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Best skateboarding knee pad reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Skateboarding knee pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve grown tired of getting your elbows and knees battered every time you go out to the skate park, then you surely need to read the following skateboarding protection reviews. There’s no point in allowing yourself to get injured with so many great protective gear products on the market. There are many complete sets to provide superior protection and comfort. We have studied the best products the market has to offer in order to allow you to make a smart choice. When it comes to full protection for skateboarding and other outdoor sports, then the JBM Protective Gear Set is just what you need. This set comes with protection for your hands, elbows, and knees which are made of hard and durable materials. Besides offering great shock resistance, these are also comfortable to wear. In the unfortunate event that this product is sold out, then you should try the similar-quality JBM BMX Bike Protective Set.


Top features to consider


If you think that finding the best skateboarding knee pads is easy, you probably haven’t taken a look at the market to see the huge number of similar products. Finding the proper protective equipment such as knee pads as well as wrist guards and elbow pads can be tough, and you need to take some things into account before buying.



Protection is essential


Even if you’ve gotten used to skating or riding without protection, it’s never too late to try. Just because you have managed to avoid injuries up until now doesn’t mean you’ll be safe forever. Especially if you’re planning to skate aggressively or get into dangerous sports such as downhill racing, you really want the best knee pads and other protective gear you can find for sale.



Enjoy a worry-free ride


With extra protection, you’ll also gain more confidence and try new techniques, getting a chance to improve your skills faster and exercise more intensely. Not only do you get more out of your daily rides, but you also get to feel a lot better, knowing that a crash won’t mean a trip to the hospital or an ugly scar.



Get a comfortable fit


While you want gear to provide you with protection against accidents, you also need something that’s comfortable. You probably don’t want to avoid injuries yet return home with sores from too tight knee pads and wrist guards. You want to ensure that these are a great fit, so you need to check out skateboarding knee pad reviews to see which type of straps they have, and most importantly, you need to ensure that you buy the proper size.



Get the bang for the buck


While in other sports, protective equipment is so expensive that it’s nearly impossible to get the best, when it comes to skateboarding, buying a complete set that’s made from high-quality materials won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily find a variety of products at more than affordable prices. Check out specs, materials and read our product reviews in order to get the most bang for your buck.


Top rated products


Finding the right protection for your favorite sport is always hard, but luckily, this time you have us to help. We have carefully analyzed protective sets on the market so that you get to pick from the very best knee pads for skateboarding.



JBM Protective Gear Set


With the JBM Protective Gear Set, you get full protection from impact for skateboarding, roller skating, and many other outdoor sports. The full set comes with wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads so that you get to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity while protecting yourself from harm of injuries.

Now you can have loads of fun without worrying about falling. All equipment pieces are equipped with hard and durable plastic plates which are great for preventing any sort of injury. Thanks to the added EVA padding material, you get extra protection and shock-absorption properties so that you can get back up skating again after a fall without a problem.

You can easily adjust the wrist guards and knee pads since these come with straps and Velcro closures so that you ensure they are tight around your body for maximum protection. All of the items in the set are also made with comfort in mind so that you get to benefit from safe skating while also feeling great. You can move freely and try all sorts of new tricks without any hindrance. These guards are also breathable so that you don’t get to sweat too much and overheat in hot weather.

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JBM BMX Bike Protective Set


If you’re searching for high-quality equipment to provide you with superior impact resistance, then the JBM BMX Bike Protective Set is surely a great match. This set will offer maximum protection and keep your wrists, elbows, and knees safe from harm while also being light and easy to use.

This set is great for outdoor BMX riding, although you can also wear these for roller skating, skateboarding, and other similar activities. The solid plates are made of strong PP and PE materials so that they have great resistance to mechanical damage. These will prevent your vulnerable joints from suffering, while the superior polyester material will ensure good shock absorption. With the polyester sleeves, you also get to enjoy your outdoor activities with minimum sweat, thanks to this breathable material.

When it comes to the JBM BMX Bike Protective Set, one size fits all. You can use the flexible straps to adjust the wrist guards as well as knee and elbow pads to ensure that they stay tight around your body for maximum protection. With proper adjustment, the wrist guard will ensure that you don’t sprain your wrist while the front plate will prevent injuries when sliding.

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JBM Multi Sport


The JBM Multi Sport is a set of protective gear that is ideal for outdoor sports such as skateboarding, cycling, skating, and more. Made of high-strength PP and PE materials, these pads provide superior protection for hands, elbows, and knees. The plastic guards have a high impact resistance so that kids and young teenagers don’t hurt themselves when practicing their favorite sports.

The elastic straps are easy to put your hands and knees in, providing a tight fit which will prevent them from moving out of place. By wearing the wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads, you get to enjoy worry-free bike riding or skating while avoiding injuries due to crashes or falls.

In addition to being great at protecting vulnerable joints from harm, the JBM Multi Sport set is also visually pleasing, capable of matching a variety of modern clothes, so that you get to look good while wearing them. While the manufacturer specifies that one size fits all, there are actually 2 sizes: one for children and one for teenagers. Make sure you check a size chart before buying to ensure you don’t get the wrong fit, there are a few customers who had to return their products due to improper size.

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