mouth guard that is versatile enough to cover all major contact sports, from softball and lacrosse to MMA, then you’re probably looking for the RDX Mouthguard. It’s got all the qualities you need.

The product is easy to mold, so you can obtain a great fit. It only requires 10 to 12 seconds of boiling, after which you should bite and press to get the right shape. Mouthpieces that fit tight are preferable because they don’t get knocked out and provide enhanced protection for the teeth.

Ready to withstand strong blows, the mouthguard gives you protection by using an efficient method to disperse and absorb their force. It introduces a shock absorbing gel that prevents direct hits from chipping your teeth.

One of the problems with thicker, compact mouthguards is that they don’t allow air to move through, but this piece has tri-flow perforations that make it easier for the user to breathe. If you’ve had a hard time breathing normally with other protection gears, this one brings a major improvement.

Carrying the mouth guard in your training bag is not ideal. For a clean, sanitary protection, the manufacturer added a ventilated case.



The RDX Mouthguard offers a very good fit. It’s one of the advantages everyone looks for in a boil and bite type of mouthguard. This one molds correctly and keeps the teeth well protected.

You can remold this mouth guard. Many of the players complain about a bad mold, but with this model, you could repeat the process for better results. If you didn’t get it right in the first place, you don’t have to buy a new product.

You can breathe while wearing it. The perforations in the front let the air in and out, which is also good because you won’t blow it out accidentally.

It saves you from the pain. The special gel used in the construction is great for dispersing the shock of a strong blow can diminish the injuries of your gums and the torment of loose teeth.



You shouldn’t over boil it because the perforations could melt and close.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Opro Sports Silver Level


If you’re looking for a great mouth guard for rugby, then you should know that buying from this manufacturer is a cool option since they supply mouthguards for sports teams, schools and clubs around the world, and specifically rugby and hockey teams from England, USA, New Zealand and so on.

This mouth guard offers one of the most advanced designs for a superior fit. To make that possible, this Opro model has included 11 anatomical fins made of a hi-flow material. They are spaced in such a manner as to fit teeth morphology. This is why the end result will look more like a custom mouth guard.

The way this protective gear is designed has multiple advantages. While it protects the soft tissue and the teeth from any blows, it allows you to breathe normally and speak because the piece leaves a free palate.

Thanks to the stretch zones, the mouth guard can be used by almost anyone. Proving great adaptability, it can fit in the mouth of kids, teenagers, and adults. To make it easier for the user, the product has a fitting handle included. There is also a carry case that uses a Latex free material, just like the mouth guard.

The manufacturer estimates that the time you need for fitting the mouth guard is approximately 5 minutes.



This Opro model has one of the greatest fits you can find. It uses 11 anatomical fins to create a protection piece that feels like a custom made one. The secret lies in the hi-flow material that shaped and spaced to copy teeth morphology.  

The Opro Sports Silver Level provides reliable protection for the jaw, gums, and teeth. What is even better is the ability to breathe and speak while using this mouth guard.

You can buy this as a gift, too. It can be used by junior or adult players and men and women alike. Showing increased versatility due to its design, you can’t go wrong with such a purchase.

For a really clean mouth guard, the manufacturer uses Biomaster antimicrobial protection. Testing has shown that it inhibits bacterial growth almost completely.



You need to be very careful about the fitting and biting because you can’t remold it. Using a mirror is advisable.  

Unfortunately, this mouth guard doesn’t work with braces.

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