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Best sailing life jackets reviews


Sailing Life Jackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


In case you are looking for the best sailing life jacket, we know that doing the necessary research can be time-consuming and this might be exactly what you cannot spare. For this reason, we decided to help you out. In this article, you will find the relevant information you need to know on this topic. After carefully examining the products available on the market and going through many expert reviews and surveys, we concluded that the model you should choose is Onyx’s MoveVent Dynamic vest, which, among many other benefits, features an innovative vented channel system that keeps you cool as you use it. Moreover, the adjustable side belts and strong zipper closures provide a perfect fit to your body, while its lightweight construction allows you to move freely and ensures flexibility. If Onyx’s MoveVent Dynamic model is not available, the next best option is ONYX’s MoveVent Curve vest, as it includes similar features, being a highly reliable alternative.


Top features to consider


If you intend to purchase a new boating life jacket but are not sure which attributes you should consider in order to make the right choice, check out the little guide we’ve put together. It’s a good idea to keep your needs in mind as you read through the essential features listed below, in order to make the right choice.



The right fit


A good life jacket should fit snugly but remain comfortable. You should be able to move your arms and the best way to make sure this happens is to try out the vest and simulate the range of motions you’ll be doing on the water. This way you can see if you get all the comfort you need.

Most companies provide a sizing chart as well, so make sure to check it out before selecting your product. As life vests tend to be more rigid, you should choose an adjustable version which includes straps that can be tightened.



Materials used


When it comes to materials, nylon life vests are the most popular choice for watersports. This is because they provide a greater freedom of movement than other alternatives while being lightweight and, most of the times, cheaper.

If you are dealing with colder temperatures, a neoprene life vest is a better option, as the material offers additional warmth in the water and extra flexibility. If when you are sailing you need to keep different items within reach, go for a model that includes zippered pockets, as they really come in handy.


Proper maintenance  


When you are shopping for a life jacket, once you’ve decided on the model and type, make sure that the item itself is in perfect condition. Check everything before using it and make sure there are not rips, leaks or mildew.

Remember that this item is intended to save your life, so properly maintain it after purchase, as well. You should hand-wash and drip dry it, as tumble-drying will impact its buoyancy. If you have any doubts and think that maybe the jacket was affected by any external factor, you should buy a new one.  



Top rated products



With so many options available on the market when it comes to life vest models, choosing the right one might seem like a difficult task. If that’s the case, take a look at our selection below which includes top-rated products based on their popularity and excellent features, and choose the one that best suits your needs.  



Onyx MoveVent Dynamic 


Onyx’s MoveVent model is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a cheap sailing life jacket that is also effective in ensuring your full safety. This vest conforms to your body like a glove, and features innovative vented channels that keep you cool while you use it.

Its sculpted foam design ensures excellent mobility, while the mesh ventilation in the front and back offers an optimal airflow, keeping your body’s temperature at the right level while sailing.

The vest also has an adjustable side belt, a strong and durable zipper closures, as well as a zip assist loop at the base. All of these elements keep it in place during use and, more importantly, when you need it.

In terms of safety, the SOLAS grade reflective material ensures great visibility, thus decreasing risks in a potentially dangerous situation, by rendering its user more visible under any conditions. Furthermore, a whistle is attached to help you give your location away in case of an emergency.

Its design includes comfortable shoulder adjustments made with neoprene pads, while the polyester material used for its construction is lightweight for a better experience. A bubble foam layer is also added on the inner back.

Buy from for ($43.29)




ONYX MoveVent Curve 


Are you going through sailing life jackets reviews looking for the right model for sale, but you are not sure what to choose? If that’s the case, take a look at this ONYX model that brings many features that could fit your every need.

Some claim this is the most comfortable life vest they found so far. If you are a fan of sailing or paddling and would like to move freely while wearing a life vest, then give this model a try. The materials used ensure that your body remains cool during use.

The model is specially designed with flexibility in mind, to give you total freedom of movement, while maximizing venting. Also in terms of comfort and fitting right, the adjustable side belts come in very handy to ensure it wraps around your body in an optimal way.

The mesh on the lower back ensures an optimal airflow, while the nylon construction makes this a durable item that you will use for a while. The SOLAS grade reflective material is exactly what you need for an extra safety layer that could prove to be a lifesaver in a dangerous situation, as it makes you visible in any natural environment.

Buy from for ($37.68)




Stohlquist Women’s Flo 


If you are checking out boating accessories and you’re looking for a good sailing life jacket, then take a look at Stohlquist’s Women’s Flo unit, which is a high-performance vest specially designed for women. If you’ve been looking for a model that follows the female body shape, then you are definitely in the right place.

This vest features a 400 x 200 denier ripstop outer shell and a soft 200D inner liner which ensure superior durability. Additionally, the materials used for its construction allow an optimal airflow, maintaining your body ventilated during use, so you don’t need to worry about overheating.

In terms of comfort, the vest fits nicely with the help of the adjustable elements, and once everything is in place you can enjoy a lot of flexibility, as the model allows you to move freely and enjoy your sailing trip. A sculpted foam chest is also included, for extra comfort.

In order to be ultralight and keep your body cool, the vest features open sides, as well as mesh shoulders and back for ventilation. If you’ve previously had vests that would ride up your body, then you’ll be happy to know this one has a cross-chest cinch harness which prevents this from happening.

Buy from for ($69.97)




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