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Best sailing clothing reviews


Sailing clothing – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Are you in the market looking for the best sailing clothing? Then it’s a good thing you are reading this article, especially if you have little to no time on your hands. We know that doing the necessary research is a pretty demanding task, so we decided to help you out by going through expert reviews, specialized forums, and surveys. Based on these, we concluded that the product you should take into consideration when it comes to sailing apparel is Helly Hansen’s Men’s Midlayer Jacket, as it includes a waterproof material that keeps you warm and dry while allowing your body to breathe. Its adjustable fit to your body adds extra weather protection, while the design allows you to slip it under an outer shell. If this model is not available, the next option you could consider is Helly Hansen’s Men’s Sailing Trouser, if you’re in the market for lower body clothing.


Top features to consider


If you are just getting started on this journey and are not sure what you should take into consideration before choosing the right sailing apparel that suits your needs, take a look at some of the criteria we listed below. You can also read more about other accessories useful for sailing such as a good boating life jacket.



Materials & weather


Buying apparel suitable for sailing can be a bit intimidating as there are some technical functionalities you should take into consideration in order to choose those items that suit your needs. The material used is definitely important, especially as you should think about weather conditions, as well.

Polyamide is successfully used for sailing apparel, as it is lightweight and ensures the necessary insulation, while allowing the necessary ventilation to avoid sweating or overheating.

If you are going to face cold temperatures, you should choose a full wetsuit that offers complete insulation. Neoprene is also a material to keep in mind, as it keeps you warm even when wet. In hot weather, a quick-drying vest, a pair of shorts and a hat will do the job just fine.





When you go sailing you should always make sure that your clothes provide enough flexibility. As things can rapidly change when you are on the water, it’s best to be able to move around quickly.

For this reason, choosing apparel that fits you just right is recommended, and adjustability is definitely something you should keep in mind when making your choice. Clothes that can be layered are also preferred, as weather conditions can change rapidly and it’s good to have more options at hand.



Sailing apparel specifics


Breathability is a fabric quality that has been a game changer in the sailing apparel industry. Why? Because no one wants to navigate in clothes that feel like a sauna. For this reason, the “moisture vapor transfer” became the desired goal, as clothes that employ this technology are both waterproof but allow the body to breathe and ventilate.

A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is a finish applied on your gear that keeps water out of the fabric. In order to maintain the breathability mentioned earlier, you should regularly reapply a  DWR treatment on the clothes exposed to heavy use, in order for the fabric layers to work as they were designed to.



Top rated products


Choosing the best sailing clothes can be a bit more demanding, as there are so many alternatives available on the market. If that’s the case, you can take a look at the list we compiled below, which includes our picks from the top-rated products, based on reviews and customer preferences.



Helly Hansen Men’s Midlayer Jacket 


Good sailing clothing is not created by chance and Helly Hansen is a company that knows this very well. Founded in Norway in 1877, the brand develops high-quality apparel by combining a Scandinavian design with insights drawn from living in some of the harshest conditions.

Therefore, when the weather calls for extra protection and you find yourself browsing clothing items for sale, you can take a look at this Helly Hansen Men’s Jacket that offers multiple benefits, including a waterproof design optimized for sailing and a breathable material that keeps you warm and dry.

The model features a fleece lined collar and pockets, as well as an adjustable fit that adds extra protection from the cold. Made of Helly Tech, the coat is windproof and water-resistant, and yet allows your body to breath. The design slips easily under another piece of clothing and it provides a soft, snug warmth.

Many professionals around the world are aware of the quality of Helly Hansen’s products and choose to use them in the harshest conditions. You can join them by giving this jacket a try. You will not be disappointed, as this brand knows that sailing apparel requires special craftsmanship.

Buy from for ($128.18)




Helly Hansen Men’s Sailing Trouser 


As the global leader in technical sailing apparel, Helly Hansen represents the optimal combination of performance, protection, and style. The manufacturer has experience and know-how, as it stands behind a long list of innovations brought to the market, including the first fleece fabrics.

These trousers are definitely not part of the cheap sailing clothing category, since they offer a wide range of benefits and excellent craftsmanship. Made of 100% polyamide, they feature a high coastal fit, while the Helly Tech material offers a superior waterproof, windproof, and breathable performance.

In terms of strength, you know you can rely on them as they are fully taped and feature reinforced seams, seat, and knee protection. The high-quality and durable construction means that if you go for this model you will wear an extremely reliable piece of clothing that you won’t need to change anytime soon.

Helly Hansen’s apparel is chosen and successfully used in the harshest areas around the world. If you are facing difficult conditions, you should know that this model offers great protection and functionality for any type of coastal cruising and ocean sailing. Give it a try and you will surely not be disappointed.

Buy from for ($200)




Helly Hansen Women’s Crew Jacket 


Are you going through sailing clothing reviews looking for a great product specially designed for women? If that’s the case, then this Helly Hansen Jacket might be the solution that answers to your needs. The model features a plush fleece lining which ensures a quick-dry comfort and added warmth if temperatures drop unexpectedly.

The material used is 100% polyester and it features the 2-ply HellyTech Protection which works great for everyday use in moderate weather conditions. This fabric keeps you dry, comfortable and protected, and it’s breathable quality lets moisture escape while keeping rain, wind, and snow out.

The HellyTech Protection gear is fully waterproof and windproof, while the jacket itself can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit by using the hem and cuffs specially designed for this. Moreover, in terms of usability, zipped hand warm pockets and a chest pocket create enough space for you to store valuables items while you’re out on the water.

This is a great choice if you are looking for adequate protection under moderate conditions. If you want to make your sailing trips even better, combine this jacket with a pair of matching sailing boots and get ready to fully enjoy some great adventures.

Buy from for ($144.92)




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