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Best sailing shoes reviews


Sailing shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are in the market looking for the best sailing shoes, but time is not something that you can spare, doing all the necessary research on your own can be too demanding. Therefore, it’s a good thing that you are here, reading this article. We took it upon ourselves to bring you the most relevant information on this topic. Based on our extensive analysis which included consumer reports, specialized forums and expert reviews, we’ve reached the conclusion that Sperry’s Top-Sider model is the one you should consider as it features an adjustable bungee lace with a toggle that provides both security and function. Moreover, an optimal adherence is ensured for different weather conditions through specially designed soles, while the quick-drying and breathable mesh ensures full comfort during use. If Sperry’s Top-Sider model is not available, your next best option is ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying as they provide similar features and optimal performance.


Top features to consider


If you are trying to decide if surfing booties or sailing shoes should be the next item on your shopping list, we believe that the latter would be a better option, as it is a more versatile choice you can use anytime, not just on a particular occasion. Below you’ll find some of the things you should keep in mind while shopping.



Materials used


When it comes to sailing shoes, the materials used can vary, and most of the times, the choice is entirely up to you and depends on your preferences. We tend to believe that shoes should be made out of leather, as it is more durable and can be paired with slightly fancier clothes for a sharper look.

However, this doesn’t apply in our case. Going for a pair of shoes that feature a breathable mesh material is definitely a better option, as it dries up much faster and ensures better comfort.





Sailing shoes should, first and foremost, dry up quickly and avoid collecting water. For this, you should keep in mind that the recommended models are those featuring draining systems. If the water is correctly dispersed from the upper part towards the soles, this means that less weight will be added to your feet.

Non-slip soles are also essential when it comes to facing slippery decks. If you don’t want to slide around the boat, then you should go for a pair that features rubber soles. This material provides the optimal resistance against slips. Moreover, grooves in the sole can also offer an enhanced adherence.





Things tend to be a little different when it comes to choosing the right size for sailing shoes. You should think about whether you are going to wear them with or without socks and then determine what size you are going to choose.

Most probably you will want to wear them without socks on the boat, so you can go for a slightly smaller alternative, but you should always make sure it’s comfortable during use. For the best results, check out the size chart provided by the footwear company to find the perfect fit.



Top rated products



The wide range of models and options available on the market can be a bit overwhelming (or tempting, for that matter), thus making your choice more difficult. If that’s the case, then do not worry. Given our extensive research, we compiled a selection of our favorite alternatives so take a look below and make your choice.



Sperry Top-Sider 


If you are going through sailing shoes reviews not sure what to pick, then keep reading further, as Sperry’s Top-Sider Men’s Flex Deck model might be exactly what you are looking for. This alternative provides plenty of benefits, being first and foremost appropriate for those occasions when you want to enjoy some time on the water.

The adjustable bungee lace included provides security and function, making the process of putting on or taking off the shoes an easy one. Furthermore, the rubber sole ensures good adherence even in wet situations, this being one of the key elements of a pair of good sailing shoes.

Comfort is another element which needs to be taken into account in this category. As you might very well know, you should aim for full flexibility in order to do every necessary task when going on a boat. And these shoes definitely fit the purpose, with their lightweight construction that includes breathable quick-dry mesh uppers.

The shaft measures approximately 2.25″ from the arch, providing good support, and according to many reviews, they can be worn with or without socks. The shoes fit like a sneaker without laces, bringing the notion of comfort to a new level.

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ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying 


ALEADER’s model is a great option if you are in the market for a pair of cheap sailing shoes that are well made and provide optimal performance. First of all, besides the rubber soles, these shoes feature a water drain outsole that ensures exceptional traction under wet and slippery conditions.

Moreover, the midsole is built lightweight, which means you benefit from an excellent bounce-back capability, as well as durability. Since we are talking about the way they are built, we should also mention the breathable air mesh material included which allows the foot to breathe.

The FluidFlow Technology featured by this model provides excellent drainage from the upper mesh to the outsole, while the mesh itself dries quickly for an overall great experience that ensures your full comfort during use.

The manufacturer thought about comfort and efficiency even more and included the ComforDry sockliner, an addition which provides optimal cushioning and creates a cooler and drier shoe environment.

If you want to be fully equipped for the upcoming sailing days, give this model a try as it will most probably become your new favorite pair of boating shoes. All that’s left is to make sure that the boat is ready and the weather conditions are great.

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Speedo Men’s 4.0 


Given the many positive reviews gathered by Speedo’s model and the results of our research, we’ve decided to include it in our selection. There are many qualities that make Speedo’s 4.0 model one to consider when looking for sailing shoes for sale.

The lightweight, quick-drying construction will take you from shore to surf in full comfort. The updated design features the manufacturer’s patented draining system, which streams water away from the shoe, so it doesn’t get collected.

When it comes to slip-resistance, both the synthetic sole and the draining system ensure a very good performance under different conditions. Moreover, the webbing lacing overlays and breathable mesh upper enhance airflow, allowing the foot to dry quickly and remain comfortable at all times.

This model is great for all-day wear, fit for a relaxed lifestyle, and also includes a seaweed footbed that takes good care of your feet, comfort being the primary goal. According to some reviews, this model can also be used as a great shower shoe alternative.

In case you have a situation which requires such a solution, then Speedo’s model might come in very handy, so you can safely give it a try and enjoy the benefits.

Buy from for ($36)




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